UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0400 to U+05FF

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code point
character UTF-8
U+0400Ѐ0xd0 0x80
U+0401Ё0xd0 0x81
U+0402Ђ0xd0 0x82
U+0403Ѓ0xd0 0x83
U+0404Є0xd0 0x84
U+0405Ѕ0xd0 0x85
U+0406І0xd0 0x86
U+0407Ї0xd0 0x87
U+0408Ј0xd0 0x88
U+0409Љ0xd0 0x89
U+040AЊ0xd0 0x8a
U+040BЋ0xd0 0x8b
U+040CЌ0xd0 0x8c
U+040DЍ0xd0 0x8d
U+040EЎ0xd0 0x8e
U+040FЏ0xd0 0x8f
U+0410А0xd0 0x90
U+0411Б0xd0 0x91
U+0412В0xd0 0x92
U+0413Г0xd0 0x93
U+0414Д0xd0 0x94
U+0415Е0xd0 0x95
U+0416Ж0xd0 0x96
U+0417З0xd0 0x97
U+0418И0xd0 0x98
U+0419Й0xd0 0x99
U+041AК0xd0 0x9a
U+041BЛ0xd0 0x9b
U+041CМ0xd0 0x9c
U+041DН0xd0 0x9d
U+041EО0xd0 0x9e
U+041FП0xd0 0x9f
U+0420Р0xd0 0xa0
U+0421С0xd0 0xa1
U+0422Т0xd0 0xa2
U+0423У0xd0 0xa3
U+0424Ф0xd0 0xa4
U+0425Х0xd0 0xa5
U+0426Ц0xd0 0xa6
U+0427Ч0xd0 0xa7
U+0428Ш0xd0 0xa8
U+0429Щ0xd0 0xa9
U+042AЪ0xd0 0xaa
U+042BЫ0xd0 0xab
U+042CЬ0xd0 0xac
U+042DЭ0xd0 0xad
U+042EЮ0xd0 0xae
U+042FЯ0xd0 0xaf
U+0430а0xd0 0xb0
U+0431б0xd0 0xb1
U+0432в0xd0 0xb2
U+0433г0xd0 0xb3
U+0434д0xd0 0xb4
U+0435е0xd0 0xb5
U+0436ж0xd0 0xb6
U+0437з0xd0 0xb7
U+0438и0xd0 0xb8
U+0439й0xd0 0xb9
U+043Aк0xd0 0xba
U+043Bл0xd0 0xbb
U+043Cм0xd0 0xbc
U+043Dн0xd0 0xbd
U+043Eо0xd0 0xbe
U+043Fп0xd0 0xbf
U+0440р0xd1 0x80
U+0441с0xd1 0x81
U+0442т0xd1 0x82
U+0443у0xd1 0x83
U+0444ф0xd1 0x84
U+0445х0xd1 0x85
U+0446ц0xd1 0x86
U+0447ч0xd1 0x87
U+0448ш0xd1 0x88
U+0449щ0xd1 0x89
U+044Aъ0xd1 0x8a
U+044Bы0xd1 0x8b
U+044Cь0xd1 0x8c
U+044Dэ0xd1 0x8d
U+044Eю0xd1 0x8e
U+044Fя0xd1 0x8f
U+0450ѐ0xd1 0x90
U+0451ё0xd1 0x91
U+0452ђ0xd1 0x92
U+0453ѓ0xd1 0x93
U+0454є0xd1 0x94
U+0455ѕ0xd1 0x95
U+0456і0xd1 0x96
U+0457ї0xd1 0x97
U+0458ј0xd1 0x98
U+0459љ0xd1 0x99
U+045Aњ0xd1 0x9a
U+045Bћ0xd1 0x9b
U+045Cќ0xd1 0x9c
U+045Dѝ0xd1 0x9d
U+045Eў0xd1 0x9e
U+045Fџ0xd1 0x9f
U+0460Ѡ0xd1 0xa0
U+0461ѡ0xd1 0xa1
U+0462Ѣ0xd1 0xa2
U+0463ѣ0xd1 0xa3
U+0464Ѥ0xd1 0xa4
U+0465ѥ0xd1 0xa5
U+0466Ѧ0xd1 0xa6
U+0467ѧ0xd1 0xa7
U+0468Ѩ0xd1 0xa8
U+0469ѩ0xd1 0xa9
U+046AѪ0xd1 0xaa
U+046Bѫ0xd1 0xab
U+046CѬ0xd1 0xac
U+046Dѭ0xd1 0xad
U+046EѮ0xd1 0xae
U+046Fѯ0xd1 0xaf
U+0470Ѱ0xd1 0xb0
U+0471ѱ0xd1 0xb1
U+0472Ѳ0xd1 0xb2
U+0473ѳ0xd1 0xb3
U+0474Ѵ0xd1 0xb4
U+0475ѵ0xd1 0xb5
U+0476Ѷ0xd1 0xb6
U+0477ѷ0xd1 0xb7
U+0478Ѹ0xd1 0xb8
U+0479ѹ0xd1 0xb9
U+047AѺ0xd1 0xba
U+047Bѻ0xd1 0xbb
U+047CѼ0xd1 0xbc
U+047Dѽ0xd1 0xbd
U+047EѾ0xd1 0xbe
U+047Fѿ0xd1 0xbf
U+0480Ҁ0xd2 0x80
U+0481ҁ0xd2 0x81
U+0482҂0xd2 0x82
U+0483҃0xd2 0x83
U+0484҄0xd2 0x84
U+0485҅0xd2 0x85
U+0486҆0xd2 0x86
U+0487҇0xd2 0x87
U+0488҈0xd2 0x88
U+0489҉0xd2 0x89
U+048AҊ0xd2 0x8a
U+048Bҋ0xd2 0x8b
U+048CҌ0xd2 0x8c
U+048Dҍ0xd2 0x8d
U+048EҎ0xd2 0x8e
U+048Fҏ0xd2 0x8f
U+0490Ґ0xd2 0x90
U+0491ґ0xd2 0x91
U+0492Ғ0xd2 0x92
U+0493ғ0xd2 0x93
U+0494Ҕ0xd2 0x94
U+0495ҕ0xd2 0x95
U+0496Җ0xd2 0x96
U+0497җ0xd2 0x97
U+0498Ҙ0xd2 0x98
U+0499ҙ0xd2 0x99
U+049AҚ0xd2 0x9a
U+049Bқ0xd2 0x9b
U+049CҜ0xd2 0x9c
U+049Dҝ0xd2 0x9d
U+049EҞ0xd2 0x9e
U+049Fҟ0xd2 0x9f
U+04A0Ҡ0xd2 0xa0
U+04A1ҡ0xd2 0xa1
U+04A2Ң0xd2 0xa2
U+04A3ң0xd2 0xa3
U+04A4Ҥ0xd2 0xa4
U+04A5ҥ0xd2 0xa5
U+04A6Ҧ0xd2 0xa6
U+04A7ҧ0xd2 0xa7
U+04A8Ҩ0xd2 0xa8
U+04A9ҩ0xd2 0xa9
U+04AAҪ0xd2 0xaa
U+04ABҫ0xd2 0xab
U+04ACҬ0xd2 0xac
U+04ADҭ0xd2 0xad
U+04AEҮ0xd2 0xae
U+04AFү0xd2 0xaf
U+04B0Ұ0xd2 0xb0
U+04B1ұ0xd2 0xb1
U+04B2Ҳ0xd2 0xb2
U+04B3ҳ0xd2 0xb3
U+04B4Ҵ0xd2 0xb4
U+04B5ҵ0xd2 0xb5
U+04B6Ҷ0xd2 0xb6
U+04B7ҷ0xd2 0xb7
U+04B8Ҹ0xd2 0xb8
U+04B9ҹ0xd2 0xb9
U+04BAҺ0xd2 0xba
U+04BBһ0xd2 0xbb
U+04BCҼ0xd2 0xbc
U+04BDҽ0xd2 0xbd
U+04BEҾ0xd2 0xbe
U+04BFҿ0xd2 0xbf
U+04C0Ӏ0xd3 0x80
U+04C1Ӂ0xd3 0x81
U+04C2ӂ0xd3 0x82
U+04C3Ӄ0xd3 0x83
U+04C4ӄ0xd3 0x84
U+04C5Ӆ0xd3 0x85
U+04C6ӆ0xd3 0x86
U+04C7Ӈ0xd3 0x87
U+04C8ӈ0xd3 0x88
U+04C9Ӊ0xd3 0x89
U+04CAӊ0xd3 0x8a
U+04CBӋ0xd3 0x8b
U+04CCӌ0xd3 0x8c
U+04CDӍ0xd3 0x8d
U+04CEӎ0xd3 0x8e
U+04CFӏ0xd3 0x8f
U+04D0Ӑ0xd3 0x90
U+04D1ӑ0xd3 0x91
U+04D2Ӓ0xd3 0x92
U+04D3ӓ0xd3 0x93
U+04D4Ӕ0xd3 0x94
U+04D5ӕ0xd3 0x95
U+04D6Ӗ0xd3 0x96
U+04D7ӗ0xd3 0x97
U+04D8Ә0xd3 0x98
U+04D9ә0xd3 0x99
U+04DAӚ0xd3 0x9a
U+04DBӛ0xd3 0x9b
U+04DCӜ0xd3 0x9c
U+04DDӝ0xd3 0x9d
U+04DEӞ0xd3 0x9e
U+04DFӟ0xd3 0x9f
U+04E0Ӡ0xd3 0xa0
U+04E1ӡ0xd3 0xa1
U+04E2Ӣ0xd3 0xa2
U+04E3ӣ0xd3 0xa3
U+04E4Ӥ0xd3 0xa4
U+04E5ӥ0xd3 0xa5
U+04E6Ӧ0xd3 0xa6
U+04E7ӧ0xd3 0xa7
U+04E8Ө0xd3 0xa8
U+04E9ө0xd3 0xa9
U+04EAӪ0xd3 0xaa
U+04EBӫ0xd3 0xab
U+04ECӬ0xd3 0xac
U+04EDӭ0xd3 0xad
U+04EEӮ0xd3 0xae
U+04EFӯ0xd3 0xaf
U+04F0Ӱ0xd3 0xb0
U+04F1ӱ0xd3 0xb1
U+04F2Ӳ0xd3 0xb2
U+04F3ӳ0xd3 0xb3
U+04F4Ӵ0xd3 0xb4
U+04F5ӵ0xd3 0xb5
U+04F6Ӷ0xd3 0xb6
U+04F7ӷ0xd3 0xb7
U+04F8Ӹ0xd3 0xb8
U+04F9ӹ0xd3 0xb9
U+04FAӺ0xd3 0xba
U+04FBӻ0xd3 0xbb
U+04FCӼ0xd3 0xbc
U+04FDӽ0xd3 0xbd
U+04FEӾ0xd3 0xbe
U+04FFӿ0xd3 0xbf
U+0500Ԁ0xd4 0x80
U+0501ԁ0xd4 0x81
U+0502Ԃ0xd4 0x82
U+0503ԃ0xd4 0x83
U+0504Ԅ0xd4 0x84
U+0505ԅ0xd4 0x85
U+0506Ԇ0xd4 0x86
U+0507ԇ0xd4 0x87
U+0508Ԉ0xd4 0x88
U+0509ԉ0xd4 0x89
U+050AԊ0xd4 0x8a
U+050Bԋ0xd4 0x8b
U+050CԌ0xd4 0x8c
U+050Dԍ0xd4 0x8d
U+050EԎ0xd4 0x8e
U+050Fԏ0xd4 0x8f
U+0510Ԑ0xd4 0x90
U+0511ԑ0xd4 0x91
U+0512Ԓ0xd4 0x92
U+0513ԓ0xd4 0x93
U+0514Ԕ0xd4 0x94
U+0515ԕ0xd4 0x95
U+0516Ԗ0xd4 0x96
U+0517ԗ0xd4 0x97
U+0518Ԙ0xd4 0x98
U+0519ԙ0xd4 0x99
U+051AԚ0xd4 0x9a
U+051Bԛ0xd4 0x9b
U+051CԜ0xd4 0x9c
U+051Dԝ0xd4 0x9d
U+051EԞ0xd4 0x9e
U+051Fԟ0xd4 0x9f
U+0520Ԡ0xd4 0xa0
U+0521ԡ0xd4 0xa1
U+0522Ԣ0xd4 0xa2
U+0523ԣ0xd4 0xa3
U+0524Ԥ0xd4 0xa4
U+0525ԥ0xd4 0xa5
U+0526Ԧ0xd4 0xa6
U+0527ԧ0xd4 0xa7
U+0528Ԩ0xd4 0xa8
U+0529ԩ0xd4 0xa9
U+052AԪ0xd4 0xaa
U+052Bԫ0xd4 0xab
U+052CԬ0xd4 0xac
U+052Dԭ0xd4 0xad
U+052EԮ0xd4 0xae
U+052Fԯ0xd4 0xaf
U+0530԰0xd4 0xb0
U+0531Ա0xd4 0xb1
U+0532Բ0xd4 0xb2
U+0533Գ0xd4 0xb3
U+0534Դ0xd4 0xb4
U+0535Ե0xd4 0xb5
U+0536Զ0xd4 0xb6
U+0537Է0xd4 0xb7
U+0538Ը0xd4 0xb8
U+0539Թ0xd4 0xb9
U+053AԺ0xd4 0xba
U+053BԻ0xd4 0xbb
U+053CԼ0xd4 0xbc
U+053DԽ0xd4 0xbd
U+053EԾ0xd4 0xbe
U+053FԿ0xd4 0xbf
U+0540Հ0xd5 0x80
U+0541Ձ0xd5 0x81
U+0542Ղ0xd5 0x82
U+0543Ճ0xd5 0x83
U+0544Մ0xd5 0x84
U+0545Յ0xd5 0x85
U+0546Ն0xd5 0x86
U+0547Շ0xd5 0x87
U+0548Ո0xd5 0x88
U+0549Չ0xd5 0x89
U+054AՊ0xd5 0x8a
U+054BՋ0xd5 0x8b
U+054CՌ0xd5 0x8c
U+054DՍ0xd5 0x8d
U+054EՎ0xd5 0x8e
U+054FՏ0xd5 0x8f
U+0550Ր0xd5 0x90
U+0551Ց0xd5 0x91
U+0552Ւ0xd5 0x92
U+0553Փ0xd5 0x93
U+0554Ք0xd5 0x94
U+0555Օ0xd5 0x95
U+0556Ֆ0xd5 0x96
U+0557՗0xd5 0x97
U+0558՘0xd5 0x98
U+0559ՙ0xd5 0x99
U+055A՚0xd5 0x9a
U+055B՛0xd5 0x9b
U+055C՜0xd5 0x9c
U+055D՝0xd5 0x9d
U+055E՞0xd5 0x9e
U+055F՟0xd5 0x9f
U+0560ՠ0xd5 0xa0
U+0561ա0xd5 0xa1
U+0562բ0xd5 0xa2
U+0563գ0xd5 0xa3
U+0564դ0xd5 0xa4
U+0565ե0xd5 0xa5
U+0566զ0xd5 0xa6
U+0567է0xd5 0xa7
U+0568ը0xd5 0xa8
U+0569թ0xd5 0xa9
U+056Aժ0xd5 0xaa
U+056Bի0xd5 0xab
U+056Cլ0xd5 0xac
U+056Dխ0xd5 0xad
U+056Eծ0xd5 0xae
U+056Fկ0xd5 0xaf
U+0570հ0xd5 0xb0
U+0571ձ0xd5 0xb1
U+0572ղ0xd5 0xb2
U+0573ճ0xd5 0xb3
U+0574մ0xd5 0xb4
U+0575յ0xd5 0xb5
U+0576ն0xd5 0xb6
U+0577շ0xd5 0xb7
U+0578ո0xd5 0xb8
U+0579չ0xd5 0xb9
U+057Aպ0xd5 0xba
U+057Bջ0xd5 0xbb
U+057Cռ0xd5 0xbc
U+057Dս0xd5 0xbd
U+057Eվ0xd5 0xbe
U+057Fտ0xd5 0xbf
U+0580ր0xd6 0x80
U+0581ց0xd6 0x81
U+0582ւ0xd6 0x82
U+0583փ0xd6 0x83
U+0584ք0xd6 0x84
U+0585օ0xd6 0x85
U+0586ֆ0xd6 0x86
U+0587և0xd6 0x87
U+0588ֈ0xd6 0x88
U+0589։0xd6 0x89
U+058A֊0xd6 0x8a
U+058B֋0xd6 0x8b
U+058C֌0xd6 0x8c
U+058D֍0xd6 0x8d
U+058E֎0xd6 0x8e
U+058F֏0xd6 0x8f
U+0590֐0xd6 0x90
U+0591֑0xd6 0x91
U+0592֒0xd6 0x92
U+0593֓0xd6 0x93
U+0594֔0xd6 0x94
U+0595֕0xd6 0x95
U+0596֖0xd6 0x96
U+0597֗0xd6 0x97
U+0598֘0xd6 0x98
U+0599֙0xd6 0x99
U+059A֚0xd6 0x9a
U+059B֛0xd6 0x9b
U+059C֜0xd6 0x9c
U+059D֝0xd6 0x9d
U+059E֞0xd6 0x9e
U+059F֟0xd6 0x9f
U+05A0֠0xd6 0xa0
U+05A1֡0xd6 0xa1
U+05A2֢0xd6 0xa2
U+05A3֣0xd6 0xa3
U+05A4֤0xd6 0xa4
U+05A5֥0xd6 0xa5
U+05A6֦0xd6 0xa6
U+05A7֧0xd6 0xa7
U+05A8֨0xd6 0xa8
U+05A9֩0xd6 0xa9
U+05AA֪0xd6 0xaa
U+05AB֫0xd6 0xab
U+05AC֬0xd6 0xac
U+05AD֭0xd6 0xad
U+05AE֮0xd6 0xae
U+05AF֯0xd6 0xaf
U+05B0ְ0xd6 0xb0
U+05B1ֱ0xd6 0xb1
U+05B2ֲ0xd6 0xb2
U+05B3ֳ0xd6 0xb3
U+05B4ִ0xd6 0xb4
U+05B5ֵ0xd6 0xb5
U+05B6ֶ0xd6 0xb6
U+05B7ַ0xd6 0xb7
U+05B8ָ0xd6 0xb8
U+05B9ֹ0xd6 0xb9
U+05BAֺ0xd6 0xba
U+05BBֻ0xd6 0xbb
U+05BCּ0xd6 0xbc
U+05BDֽ0xd6 0xbd
U+05BE־0xd6 0xbe
U+05BFֿ0xd6 0xbf
U+05C0׀0xd7 0x80
U+05C1ׁ0xd7 0x81
U+05C2ׂ0xd7 0x82
U+05C3׃0xd7 0x83
U+05C4ׄ0xd7 0x84
U+05C5ׅ0xd7 0x85
U+05C6׆0xd7 0x86
U+05C7ׇ0xd7 0x87
U+05C8׈0xd7 0x88
U+05C9׉0xd7 0x89
U+05CA׊0xd7 0x8a
U+05CB׋0xd7 0x8b
U+05CC׌0xd7 0x8c
U+05CD׍0xd7 0x8d
U+05CE׎0xd7 0x8e
U+05CF׏0xd7 0x8f
U+05D0א0xd7 0x90
U+05D1ב0xd7 0x91
U+05D2ג0xd7 0x92
U+05D3ד0xd7 0x93
U+05D4ה0xd7 0x94
U+05D5ו0xd7 0x95
U+05D6ז0xd7 0x96
U+05D7ח0xd7 0x97
U+05D8ט0xd7 0x98
U+05D9י0xd7 0x99
U+05DAך0xd7 0x9a
U+05DBכ0xd7 0x9b
U+05DCל0xd7 0x9c
U+05DDם0xd7 0x9d
U+05DEמ0xd7 0x9e
U+05DFן0xd7 0x9f
U+05E0נ0xd7 0xa0
U+05E1ס0xd7 0xa1
U+05E2ע0xd7 0xa2
U+05E3ף0xd7 0xa3
U+05E4פ0xd7 0xa4
U+05E5ץ0xd7 0xa5
U+05E6צ0xd7 0xa6
U+05E7ק0xd7 0xa7
U+05E8ר0xd7 0xa8
U+05E9ש0xd7 0xa9
U+05EAת0xd7 0xaa
U+05EB׫0xd7 0xab
U+05EC׬0xd7 0xac
U+05ED׭0xd7 0xad
U+05EE׮0xd7 0xae
U+05EFׯ0xd7 0xaf
U+05F0װ0xd7 0xb0
U+05F1ױ0xd7 0xb1
U+05F2ײ0xd7 0xb2
U+05F3׳0xd7 0xb3
U+05F4״0xd7 0xb4
U+05F5׵0xd7 0xb5
U+05F6׶0xd7 0xb6
U+05F7׷0xd7 0xb7
U+05F8׸0xd7 0xb8
U+05F9׹0xd7 0xb9
U+05FA׺0xd7 0xba
U+05FB׻0xd7 0xbb
U+05FC׼0xd7 0xbc
U+05FD׽0xd7 0xbd
U+05FE׾0xd7 0xbe
U+05FF׿0xd7 0xbf