UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0480 to U+04FF

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code positions per page 128 · 256 · 512 · 1024
display format for
UTF-8 encoding
hex. · decimal · hex. (0x) · octal · binary · for Perl string literals · One Latin-1 char per byte · no display
Unicode character names not displayed · displayed · also display deprecated Unicode 1.0 names
links for adding char to text displayed · not displayed
numerical HTML encoding
of the Unicode character
not displayed · decimal · hexadecimal
HTML 4.0 character entities displayed · not displayed
code point
character UTF-8
numerical HTML encoding
of the Unicode character
U+0480Ҁ0xd2 0x80ҀҀ
U+0481ҁ0xd2 0x81ҁҁ
U+0482҂0xd2 0x82҂҂
U+0483҃0xd2 0x83҃҃
U+0484҄0xd2 0x84҄҄
U+0485҅0xd2 0x85҅҅
U+0486҆0xd2 0x86҆҆
U+0487҇0xd2 0x87҇҇
U+0488҈0xd2 0x88҈҈
U+0489҉0xd2 0x89҉҉
U+048AҊ0xd2 0x8aҊҊ
U+048Bҋ0xd2 0x8bҋҋ
U+048CҌ0xd2 0x8cҌҌ
U+048Dҍ0xd2 0x8dҍҍ
U+048EҎ0xd2 0x8eҎҎ
U+048Fҏ0xd2 0x8fҏҏ
U+0490Ґ0xd2 0x90ҐҐ
U+0491ґ0xd2 0x91ґґ
U+0492Ғ0xd2 0x92ҒҒ
U+0493ғ0xd2 0x93ғғ
U+0494Ҕ0xd2 0x94ҔҔ
U+0495ҕ0xd2 0x95ҕҕ
U+0496Җ0xd2 0x96ҖҖ
U+0497җ0xd2 0x97җҗ
U+0498Ҙ0xd2 0x98ҘҘ
U+0499ҙ0xd2 0x99ҙҙ
U+049AҚ0xd2 0x9aҚҚ
U+049Bқ0xd2 0x9bққ
U+049CҜ0xd2 0x9cҜҜ
U+049Dҝ0xd2 0x9dҝҝ
U+049EҞ0xd2 0x9eҞҞ
U+049Fҟ0xd2 0x9fҟҟ
U+04A0Ҡ0xd2 0xa0ҠҠ
U+04A1ҡ0xd2 0xa1ҡҡ
U+04A2Ң0xd2 0xa2ҢҢ
U+04A3ң0xd2 0xa3ңң
U+04A4Ҥ0xd2 0xa4ҤҤ
U+04A5ҥ0xd2 0xa5ҥҥ
U+04A6Ҧ0xd2 0xa6ҦҦ
U+04A7ҧ0xd2 0xa7ҧҧ
U+04A8Ҩ0xd2 0xa8ҨҨ
U+04A9ҩ0xd2 0xa9ҩҩ
U+04AAҪ0xd2 0xaaҪҪ
U+04ABҫ0xd2 0xabҫҫ
U+04ACҬ0xd2 0xacҬҬ
U+04ADҭ0xd2 0xadҭҭ
U+04AEҮ0xd2 0xaeҮҮ
U+04AFү0xd2 0xafүү
U+04B0Ұ0xd2 0xb0ҰҰ
U+04B1ұ0xd2 0xb1ұұ
U+04B2Ҳ0xd2 0xb2ҲҲ
U+04B3ҳ0xd2 0xb3ҳҳ
U+04B4Ҵ0xd2 0xb4ҴҴ
U+04B5ҵ0xd2 0xb5ҵҵ
U+04B6Ҷ0xd2 0xb6ҶҶ
U+04B7ҷ0xd2 0xb7ҷҷ
U+04B8Ҹ0xd2 0xb8ҸҸ
U+04B9ҹ0xd2 0xb9ҹҹ
U+04BAҺ0xd2 0xbaҺҺ
U+04BBһ0xd2 0xbbһһ
U+04BCҼ0xd2 0xbcҼҼ
U+04BDҽ0xd2 0xbdҽҽ
U+04BEҾ0xd2 0xbeҾҾ
U+04BFҿ0xd2 0xbfҿҿ
U+04C0Ӏ0xd3 0x80ӀӀ
U+04C1Ӂ0xd3 0x81ӁӁ
U+04C2ӂ0xd3 0x82ӂӂ
U+04C3Ӄ0xd3 0x83ӃӃ
U+04C4ӄ0xd3 0x84ӄӄ
U+04C5Ӆ0xd3 0x85ӅӅ
U+04C6ӆ0xd3 0x86ӆӆ
U+04C7Ӈ0xd3 0x87ӇӇ
U+04C8ӈ0xd3 0x88ӈӈ
U+04C9Ӊ0xd3 0x89ӉӉ
U+04CAӊ0xd3 0x8aӊӊ
U+04CBӋ0xd3 0x8bӋӋ
U+04CCӌ0xd3 0x8cӌӌ
U+04CDӍ0xd3 0x8dӍӍ
U+04CEӎ0xd3 0x8eӎӎ
U+04CFӏ0xd3 0x8fӏӏ
U+04D0Ӑ0xd3 0x90ӐӐ
U+04D1ӑ0xd3 0x91ӑӑ
U+04D2Ӓ0xd3 0x92ӒӒ
U+04D3ӓ0xd3 0x93ӓӓ
U+04D4Ӕ0xd3 0x94ӔӔ
U+04D5ӕ0xd3 0x95ӕӕ
U+04D6Ӗ0xd3 0x96ӖӖ
U+04D7ӗ0xd3 0x97ӗӗ
U+04D8Ә0xd3 0x98ӘӘ
U+04D9ә0xd3 0x99әә
U+04DAӚ0xd3 0x9aӚӚ
U+04DBӛ0xd3 0x9bӛӛ
U+04DCӜ0xd3 0x9cӜӜ
U+04DDӝ0xd3 0x9dӝӝ
U+04DEӞ0xd3 0x9eӞӞ
U+04DFӟ0xd3 0x9fӟӟ
U+04E0Ӡ0xd3 0xa0ӠӠ
U+04E1ӡ0xd3 0xa1ӡӡ
U+04E2Ӣ0xd3 0xa2ӢӢ
U+04E3ӣ0xd3 0xa3ӣӣ
U+04E4Ӥ0xd3 0xa4ӤӤ
U+04E5ӥ0xd3 0xa5ӥӥ
U+04E6Ӧ0xd3 0xa6ӦӦ
U+04E7ӧ0xd3 0xa7ӧӧ
U+04E8Ө0xd3 0xa8ӨӨ
U+04E9ө0xd3 0xa9өө
U+04EAӪ0xd3 0xaaӪӪ
U+04EBӫ0xd3 0xabӫӫ
U+04ECӬ0xd3 0xacӬӬ
U+04EDӭ0xd3 0xadӭӭ
U+04EEӮ0xd3 0xaeӮӮ
U+04EFӯ0xd3 0xafӯӯ
U+04F0Ӱ0xd3 0xb0ӰӰ
U+04F1ӱ0xd3 0xb1ӱӱ
U+04F2Ӳ0xd3 0xb2ӲӲ
U+04F3ӳ0xd3 0xb3ӳӳ
U+04F4Ӵ0xd3 0xb4ӴӴ
U+04F5ӵ0xd3 0xb5ӵӵ
U+04F6Ӷ0xd3 0xb6ӶӶ
U+04F7ӷ0xd3 0xb7ӷӷ
U+04F8Ӹ0xd3 0xb8ӸӸ
U+04F9ӹ0xd3 0xb9ӹӹ
U+04FAӺ0xd3 0xbaӺӺ
U+04FBӻ0xd3 0xbbӻӻ
U+04FCӼ0xd3 0xbcӼӼ
U+04FDӽ0xd3 0xbdӽӽ
U+04FEӾ0xd3 0xbeӾӾ
U+04FFӿ0xd3 0xbfӿӿ