UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0080 to U+00FF

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UTF-8 encoding
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code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
U+0080 c2 80append
U+0081 c2 81append
U+0082 c2 82append
U+0083 c2 83append
U+0084 c2 84append
U+0085 c2 85append
U+0086 c2 86append
U+0087 c2 87append
U+0088 c2 88append
U+0089 c2 89append
U+008A c2 8aappend
U+008B c2 8bappend
U+008C c2 8cappend
U+008D c2 8dappend
U+008E c2 8eappend
U+008F c2 8fappend
U+0090 c2 90append
U+0091 c2 91append
U+0092 c2 92append
U+0093 c2 93append
U+0094 c2 94append
U+0095 c2 95append
U+0096 c2 96append
U+0097 c2 97append
U+0098 c2 98append
U+0099 c2 99append
U+009A c2 9aappend
U+009B c2 9bappend
U+009C c2 9cappend
U+009D c2 9dappend
U+009E c2 9eappend
U+009F c2 9fappend
U+00A0 c2 a0append
U+00A1¡c2 a1append
U+00A2¢c2 a2append
U+00A3£c2 a3append
U+00A4¤c2 a4append
U+00A5¥c2 a5append
U+00A6¦c2 a6append
U+00A7§c2 a7append
U+00A8¨c2 a8append
U+00A9©c2 a9append
U+00AAªc2 aaappend
U+00AB«c2 abappend
U+00AC¬c2 acappend
U+00AD­c2 adappend
U+00AE®c2 aeappend
U+00AF¯c2 afappend
U+00B0°c2 b0append
U+00B1±c2 b1append
U+00B2²c2 b2append
U+00B3³c2 b3append
U+00B4´c2 b4append
U+00B5µc2 b5append
U+00B6c2 b6append
U+00B7·c2 b7append
U+00B8¸c2 b8append
U+00B9¹c2 b9append
U+00BAºc2 baappend
U+00BB»c2 bbappend
U+00BC¼c2 bcappend
U+00BD½c2 bdappend
U+00BE¾c2 beappend
U+00BF¿c2 bfappend
U+00C0Àc3 80append
U+00C1Ác3 81append
U+00C2Âc3 82append
U+00C3Ãc3 83append
U+00C4Äc3 84append
U+00C5Åc3 85append
U+00C6Æc3 86append
U+00C7Çc3 87append
U+00C8Èc3 88append
U+00C9Éc3 89append
U+00CAÊc3 8aappend
U+00CBËc3 8bappend
U+00CCÌc3 8cappend
U+00CDÍc3 8dappend
U+00CEÎc3 8eappend
U+00CFÏc3 8fappend
U+00D0Ðc3 90append
U+00D1Ñc3 91append
U+00D2Òc3 92append
U+00D3Óc3 93append
U+00D4Ôc3 94append
U+00D5Õc3 95append
U+00D6Öc3 96append
U+00D7×c3 97append
U+00D8Øc3 98append
U+00D9Ùc3 99append
U+00DAÚc3 9aappend
U+00DBÛc3 9bappend
U+00DCÜc3 9cappend
U+00DDÝc3 9dappend
U+00DEÞc3 9eappend
U+00DFßc3 9fappend
U+00E0àc3 a0append
U+00E1ác3 a1append
U+00E2âc3 a2append
U+00E3ãc3 a3append
U+00E4äc3 a4append
U+00E5åc3 a5append
U+00E6æc3 a6append
U+00E7çc3 a7append
U+00E8èc3 a8append
U+00E9éc3 a9append
U+00EAêc3 aaappend
U+00EBëc3 abappend
U+00ECìc3 acappend
U+00EDíc3 adappend
U+00EEîc3 aeappend
U+00EFïc3 afappend
U+00F0ðc3 b0append
U+00F1ñc3 b1append
U+00F2òc3 b2append
U+00F3óc3 b3append
U+00F4ôc3 b4append
U+00F5õc3 b5append
U+00F6öc3 b6append
U+00F7÷c3 b7append
U+00F8øc3 b8append
U+00F9ùc3 b9append
U+00FAúc3 baappend
U+00FBûc3 bbappend
U+00FCüc3 bcappend
U+00FDýc3 bdappend
U+00FEþc3 beappend
U+00FFÿc3 bfappend