UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+09C0 to U+0DBF

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code point
character UTF-8
U+09C0e0 a7 80
U+09C1e0 a7 81
U+09C2e0 a7 82
U+09C3e0 a7 83
U+09C4e0 a7 84
U+09C5e0 a7 85
U+09C6e0 a7 86
U+09C7e0 a7 87
U+09C8e0 a7 88
U+09C9e0 a7 89
U+09CAe0 a7 8a
U+09CBe0 a7 8b
U+09CCe0 a7 8c
U+09CDe0 a7 8d
U+09CEe0 a7 8e
U+09CFe0 a7 8f
U+09D0e0 a7 90
U+09D1e0 a7 91
U+09D2e0 a7 92
U+09D3e0 a7 93
U+09D4e0 a7 94
U+09D5e0 a7 95
U+09D6e0 a7 96
U+09D7e0 a7 97
U+09D8e0 a7 98
U+09D9e0 a7 99
U+09DAe0 a7 9a
U+09DBe0 a7 9b
U+09DCe0 a7 9c
U+09DDe0 a7 9d
U+09DEe0 a7 9e
U+09DFe0 a7 9f
U+09E0e0 a7 a0
U+09E1e0 a7 a1
U+09E2e0 a7 a2
U+09E3e0 a7 a3
U+09E4e0 a7 a4
U+09E5e0 a7 a5
U+09E6e0 a7 a6
U+09E7e0 a7 a7
U+09E8e0 a7 a8
U+09E9e0 a7 a9
U+09EAe0 a7 aa
U+09EBe0 a7 ab
U+09ECe0 a7 ac
U+09EDe0 a7 ad
U+09EEe0 a7 ae
U+09EFe0 a7 af
U+09F0e0 a7 b0
U+09F1e0 a7 b1
U+09F2e0 a7 b2
U+09F3e0 a7 b3
U+09F4e0 a7 b4
U+09F5e0 a7 b5
U+09F6e0 a7 b6
U+09F7e0 a7 b7
U+09F8e0 a7 b8
U+09F9e0 a7 b9
U+09FAe0 a7 ba
U+09FBe0 a7 bb
U+09FCe0 a7 bc
U+09FDe0 a7 bd
U+09FEe0 a7 be
U+09FF৿e0 a7 bf
U+0A00e0 a8 80
U+0A01e0 a8 81
U+0A02e0 a8 82
U+0A03e0 a8 83
U+0A04e0 a8 84
U+0A05e0 a8 85
U+0A06e0 a8 86
U+0A07e0 a8 87
U+0A08e0 a8 88
U+0A09e0 a8 89
U+0A0Ae0 a8 8a
U+0A0Be0 a8 8b
U+0A0Ce0 a8 8c
U+0A0De0 a8 8d
U+0A0Ee0 a8 8e
U+0A0Fe0 a8 8f
U+0A10e0 a8 90
U+0A11e0 a8 91
U+0A12e0 a8 92
U+0A13e0 a8 93
U+0A14e0 a8 94
U+0A15e0 a8 95
U+0A16e0 a8 96
U+0A17e0 a8 97
U+0A18e0 a8 98
U+0A19e0 a8 99
U+0A1Ae0 a8 9a
U+0A1Be0 a8 9b
U+0A1Ce0 a8 9c
U+0A1De0 a8 9d
U+0A1Ee0 a8 9e
U+0A1Fe0 a8 9f
U+0A20e0 a8 a0
U+0A21e0 a8 a1
U+0A22e0 a8 a2
U+0A23e0 a8 a3
U+0A24e0 a8 a4
U+0A25e0 a8 a5
U+0A26e0 a8 a6
U+0A27e0 a8 a7
U+0A28e0 a8 a8
U+0A29e0 a8 a9
U+0A2Ae0 a8 aa
U+0A2Be0 a8 ab
U+0A2Ce0 a8 ac
U+0A2De0 a8 ad
U+0A2Ee0 a8 ae
U+0A2Fe0 a8 af
U+0A30e0 a8 b0
U+0A31e0 a8 b1
U+0A32e0 a8 b2
U+0A33e0 a8 b3
U+0A34e0 a8 b4
U+0A35e0 a8 b5
U+0A36e0 a8 b6
U+0A37e0 a8 b7
U+0A38e0 a8 b8
U+0A39e0 a8 b9
U+0A3Ae0 a8 ba
U+0A3Be0 a8 bb
U+0A3Ce0 a8 bc
U+0A3De0 a8 bd
U+0A3Ee0 a8 be
U+0A3Fਿe0 a8 bf
U+0A40e0 a9 80
U+0A41e0 a9 81
U+0A42e0 a9 82
U+0A43e0 a9 83
U+0A44e0 a9 84
U+0A45e0 a9 85
U+0A46e0 a9 86
U+0A47e0 a9 87
U+0A48e0 a9 88
U+0A49e0 a9 89
U+0A4Ae0 a9 8a
U+0A4Be0 a9 8b
U+0A4Ce0 a9 8c
U+0A4De0 a9 8d
U+0A4Ee0 a9 8e
U+0A4Fe0 a9 8f
U+0A50e0 a9 90
U+0A51e0 a9 91
U+0A52e0 a9 92
U+0A53e0 a9 93
U+0A54e0 a9 94
U+0A55e0 a9 95
U+0A56e0 a9 96
U+0A57e0 a9 97
U+0A58e0 a9 98
U+0A59e0 a9 99
U+0A5Ae0 a9 9a
U+0A5Be0 a9 9b
U+0A5Ce0 a9 9c
U+0A5De0 a9 9d
U+0A5Ee0 a9 9e
U+0A5Fe0 a9 9f
U+0A60e0 a9 a0
U+0A61e0 a9 a1
U+0A62e0 a9 a2
U+0A63e0 a9 a3
U+0A64e0 a9 a4
U+0A65e0 a9 a5
U+0A66e0 a9 a6
U+0A67e0 a9 a7
U+0A68e0 a9 a8
U+0A69e0 a9 a9
U+0A6Ae0 a9 aa
U+0A6Be0 a9 ab
U+0A6Ce0 a9 ac
U+0A6De0 a9 ad
U+0A6Ee0 a9 ae
U+0A6Fe0 a9 af
U+0A70e0 a9 b0
U+0A71e0 a9 b1
U+0A72e0 a9 b2
U+0A73e0 a9 b3
U+0A74e0 a9 b4
U+0A75e0 a9 b5
U+0A76e0 a9 b6
U+0A77e0 a9 b7
U+0A78e0 a9 b8
U+0A79e0 a9 b9
U+0A7Ae0 a9 ba
U+0A7Be0 a9 bb
U+0A7Ce0 a9 bc
U+0A7De0 a9 bd
U+0A7Ee0 a9 be
U+0A7F੿e0 a9 bf
U+0A80e0 aa 80
U+0A81e0 aa 81
U+0A82e0 aa 82
U+0A83e0 aa 83
U+0A84e0 aa 84
U+0A85e0 aa 85
U+0A86e0 aa 86
U+0A87e0 aa 87
U+0A88e0 aa 88
U+0A89e0 aa 89
U+0A8Ae0 aa 8a
U+0A8Be0 aa 8b
U+0A8Ce0 aa 8c
U+0A8De0 aa 8d
U+0A8Ee0 aa 8e
U+0A8Fe0 aa 8f
U+0A90e0 aa 90
U+0A91e0 aa 91
U+0A92e0 aa 92
U+0A93e0 aa 93
U+0A94e0 aa 94
U+0A95e0 aa 95
U+0A96e0 aa 96
U+0A97e0 aa 97
U+0A98e0 aa 98
U+0A99e0 aa 99
U+0A9Ae0 aa 9a
U+0A9Be0 aa 9b
U+0A9Ce0 aa 9c
U+0A9De0 aa 9d
U+0A9Ee0 aa 9e
U+0A9Fe0 aa 9f
U+0AA0e0 aa a0
U+0AA1e0 aa a1
U+0AA2e0 aa a2
U+0AA3e0 aa a3
U+0AA4e0 aa a4
U+0AA5e0 aa a5
U+0AA6e0 aa a6
U+0AA7e0 aa a7
U+0AA8e0 aa a8
U+0AA9e0 aa a9
U+0AAAe0 aa aa
U+0AABe0 aa ab
U+0AACe0 aa ac
U+0AADe0 aa ad
U+0AAEe0 aa ae
U+0AAFe0 aa af
U+0AB0e0 aa b0
U+0AB1e0 aa b1
U+0AB2e0 aa b2
U+0AB3e0 aa b3
U+0AB4e0 aa b4
U+0AB5e0 aa b5
U+0AB6e0 aa b6
U+0AB7e0 aa b7
U+0AB8e0 aa b8
U+0AB9e0 aa b9
U+0ABAe0 aa ba
U+0ABBe0 aa bb
U+0ABCe0 aa bc
U+0ABDe0 aa bd
U+0ABEe0 aa be
U+0ABFિe0 aa bf
U+0AC0e0 ab 80
U+0AC1e0 ab 81
U+0AC2e0 ab 82
U+0AC3e0 ab 83
U+0AC4e0 ab 84
U+0AC5e0 ab 85
U+0AC6e0 ab 86
U+0AC7e0 ab 87
U+0AC8e0 ab 88
U+0AC9e0 ab 89
U+0ACAe0 ab 8a
U+0ACBe0 ab 8b
U+0ACCe0 ab 8c
U+0ACDe0 ab 8d
U+0ACEe0 ab 8e
U+0ACFe0 ab 8f
U+0AD0e0 ab 90
U+0AD1e0 ab 91
U+0AD2e0 ab 92
U+0AD3e0 ab 93
U+0AD4e0 ab 94
U+0AD5e0 ab 95
U+0AD6e0 ab 96
U+0AD7e0 ab 97
U+0AD8e0 ab 98
U+0AD9e0 ab 99
U+0ADAe0 ab 9a
U+0ADBe0 ab 9b
U+0ADCe0 ab 9c
U+0ADDe0 ab 9d
U+0ADEe0 ab 9e
U+0ADFe0 ab 9f
U+0AE0e0 ab a0
U+0AE1e0 ab a1
U+0AE2e0 ab a2
U+0AE3e0 ab a3
U+0AE4e0 ab a4
U+0AE5e0 ab a5
U+0AE6e0 ab a6
U+0AE7e0 ab a7
U+0AE8e0 ab a8
U+0AE9e0 ab a9
U+0AEAe0 ab aa
U+0AEBe0 ab ab
U+0AECe0 ab ac
U+0AEDe0 ab ad
U+0AEEe0 ab ae
U+0AEFe0 ab af
U+0AF0e0 ab b0
U+0AF1e0 ab b1
U+0AF2e0 ab b2
U+0AF3e0 ab b3
U+0AF4e0 ab b4
U+0AF5e0 ab b5
U+0AF6e0 ab b6
U+0AF7e0 ab b7
U+0AF8e0 ab b8
U+0AF9e0 ab b9
U+0AFAe0 ab ba
U+0AFBe0 ab bb
U+0AFCe0 ab bc
U+0AFDe0 ab bd
U+0AFEe0 ab be
U+0AFF૿e0 ab bf
U+0B00e0 ac 80
U+0B01e0 ac 81
U+0B02e0 ac 82
U+0B03e0 ac 83
U+0B04e0 ac 84
U+0B05e0 ac 85
U+0B06e0 ac 86
U+0B07e0 ac 87
U+0B08e0 ac 88
U+0B09e0 ac 89
U+0B0Ae0 ac 8a
U+0B0Be0 ac 8b
U+0B0Ce0 ac 8c
U+0B0De0 ac 8d
U+0B0Ee0 ac 8e
U+0B0Fe0 ac 8f
U+0B10e0 ac 90
U+0B11e0 ac 91
U+0B12e0 ac 92
U+0B13e0 ac 93
U+0B14e0 ac 94
U+0B15e0 ac 95
U+0B16e0 ac 96
U+0B17e0 ac 97
U+0B18e0 ac 98
U+0B19e0 ac 99
U+0B1Ae0 ac 9a
U+0B1Be0 ac 9b
U+0B1Ce0 ac 9c
U+0B1De0 ac 9d
U+0B1Ee0 ac 9e
U+0B1Fe0 ac 9f
U+0B20e0 ac a0
U+0B21e0 ac a1
U+0B22e0 ac a2
U+0B23e0 ac a3
U+0B24e0 ac a4
U+0B25e0 ac a5
U+0B26e0 ac a6
U+0B27e0 ac a7
U+0B28e0 ac a8
U+0B29e0 ac a9
U+0B2Ae0 ac aa
U+0B2Be0 ac ab
U+0B2Ce0 ac ac
U+0B2De0 ac ad
U+0B2Ee0 ac ae
U+0B2Fe0 ac af
U+0B30e0 ac b0
U+0B31e0 ac b1
U+0B32e0 ac b2
U+0B33e0 ac b3
U+0B34e0 ac b4
U+0B35e0 ac b5
U+0B36e0 ac b6
U+0B37e0 ac b7
U+0B38e0 ac b8
U+0B39e0 ac b9
U+0B3Ae0 ac ba
U+0B3Be0 ac bb
U+0B3Ce0 ac bc
U+0B3De0 ac bd
U+0B3Ee0 ac be
U+0B3Fିe0 ac bf
U+0B40e0 ad 80
U+0B41e0 ad 81
U+0B42e0 ad 82
U+0B43e0 ad 83
U+0B44e0 ad 84
U+0B45e0 ad 85
U+0B46e0 ad 86
U+0B47e0 ad 87
U+0B48e0 ad 88
U+0B49e0 ad 89
U+0B4Ae0 ad 8a
U+0B4Be0 ad 8b
U+0B4Ce0 ad 8c
U+0B4De0 ad 8d
U+0B4Ee0 ad 8e
U+0B4Fe0 ad 8f
U+0B50e0 ad 90
U+0B51e0 ad 91
U+0B52e0 ad 92
U+0B53e0 ad 93
U+0B54e0 ad 94
U+0B55e0 ad 95
U+0B56e0 ad 96
U+0B57e0 ad 97
U+0B58e0 ad 98
U+0B59e0 ad 99
U+0B5Ae0 ad 9a
U+0B5Be0 ad 9b
U+0B5Ce0 ad 9c
U+0B5De0 ad 9d
U+0B5Ee0 ad 9e
U+0B5Fe0 ad 9f
U+0B60e0 ad a0
U+0B61e0 ad a1
U+0B62e0 ad a2
U+0B63e0 ad a3
U+0B64e0 ad a4
U+0B65e0 ad a5
U+0B66e0 ad a6
U+0B67e0 ad a7
U+0B68e0 ad a8
U+0B69e0 ad a9
U+0B6Ae0 ad aa
U+0B6Be0 ad ab
U+0B6Ce0 ad ac
U+0B6De0 ad ad
U+0B6Ee0 ad ae
U+0B6Fe0 ad af
U+0B70e0 ad b0
U+0B71e0 ad b1
U+0B72e0 ad b2
U+0B73e0 ad b3
U+0B74e0 ad b4
U+0B75e0 ad b5
U+0B76e0 ad b6
U+0B77e0 ad b7
U+0B78e0 ad b8
U+0B79e0 ad b9
U+0B7Ae0 ad ba
U+0B7Be0 ad bb
U+0B7Ce0 ad bc
U+0B7De0 ad bd
U+0B7Ee0 ad be
U+0B7F୿e0 ad bf
U+0B80e0 ae 80
U+0B81e0 ae 81
U+0B82e0 ae 82
U+0B83e0 ae 83
U+0B84e0 ae 84
U+0B85e0 ae 85
U+0B86e0 ae 86
U+0B87e0 ae 87
U+0B88e0 ae 88
U+0B89e0 ae 89
U+0B8Ae0 ae 8a
U+0B8Be0 ae 8b
U+0B8Ce0 ae 8c
U+0B8De0 ae 8d
U+0B8Ee0 ae 8e
U+0B8Fe0 ae 8f
U+0B90e0 ae 90
U+0B91e0 ae 91
U+0B92e0 ae 92
U+0B93e0 ae 93
U+0B94e0 ae 94
U+0B95e0 ae 95
U+0B96e0 ae 96
U+0B97e0 ae 97
U+0B98e0 ae 98
U+0B99e0 ae 99
U+0B9Ae0 ae 9a
U+0B9Be0 ae 9b
U+0B9Ce0 ae 9c
U+0B9De0 ae 9d
U+0B9Ee0 ae 9e
U+0B9Fe0 ae 9f
U+0BA0e0 ae a0
U+0BA1e0 ae a1
U+0BA2e0 ae a2
U+0BA3e0 ae a3
U+0BA4e0 ae a4
U+0BA5e0 ae a5
U+0BA6e0 ae a6
U+0BA7e0 ae a7
U+0BA8e0 ae a8
U+0BA9e0 ae a9
U+0BAAe0 ae aa
U+0BABe0 ae ab
U+0BACe0 ae ac
U+0BADe0 ae ad
U+0BAEe0 ae ae
U+0BAFe0 ae af
U+0BB0e0 ae b0
U+0BB1e0 ae b1
U+0BB2e0 ae b2
U+0BB3e0 ae b3
U+0BB4e0 ae b4
U+0BB5e0 ae b5
U+0BB6e0 ae b6
U+0BB7e0 ae b7
U+0BB8e0 ae b8
U+0BB9e0 ae b9
U+0BBAe0 ae ba
U+0BBBe0 ae bb
U+0BBCe0 ae bc
U+0BBDe0 ae bd
U+0BBEe0 ae be
U+0BBFிe0 ae bf
U+0BC0e0 af 80
U+0BC1e0 af 81
U+0BC2e0 af 82
U+0BC3e0 af 83
U+0BC4e0 af 84
U+0BC5e0 af 85
U+0BC6e0 af 86
U+0BC7e0 af 87
U+0BC8e0 af 88
U+0BC9e0 af 89
U+0BCAe0 af 8a
U+0BCBe0 af 8b
U+0BCCe0 af 8c
U+0BCDe0 af 8d
U+0BCEe0 af 8e
U+0BCFe0 af 8f
U+0BD0e0 af 90
U+0BD1e0 af 91
U+0BD2e0 af 92
U+0BD3e0 af 93
U+0BD4e0 af 94
U+0BD5e0 af 95
U+0BD6e0 af 96
U+0BD7e0 af 97
U+0BD8e0 af 98
U+0BD9e0 af 99
U+0BDAe0 af 9a
U+0BDBe0 af 9b
U+0BDCe0 af 9c
U+0BDDe0 af 9d
U+0BDEe0 af 9e
U+0BDFe0 af 9f
U+0BE0e0 af a0
U+0BE1e0 af a1
U+0BE2e0 af a2
U+0BE3e0 af a3
U+0BE4e0 af a4
U+0BE5e0 af a5
U+0BE6e0 af a6
U+0BE7e0 af a7
U+0BE8e0 af a8
U+0BE9e0 af a9
U+0BEAe0 af aa
U+0BEBe0 af ab
U+0BECe0 af ac
U+0BEDe0 af ad
U+0BEEe0 af ae
U+0BEFe0 af af
U+0BF0e0 af b0
U+0BF1e0 af b1
U+0BF2e0 af b2
U+0BF3e0 af b3
U+0BF4e0 af b4
U+0BF5e0 af b5
U+0BF6e0 af b6
U+0BF7e0 af b7
U+0BF8e0 af b8
U+0BF9e0 af b9
U+0BFAe0 af ba
U+0BFBe0 af bb
U+0BFCe0 af bc
U+0BFDe0 af bd
U+0BFEe0 af be
U+0BFF௿e0 af bf
U+0C00e0 b0 80
U+0C01e0 b0 81
U+0C02e0 b0 82
U+0C03e0 b0 83
U+0C04e0 b0 84
U+0C05e0 b0 85
U+0C06e0 b0 86
U+0C07e0 b0 87
U+0C08e0 b0 88
U+0C09e0 b0 89
U+0C0Ae0 b0 8a
U+0C0Be0 b0 8b
U+0C0Ce0 b0 8c
U+0C0De0 b0 8d
U+0C0Ee0 b0 8e
U+0C0Fe0 b0 8f
U+0C10e0 b0 90
U+0C11e0 b0 91
U+0C12e0 b0 92
U+0C13e0 b0 93
U+0C14e0 b0 94
U+0C15e0 b0 95
U+0C16e0 b0 96
U+0C17e0 b0 97
U+0C18e0 b0 98
U+0C19e0 b0 99
U+0C1Ae0 b0 9a
U+0C1Be0 b0 9b
U+0C1Ce0 b0 9c
U+0C1De0 b0 9d
U+0C1Ee0 b0 9e
U+0C1Fe0 b0 9f
U+0C20e0 b0 a0
U+0C21e0 b0 a1
U+0C22e0 b0 a2
U+0C23e0 b0 a3
U+0C24e0 b0 a4
U+0C25e0 b0 a5
U+0C26e0 b0 a6
U+0C27e0 b0 a7
U+0C28e0 b0 a8
U+0C29e0 b0 a9
U+0C2Ae0 b0 aa
U+0C2Be0 b0 ab
U+0C2Ce0 b0 ac
U+0C2De0 b0 ad
U+0C2Ee0 b0 ae
U+0C2Fe0 b0 af
U+0C30e0 b0 b0
U+0C31e0 b0 b1
U+0C32e0 b0 b2
U+0C33e0 b0 b3
U+0C34e0 b0 b4
U+0C35e0 b0 b5
U+0C36e0 b0 b6
U+0C37e0 b0 b7
U+0C38e0 b0 b8
U+0C39e0 b0 b9
U+0C3Ae0 b0 ba
U+0C3Be0 b0 bb
U+0C3Ce0 b0 bc
U+0C3De0 b0 bd
U+0C3Ee0 b0 be
U+0C3Fిe0 b0 bf
U+0C40e0 b1 80
U+0C41e0 b1 81
U+0C42e0 b1 82
U+0C43e0 b1 83
U+0C44e0 b1 84
U+0C45e0 b1 85
U+0C46e0 b1 86
U+0C47e0 b1 87
U+0C48e0 b1 88
U+0C49e0 b1 89
U+0C4Ae0 b1 8a
U+0C4Be0 b1 8b
U+0C4Ce0 b1 8c
U+0C4De0 b1 8d
U+0C4Ee0 b1 8e
U+0C4Fe0 b1 8f
U+0C50e0 b1 90
U+0C51e0 b1 91
U+0C52e0 b1 92
U+0C53e0 b1 93
U+0C54e0 b1 94
U+0C55e0 b1 95
U+0C56e0 b1 96
U+0C57e0 b1 97
U+0C58e0 b1 98
U+0C59e0 b1 99
U+0C5Ae0 b1 9a
U+0C5Be0 b1 9b
U+0C5Ce0 b1 9c
U+0C5De0 b1 9d
U+0C5Ee0 b1 9e
U+0C5Fe0 b1 9f
U+0C60e0 b1 a0
U+0C61e0 b1 a1
U+0C62e0 b1 a2
U+0C63e0 b1 a3
U+0C64e0 b1 a4
U+0C65e0 b1 a5
U+0C66e0 b1 a6
U+0C67e0 b1 a7
U+0C68e0 b1 a8
U+0C69e0 b1 a9
U+0C6Ae0 b1 aa
U+0C6Be0 b1 ab
U+0C6Ce0 b1 ac
U+0C6De0 b1 ad
U+0C6Ee0 b1 ae
U+0C6Fe0 b1 af
U+0C70e0 b1 b0
U+0C71e0 b1 b1
U+0C72e0 b1 b2
U+0C73e0 b1 b3
U+0C74e0 b1 b4
U+0C75e0 b1 b5
U+0C76e0 b1 b6
U+0C77e0 b1 b7
U+0C78e0 b1 b8
U+0C79e0 b1 b9
U+0C7Ae0 b1 ba
U+0C7Be0 b1 bb
U+0C7Ce0 b1 bc
U+0C7De0 b1 bd
U+0C7Ee0 b1 be
U+0C7F౿e0 b1 bf
U+0C80e0 b2 80
U+0C81e0 b2 81
U+0C82e0 b2 82
U+0C83e0 b2 83
U+0C84e0 b2 84
U+0C85e0 b2 85
U+0C86e0 b2 86
U+0C87e0 b2 87
U+0C88e0 b2 88
U+0C89e0 b2 89
U+0C8Ae0 b2 8a
U+0C8Be0 b2 8b
U+0C8Ce0 b2 8c
U+0C8De0 b2 8d
U+0C8Ee0 b2 8e
U+0C8Fe0 b2 8f
U+0C90e0 b2 90
U+0C91e0 b2 91
U+0C92e0 b2 92
U+0C93e0 b2 93
U+0C94e0 b2 94
U+0C95e0 b2 95
U+0C96e0 b2 96
U+0C97e0 b2 97
U+0C98e0 b2 98
U+0C99e0 b2 99
U+0C9Ae0 b2 9a
U+0C9Be0 b2 9b
U+0C9Ce0 b2 9c
U+0C9De0 b2 9d
U+0C9Ee0 b2 9e
U+0C9Fe0 b2 9f
U+0CA0e0 b2 a0
U+0CA1e0 b2 a1
U+0CA2e0 b2 a2
U+0CA3e0 b2 a3
U+0CA4e0 b2 a4
U+0CA5e0 b2 a5
U+0CA6e0 b2 a6
U+0CA7e0 b2 a7
U+0CA8e0 b2 a8
U+0CA9e0 b2 a9
U+0CAAe0 b2 aa
U+0CABe0 b2 ab
U+0CACe0 b2 ac
U+0CADe0 b2 ad
U+0CAEe0 b2 ae
U+0CAFe0 b2 af
U+0CB0e0 b2 b0
U+0CB1e0 b2 b1
U+0CB2e0 b2 b2
U+0CB3e0 b2 b3
U+0CB4e0 b2 b4
U+0CB5e0 b2 b5
U+0CB6e0 b2 b6
U+0CB7e0 b2 b7
U+0CB8e0 b2 b8
U+0CB9e0 b2 b9
U+0CBAe0 b2 ba
U+0CBBe0 b2 bb
U+0CBCe0 b2 bc
U+0CBDe0 b2 bd
U+0CBEe0 b2 be
U+0CBFಿe0 b2 bf
U+0CC0e0 b3 80
U+0CC1e0 b3 81
U+0CC2e0 b3 82
U+0CC3e0 b3 83
U+0CC4e0 b3 84
U+0CC5e0 b3 85
U+0CC6e0 b3 86
U+0CC7e0 b3 87
U+0CC8e0 b3 88
U+0CC9e0 b3 89
U+0CCAe0 b3 8a
U+0CCBe0 b3 8b
U+0CCCe0 b3 8c
U+0CCDe0 b3 8d
U+0CCEe0 b3 8e
U+0CCFe0 b3 8f
U+0CD0e0 b3 90
U+0CD1e0 b3 91
U+0CD2e0 b3 92
U+0CD3e0 b3 93
U+0CD4e0 b3 94
U+0CD5e0 b3 95
U+0CD6e0 b3 96
U+0CD7e0 b3 97
U+0CD8e0 b3 98
U+0CD9e0 b3 99
U+0CDAe0 b3 9a
U+0CDBe0 b3 9b
U+0CDCe0 b3 9c
U+0CDDe0 b3 9d
U+0CDEe0 b3 9e
U+0CDFe0 b3 9f
U+0CE0e0 b3 a0
U+0CE1e0 b3 a1
U+0CE2e0 b3 a2
U+0CE3e0 b3 a3
U+0CE4e0 b3 a4
U+0CE5e0 b3 a5
U+0CE6e0 b3 a6
U+0CE7e0 b3 a7
U+0CE8e0 b3 a8
U+0CE9e0 b3 a9
U+0CEAe0 b3 aa
U+0CEBe0 b3 ab
U+0CECe0 b3 ac
U+0CEDe0 b3 ad
U+0CEEe0 b3 ae
U+0CEFe0 b3 af
U+0CF0e0 b3 b0
U+0CF1e0 b3 b1
U+0CF2e0 b3 b2
U+0CF3e0 b3 b3
U+0CF4e0 b3 b4
U+0CF5e0 b3 b5
U+0CF6e0 b3 b6
U+0CF7e0 b3 b7
U+0CF8e0 b3 b8
U+0CF9e0 b3 b9
U+0CFAe0 b3 ba
U+0CFBe0 b3 bb
U+0CFCe0 b3 bc
U+0CFDe0 b3 bd
U+0CFEe0 b3 be
U+0CFF೿e0 b3 bf
U+0D00e0 b4 80
U+0D01e0 b4 81
U+0D02e0 b4 82
U+0D03e0 b4 83
U+0D04e0 b4 84
U+0D05e0 b4 85
U+0D06e0 b4 86
U+0D07e0 b4 87
U+0D08e0 b4 88
U+0D09e0 b4 89
U+0D0Ae0 b4 8a
U+0D0Be0 b4 8b
U+0D0Ce0 b4 8c
U+0D0De0 b4 8d
U+0D0Ee0 b4 8e
U+0D0Fe0 b4 8f
U+0D10e0 b4 90
U+0D11e0 b4 91
U+0D12e0 b4 92
U+0D13e0 b4 93
U+0D14e0 b4 94
U+0D15e0 b4 95
U+0D16e0 b4 96
U+0D17e0 b4 97
U+0D18e0 b4 98
U+0D19e0 b4 99
U+0D1Ae0 b4 9a
U+0D1Be0 b4 9b
U+0D1Ce0 b4 9c
U+0D1De0 b4 9d
U+0D1Ee0 b4 9e
U+0D1Fe0 b4 9f
U+0D20e0 b4 a0
U+0D21e0 b4 a1
U+0D22e0 b4 a2
U+0D23e0 b4 a3
U+0D24e0 b4 a4
U+0D25e0 b4 a5
U+0D26e0 b4 a6
U+0D27e0 b4 a7
U+0D28e0 b4 a8
U+0D29e0 b4 a9
U+0D2Ae0 b4 aa
U+0D2Be0 b4 ab
U+0D2Ce0 b4 ac
U+0D2De0 b4 ad
U+0D2Ee0 b4 ae
U+0D2Fe0 b4 af
U+0D30e0 b4 b0
U+0D31e0 b4 b1
U+0D32e0 b4 b2
U+0D33e0 b4 b3
U+0D34e0 b4 b4
U+0D35e0 b4 b5
U+0D36e0 b4 b6
U+0D37e0 b4 b7
U+0D38e0 b4 b8
U+0D39e0 b4 b9
U+0D3Ae0 b4 ba
U+0D3Be0 b4 bb
U+0D3Ce0 b4 bc
U+0D3De0 b4 bd
U+0D3Ee0 b4 be
U+0D3Fിe0 b4 bf
U+0D40e0 b5 80
U+0D41e0 b5 81
U+0D42e0 b5 82
U+0D43e0 b5 83
U+0D44e0 b5 84
U+0D45e0 b5 85
U+0D46e0 b5 86
U+0D47e0 b5 87
U+0D48e0 b5 88
U+0D49e0 b5 89
U+0D4Ae0 b5 8a
U+0D4Be0 b5 8b
U+0D4Ce0 b5 8c
U+0D4De0 b5 8d
U+0D4Ee0 b5 8e
U+0D4Fe0 b5 8f
U+0D50e0 b5 90
U+0D51e0 b5 91
U+0D52e0 b5 92
U+0D53e0 b5 93
U+0D54e0 b5 94
U+0D55e0 b5 95
U+0D56e0 b5 96
U+0D57e0 b5 97
U+0D58e0 b5 98
U+0D59e0 b5 99
U+0D5Ae0 b5 9a
U+0D5Be0 b5 9b
U+0D5Ce0 b5 9c
U+0D5De0 b5 9d
U+0D5Ee0 b5 9e
U+0D5Fe0 b5 9f
U+0D60e0 b5 a0
U+0D61e0 b5 a1
U+0D62e0 b5 a2
U+0D63e0 b5 a3
U+0D64e0 b5 a4
U+0D65e0 b5 a5
U+0D66e0 b5 a6
U+0D67e0 b5 a7
U+0D68e0 b5 a8
U+0D69e0 b5 a9
U+0D6Ae0 b5 aa
U+0D6Be0 b5 ab
U+0D6Ce0 b5 ac
U+0D6De0 b5 ad
U+0D6Ee0 b5 ae
U+0D6Fe0 b5 af
U+0D70e0 b5 b0
U+0D71e0 b5 b1
U+0D72e0 b5 b2
U+0D73e0 b5 b3
U+0D74e0 b5 b4
U+0D75e0 b5 b5
U+0D76e0 b5 b6
U+0D77e0 b5 b7
U+0D78e0 b5 b8
U+0D79e0 b5 b9
U+0D7Ae0 b5 ba
U+0D7Be0 b5 bb
U+0D7Ce0 b5 bc
U+0D7De0 b5 bd
U+0D7Ee0 b5 be
U+0D7Fൿe0 b5 bf
U+0D80e0 b6 80
U+0D81e0 b6 81
U+0D82e0 b6 82
U+0D83e0 b6 83
U+0D84e0 b6 84
U+0D85e0 b6 85
U+0D86e0 b6 86
U+0D87e0 b6 87
U+0D88e0 b6 88
U+0D89e0 b6 89
U+0D8Ae0 b6 8a
U+0D8Be0 b6 8b
U+0D8Ce0 b6 8c
U+0D8De0 b6 8d
U+0D8Ee0 b6 8e
U+0D8Fe0 b6 8f
U+0D90e0 b6 90
U+0D91e0 b6 91
U+0D92e0 b6 92
U+0D93e0 b6 93
U+0D94e0 b6 94
U+0D95e0 b6 95
U+0D96e0 b6 96
U+0D97e0 b6 97
U+0D98e0 b6 98
U+0D99e0 b6 99
U+0D9Ae0 b6 9a
U+0D9Be0 b6 9b
U+0D9Ce0 b6 9c
U+0D9De0 b6 9d
U+0D9Ee0 b6 9e
U+0D9Fe0 b6 9f
U+0DA0e0 b6 a0
U+0DA1e0 b6 a1
U+0DA2e0 b6 a2
U+0DA3e0 b6 a3
U+0DA4e0 b6 a4
U+0DA5e0 b6 a5
U+0DA6e0 b6 a6
U+0DA7e0 b6 a7
U+0DA8e0 b6 a8
U+0DA9e0 b6 a9
U+0DAAe0 b6 aa
U+0DABe0 b6 ab
U+0DACe0 b6 ac
U+0DADe0 b6 ad
U+0DAEe0 b6 ae
U+0DAFe0 b6 af
U+0DB0e0 b6 b0
U+0DB1e0 b6 b1
U+0DB2e0 b6 b2
U+0DB3e0 b6 b3
U+0DB4e0 b6 b4
U+0DB5e0 b6 b5
U+0DB6e0 b6 b6
U+0DB7e0 b6 b7
U+0DB8e0 b6 b8
U+0DB9e0 b6 b9
U+0DBAe0 b6 ba
U+0DBBe0 b6 bb
U+0DBCe0 b6 bc
U+0DBDe0 b6 bd
U+0DBEe0 b6 be
U+0DBF඿e0 b6 bf