UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0A00 to U+0BFF

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Unicode U+005B
UTF-8 0x5b
code point
character UTF-8
numerical HTML encoding
of the Unicode character
U+0A000xe0 0xa8 0x80਀
U+0A010xe0 0xa8 0x81ਁ
U+0A020xe0 0xa8 0x82ਂ
U+0A030xe0 0xa8 0x83ਃ
U+0A040xe0 0xa8 0x84਄
U+0A050xe0 0xa8 0x85ਅ
U+0A060xe0 0xa8 0x86ਆ
U+0A070xe0 0xa8 0x87ਇ
U+0A080xe0 0xa8 0x88ਈ
U+0A090xe0 0xa8 0x89ਉ
U+0A0A0xe0 0xa8 0x8aਊ
U+0A0B0xe0 0xa8 0x8b਋
U+0A0C0xe0 0xa8 0x8c਌
U+0A0D0xe0 0xa8 0x8d਍
U+0A0E0xe0 0xa8 0x8e਎
U+0A0F0xe0 0xa8 0x8fਏ
U+0A100xe0 0xa8 0x90ਐ
U+0A110xe0 0xa8 0x91਑
U+0A120xe0 0xa8 0x92਒
U+0A130xe0 0xa8 0x93ਓ
U+0A140xe0 0xa8 0x94ਔ
U+0A150xe0 0xa8 0x95ਕ
U+0A160xe0 0xa8 0x96ਖ
U+0A170xe0 0xa8 0x97ਗ
U+0A180xe0 0xa8 0x98ਘ
U+0A190xe0 0xa8 0x99ਙ
U+0A1A0xe0 0xa8 0x9aਚ
U+0A1B0xe0 0xa8 0x9bਛ
U+0A1C0xe0 0xa8 0x9cਜ
U+0A1D0xe0 0xa8 0x9dਝ
U+0A1E0xe0 0xa8 0x9eਞ
U+0A1F0xe0 0xa8 0x9fਟ
U+0A200xe0 0xa8 0xa0ਠ
U+0A210xe0 0xa8 0xa1ਡ
U+0A220xe0 0xa8 0xa2ਢ
U+0A230xe0 0xa8 0xa3ਣ
U+0A240xe0 0xa8 0xa4ਤ
U+0A250xe0 0xa8 0xa5ਥ
U+0A260xe0 0xa8 0xa6ਦ
U+0A270xe0 0xa8 0xa7ਧ
U+0A280xe0 0xa8 0xa8ਨ
U+0A290xe0 0xa8 0xa9਩
U+0A2A0xe0 0xa8 0xaaਪ
U+0A2B0xe0 0xa8 0xabਫ
U+0A2C0xe0 0xa8 0xacਬ
U+0A2D0xe0 0xa8 0xadਭ
U+0A2E0xe0 0xa8 0xaeਮ
U+0A2F0xe0 0xa8 0xafਯ
U+0A300xe0 0xa8 0xb0ਰ
U+0A310xe0 0xa8 0xb1਱
U+0A320xe0 0xa8 0xb2ਲ
U+0A330xe0 0xa8 0xb3ਲ਼
U+0A340xe0 0xa8 0xb4਴
U+0A350xe0 0xa8 0xb5ਵ
U+0A360xe0 0xa8 0xb6ਸ਼
U+0A370xe0 0xa8 0xb7਷
U+0A380xe0 0xa8 0xb8ਸ
U+0A390xe0 0xa8 0xb9ਹ
U+0A3A0xe0 0xa8 0xba਺
U+0A3B0xe0 0xa8 0xbb਻
U+0A3C0xe0 0xa8 0xbc਼
U+0A3D0xe0 0xa8 0xbd਽
U+0A3E0xe0 0xa8 0xbeਾ
U+0A3Fਿ0xe0 0xa8 0xbfਿਿ
U+0A400xe0 0xa9 0x80ੀ
U+0A410xe0 0xa9 0x81ੁ
U+0A420xe0 0xa9 0x82ੂ
U+0A430xe0 0xa9 0x83੃
U+0A440xe0 0xa9 0x84੄
U+0A450xe0 0xa9 0x85੅
U+0A460xe0 0xa9 0x86੆
U+0A470xe0 0xa9 0x87ੇ
U+0A480xe0 0xa9 0x88ੈ
U+0A490xe0 0xa9 0x89੉
U+0A4A0xe0 0xa9 0x8a੊
U+0A4B0xe0 0xa9 0x8bੋ
U+0A4C0xe0 0xa9 0x8cੌ
U+0A4D0xe0 0xa9 0x8d੍
U+0A4E0xe0 0xa9 0x8e੎
U+0A4F0xe0 0xa9 0x8f੏
U+0A500xe0 0xa9 0x90੐
U+0A510xe0 0xa9 0x91ੑ
U+0A520xe0 0xa9 0x92੒
U+0A530xe0 0xa9 0x93੓
U+0A540xe0 0xa9 0x94੔
U+0A550xe0 0xa9 0x95੕
U+0A560xe0 0xa9 0x96੖
U+0A570xe0 0xa9 0x97੗
U+0A580xe0 0xa9 0x98੘
U+0A590xe0 0xa9 0x99ਖ਼
U+0A5A0xe0 0xa9 0x9aਗ਼
U+0A5B0xe0 0xa9 0x9bਜ਼
U+0A5C0xe0 0xa9 0x9cੜ
U+0A5D0xe0 0xa9 0x9d੝
U+0A5E0xe0 0xa9 0x9eਫ਼
U+0A5F0xe0 0xa9 0x9f੟
U+0A600xe0 0xa9 0xa0੠
U+0A610xe0 0xa9 0xa1੡
U+0A620xe0 0xa9 0xa2੢
U+0A630xe0 0xa9 0xa3੣
U+0A640xe0 0xa9 0xa4੤
U+0A650xe0 0xa9 0xa5੥
U+0A660xe0 0xa9 0xa6੦
U+0A670xe0 0xa9 0xa7੧
U+0A680xe0 0xa9 0xa8੨
U+0A690xe0 0xa9 0xa9੩
U+0A6A0xe0 0xa9 0xaa੪
U+0A6B0xe0 0xa9 0xab੫
U+0A6C0xe0 0xa9 0xac੬
U+0A6D0xe0 0xa9 0xad੭
U+0A6E0xe0 0xa9 0xae੮
U+0A6F0xe0 0xa9 0xaf੯
U+0A700xe0 0xa9 0xb0ੰ
U+0A710xe0 0xa9 0xb1ੱ
U+0A720xe0 0xa9 0xb2ੲ
U+0A730xe0 0xa9 0xb3ੳ
U+0A740xe0 0xa9 0xb4ੴ
U+0A750xe0 0xa9 0xb5ੵ
U+0A760xe0 0xa9 0xb6੶
U+0A770xe0 0xa9 0xb7੷
U+0A780xe0 0xa9 0xb8੸
U+0A790xe0 0xa9 0xb9੹
U+0A7A0xe0 0xa9 0xba੺
U+0A7B0xe0 0xa9 0xbb੻
U+0A7C0xe0 0xa9 0xbc੼
U+0A7D0xe0 0xa9 0xbd੽
U+0A7E0xe0 0xa9 0xbe੾
U+0A7F੿0xe0 0xa9 0xbf੿੿
U+0A800xe0 0xaa 0x80઀
U+0A810xe0 0xaa 0x81ઁ
U+0A820xe0 0xaa 0x82ં
U+0A830xe0 0xaa 0x83ઃ
U+0A840xe0 0xaa 0x84઄
U+0A850xe0 0xaa 0x85અ
U+0A860xe0 0xaa 0x86આ
U+0A870xe0 0xaa 0x87ઇ
U+0A880xe0 0xaa 0x88ઈ
U+0A890xe0 0xaa 0x89ઉ
U+0A8A0xe0 0xaa 0x8aઊ
U+0A8B0xe0 0xaa 0x8bઋ
U+0A8C0xe0 0xaa 0x8cઌ
U+0A8D0xe0 0xaa 0x8dઍ
U+0A8E0xe0 0xaa 0x8e઎
U+0A8F0xe0 0xaa 0x8fએ
U+0A900xe0 0xaa 0x90ઐ
U+0A910xe0 0xaa 0x91ઑ
U+0A920xe0 0xaa 0x92઒
U+0A930xe0 0xaa 0x93ઓ
U+0A940xe0 0xaa 0x94ઔ
U+0A950xe0 0xaa 0x95ક
U+0A960xe0 0xaa 0x96ખ
U+0A970xe0 0xaa 0x97ગ
U+0A980xe0 0xaa 0x98ઘ
U+0A990xe0 0xaa 0x99ઙ
U+0A9A0xe0 0xaa 0x9aચ
U+0A9B0xe0 0xaa 0x9bછ
U+0A9C0xe0 0xaa 0x9cજ
U+0A9D0xe0 0xaa 0x9dઝ
U+0A9E0xe0 0xaa 0x9eઞ
U+0A9F0xe0 0xaa 0x9fટ
U+0AA00xe0 0xaa 0xa0ઠ
U+0AA10xe0 0xaa 0xa1ડ
U+0AA20xe0 0xaa 0xa2ઢ
U+0AA30xe0 0xaa 0xa3ણ
U+0AA40xe0 0xaa 0xa4ત
U+0AA50xe0 0xaa 0xa5થ
U+0AA60xe0 0xaa 0xa6દ
U+0AA70xe0 0xaa 0xa7ધ
U+0AA80xe0 0xaa 0xa8ન
U+0AA90xe0 0xaa 0xa9઩
U+0AAA0xe0 0xaa 0xaaપ
U+0AAB0xe0 0xaa 0xabફ
U+0AAC0xe0 0xaa 0xacબ
U+0AAD0xe0 0xaa 0xadભ
U+0AAE0xe0 0xaa 0xaeમ
U+0AAF0xe0 0xaa 0xafય
U+0AB00xe0 0xaa 0xb0ર
U+0AB10xe0 0xaa 0xb1઱
U+0AB20xe0 0xaa 0xb2લ
U+0AB30xe0 0xaa 0xb3ળ
U+0AB40xe0 0xaa 0xb4઴
U+0AB50xe0 0xaa 0xb5વ
U+0AB60xe0 0xaa 0xb6શ
U+0AB70xe0 0xaa 0xb7ષ
U+0AB80xe0 0xaa 0xb8સ
U+0AB90xe0 0xaa 0xb9હ
U+0ABA0xe0 0xaa 0xba઺
U+0ABB0xe0 0xaa 0xbb઻
U+0ABC0xe0 0xaa 0xbc઼
U+0ABD0xe0 0xaa 0xbdઽ
U+0ABE0xe0 0xaa 0xbeા
U+0ABFિ0xe0 0xaa 0xbfિિ
U+0AC00xe0 0xab 0x80ી
U+0AC10xe0 0xab 0x81ુ
U+0AC20xe0 0xab 0x82ૂ
U+0AC30xe0 0xab 0x83ૃ
U+0AC40xe0 0xab 0x84ૄ
U+0AC50xe0 0xab 0x85ૅ
U+0AC60xe0 0xab 0x86૆
U+0AC70xe0 0xab 0x87ે
U+0AC80xe0 0xab 0x88ૈ
U+0AC90xe0 0xab 0x89ૉ
U+0ACA0xe0 0xab 0x8a૊
U+0ACB0xe0 0xab 0x8bો
U+0ACC0xe0 0xab 0x8cૌ
U+0ACD0xe0 0xab 0x8d્
U+0ACE0xe0 0xab 0x8e૎
U+0ACF0xe0 0xab 0x8f૏
U+0AD00xe0 0xab 0x90ૐ
U+0AD10xe0 0xab 0x91૑
U+0AD20xe0 0xab 0x92૒
U+0AD30xe0 0xab 0x93૓
U+0AD40xe0 0xab 0x94૔
U+0AD50xe0 0xab 0x95૕
U+0AD60xe0 0xab 0x96૖
U+0AD70xe0 0xab 0x97૗
U+0AD80xe0 0xab 0x98૘
U+0AD90xe0 0xab 0x99૙
U+0ADA0xe0 0xab 0x9a૚
U+0ADB0xe0 0xab 0x9b૛
U+0ADC0xe0 0xab 0x9c૜
U+0ADD0xe0 0xab 0x9d૝
U+0ADE0xe0 0xab 0x9e૞
U+0ADF0xe0 0xab 0x9f૟
U+0AE00xe0 0xab 0xa0ૠ
U+0AE10xe0 0xab 0xa1ૡ
U+0AE20xe0 0xab 0xa2ૢ
U+0AE30xe0 0xab 0xa3ૣ
U+0AE40xe0 0xab 0xa4૤
U+0AE50xe0 0xab 0xa5૥
U+0AE60xe0 0xab 0xa6૦
U+0AE70xe0 0xab 0xa7૧
U+0AE80xe0 0xab 0xa8૨
U+0AE90xe0 0xab 0xa9૩
U+0AEA0xe0 0xab 0xaa૪
U+0AEB0xe0 0xab 0xab૫
U+0AEC0xe0 0xab 0xac૬
U+0AED0xe0 0xab 0xad૭
U+0AEE0xe0 0xab 0xae૮
U+0AEF0xe0 0xab 0xaf૯
U+0AF00xe0 0xab 0xb0૰
U+0AF10xe0 0xab 0xb1૱
U+0AF20xe0 0xab 0xb2૲
U+0AF30xe0 0xab 0xb3૳
U+0AF40xe0 0xab 0xb4૴
U+0AF50xe0 0xab 0xb5૵
U+0AF60xe0 0xab 0xb6૶
U+0AF70xe0 0xab 0xb7૷
U+0AF80xe0 0xab 0xb8૸
U+0AF90xe0 0xab 0xb9ૹ
U+0AFA0xe0 0xab 0xbaૺ
U+0AFB0xe0 0xab 0xbbૻ
U+0AFC0xe0 0xab 0xbcૼ
U+0AFD0xe0 0xab 0xbd૽
U+0AFE0xe0 0xab 0xbe૾
U+0AFF૿0xe0 0xab 0xbf૿૿
U+0B000xe0 0xac 0x80଀
U+0B010xe0 0xac 0x81ଁ
U+0B020xe0 0xac 0x82ଂ
U+0B030xe0 0xac 0x83ଃ
U+0B040xe0 0xac 0x84଄
U+0B050xe0 0xac 0x85ଅ
U+0B060xe0 0xac 0x86ଆ
U+0B070xe0 0xac 0x87ଇ
U+0B080xe0 0xac 0x88ଈ
U+0B090xe0 0xac 0x89ଉ
U+0B0A0xe0 0xac 0x8aଊ
U+0B0B0xe0 0xac 0x8bଋ
U+0B0C0xe0 0xac 0x8cଌ
U+0B0D0xe0 0xac 0x8d଍
U+0B0E0xe0 0xac 0x8e଎
U+0B0F0xe0 0xac 0x8fଏ
U+0B100xe0 0xac 0x90ଐ
U+0B110xe0 0xac 0x91଑
U+0B120xe0 0xac 0x92଒
U+0B130xe0 0xac 0x93ଓ
U+0B140xe0 0xac 0x94ଔ
U+0B150xe0 0xac 0x95କ
U+0B160xe0 0xac 0x96ଖ
U+0B170xe0 0xac 0x97ଗ
U+0B180xe0 0xac 0x98ଘ
U+0B190xe0 0xac 0x99ଙ
U+0B1A0xe0 0xac 0x9aଚ
U+0B1B0xe0 0xac 0x9bଛ
U+0B1C0xe0 0xac 0x9cଜ
U+0B1D0xe0 0xac 0x9dଝ
U+0B1E0xe0 0xac 0x9eଞ
U+0B1F0xe0 0xac 0x9fଟ
U+0B200xe0 0xac 0xa0ଠ
U+0B210xe0 0xac 0xa1ଡ
U+0B220xe0 0xac 0xa2ଢ
U+0B230xe0 0xac 0xa3ଣ
U+0B240xe0 0xac 0xa4ତ
U+0B250xe0 0xac 0xa5ଥ
U+0B260xe0 0xac 0xa6ଦ
U+0B270xe0 0xac 0xa7ଧ
U+0B280xe0 0xac 0xa8ନ
U+0B290xe0 0xac 0xa9଩
U+0B2A0xe0 0xac 0xaaପ
U+0B2B0xe0 0xac 0xabଫ
U+0B2C0xe0 0xac 0xacବ
U+0B2D0xe0 0xac 0xadଭ
U+0B2E0xe0 0xac 0xaeମ
U+0B2F0xe0 0xac 0xafଯ
U+0B300xe0 0xac 0xb0ର
U+0B310xe0 0xac 0xb1଱
U+0B320xe0 0xac 0xb2ଲ
U+0B330xe0 0xac 0xb3ଳ
U+0B340xe0 0xac 0xb4଴
U+0B350xe0 0xac 0xb5ଵ
U+0B360xe0 0xac 0xb6ଶ
U+0B370xe0 0xac 0xb7ଷ
U+0B380xe0 0xac 0xb8ସ
U+0B390xe0 0xac 0xb9ହ
U+0B3A0xe0 0xac 0xba଺
U+0B3B0xe0 0xac 0xbb଻
U+0B3C0xe0 0xac 0xbc଼
U+0B3D0xe0 0xac 0xbdଽ
U+0B3E0xe0 0xac 0xbeା
U+0B3Fି0xe0 0xac 0xbfିି
U+0B400xe0 0xad 0x80ୀ
U+0B410xe0 0xad 0x81ୁ
U+0B420xe0 0xad 0x82ୂ
U+0B430xe0 0xad 0x83ୃ
U+0B440xe0 0xad 0x84ୄ
U+0B450xe0 0xad 0x85୅
U+0B460xe0 0xad 0x86୆
U+0B470xe0 0xad 0x87େ
U+0B480xe0 0xad 0x88ୈ
U+0B490xe0 0xad 0x89୉
U+0B4A0xe0 0xad 0x8a୊
U+0B4B0xe0 0xad 0x8bୋ
U+0B4C0xe0 0xad 0x8cୌ
U+0B4D0xe0 0xad 0x8d୍
U+0B4E0xe0 0xad 0x8e୎
U+0B4F0xe0 0xad 0x8f୏
U+0B500xe0 0xad 0x90୐
U+0B510xe0 0xad 0x91୑
U+0B520xe0 0xad 0x92୒
U+0B530xe0 0xad 0x93୓
U+0B540xe0 0xad 0x94୔
U+0B550xe0 0xad 0x95୕
U+0B560xe0 0xad 0x96ୖ
U+0B570xe0 0xad 0x97ୗ
U+0B580xe0 0xad 0x98୘
U+0B590xe0 0xad 0x99୙
U+0B5A0xe0 0xad 0x9a୚
U+0B5B0xe0 0xad 0x9b୛
U+0B5C0xe0 0xad 0x9cଡ଼
U+0B5D0xe0 0xad 0x9dଢ଼
U+0B5E0xe0 0xad 0x9e୞
U+0B5F0xe0 0xad 0x9fୟ
U+0B600xe0 0xad 0xa0ୠ
U+0B610xe0 0xad 0xa1ୡ
U+0B620xe0 0xad 0xa2ୢ
U+0B630xe0 0xad 0xa3ୣ
U+0B640xe0 0xad 0xa4୤
U+0B650xe0 0xad 0xa5୥
U+0B660xe0 0xad 0xa6୦
U+0B670xe0 0xad 0xa7୧
U+0B680xe0 0xad 0xa8୨
U+0B690xe0 0xad 0xa9୩
U+0B6A0xe0 0xad 0xaa୪
U+0B6B0xe0 0xad 0xab୫
U+0B6C0xe0 0xad 0xac୬
U+0B6D0xe0 0xad 0xad୭
U+0B6E0xe0 0xad 0xae୮
U+0B6F0xe0 0xad 0xaf୯
U+0B700xe0 0xad 0xb0୰
U+0B710xe0 0xad 0xb1ୱ
U+0B720xe0 0xad 0xb2୲
U+0B730xe0 0xad 0xb3୳
U+0B740xe0 0xad 0xb4୴
U+0B750xe0 0xad 0xb5୵
U+0B760xe0 0xad 0xb6୶
U+0B770xe0 0xad 0xb7୷
U+0B780xe0 0xad 0xb8୸
U+0B790xe0 0xad 0xb9୹
U+0B7A0xe0 0xad 0xba୺
U+0B7B0xe0 0xad 0xbb୻
U+0B7C0xe0 0xad 0xbc୼
U+0B7D0xe0 0xad 0xbd୽
U+0B7E0xe0 0xad 0xbe୾
U+0B7F୿0xe0 0xad 0xbf୿୿
U+0B800xe0 0xae 0x80஀
U+0B810xe0 0xae 0x81஁
U+0B820xe0 0xae 0x82ஂ
U+0B830xe0 0xae 0x83ஃ
U+0B840xe0 0xae 0x84஄
U+0B850xe0 0xae 0x85அ
U+0B860xe0 0xae 0x86ஆ
U+0B870xe0 0xae 0x87இ
U+0B880xe0 0xae 0x88ஈ
U+0B890xe0 0xae 0x89உ
U+0B8A0xe0 0xae 0x8aஊ
U+0B8B0xe0 0xae 0x8b஋
U+0B8C0xe0 0xae 0x8c஌
U+0B8D0xe0 0xae 0x8d஍
U+0B8E0xe0 0xae 0x8eஎ
U+0B8F0xe0 0xae 0x8fஏ
U+0B900xe0 0xae 0x90ஐ
U+0B910xe0 0xae 0x91஑
U+0B920xe0 0xae 0x92ஒ
U+0B930xe0 0xae 0x93ஓ
U+0B940xe0 0xae 0x94ஔ
U+0B950xe0 0xae 0x95க
U+0B960xe0 0xae 0x96஖
U+0B970xe0 0xae 0x97஗
U+0B980xe0 0xae 0x98஘
U+0B990xe0 0xae 0x99ங
U+0B9A0xe0 0xae 0x9aச
U+0B9B0xe0 0xae 0x9b஛
U+0B9C0xe0 0xae 0x9cஜ
U+0B9D0xe0 0xae 0x9d஝
U+0B9E0xe0 0xae 0x9eஞ
U+0B9F0xe0 0xae 0x9fட
U+0BA00xe0 0xae 0xa0஠
U+0BA10xe0 0xae 0xa1஡
U+0BA20xe0 0xae 0xa2஢
U+0BA30xe0 0xae 0xa3ண
U+0BA40xe0 0xae 0xa4த
U+0BA50xe0 0xae 0xa5஥
U+0BA60xe0 0xae 0xa6஦
U+0BA70xe0 0xae 0xa7஧
U+0BA80xe0 0xae 0xa8ந
U+0BA90xe0 0xae 0xa9ன
U+0BAA0xe0 0xae 0xaaப
U+0BAB0xe0 0xae 0xab஫
U+0BAC0xe0 0xae 0xac஬
U+0BAD0xe0 0xae 0xad஭
U+0BAE0xe0 0xae 0xaeம
U+0BAF0xe0 0xae 0xafய
U+0BB00xe0 0xae 0xb0ர
U+0BB10xe0 0xae 0xb1ற
U+0BB20xe0 0xae 0xb2ல
U+0BB30xe0 0xae 0xb3ள
U+0BB40xe0 0xae 0xb4ழ
U+0BB50xe0 0xae 0xb5வ
U+0BB60xe0 0xae 0xb6ஶ
U+0BB70xe0 0xae 0xb7ஷ
U+0BB80xe0 0xae 0xb8ஸ
U+0BB90xe0 0xae 0xb9ஹ
U+0BBA0xe0 0xae 0xba஺
U+0BBB0xe0 0xae 0xbb஻
U+0BBC0xe0 0xae 0xbc஼
U+0BBD0xe0 0xae 0xbd஽
U+0BBE0xe0 0xae 0xbeா
U+0BBFி0xe0 0xae 0xbfிி
U+0BC00xe0 0xaf 0x80ீ
U+0BC10xe0 0xaf 0x81ு
U+0BC20xe0 0xaf 0x82ூ
U+0BC30xe0 0xaf 0x83௃
U+0BC40xe0 0xaf 0x84௄
U+0BC50xe0 0xaf 0x85௅
U+0BC60xe0 0xaf 0x86ெ
U+0BC70xe0 0xaf 0x87ே
U+0BC80xe0 0xaf 0x88ை
U+0BC90xe0 0xaf 0x89௉
U+0BCA0xe0 0xaf 0x8aொ
U+0BCB0xe0 0xaf 0x8bோ
U+0BCC0xe0 0xaf 0x8cௌ
U+0BCD0xe0 0xaf 0x8d்
U+0BCE0xe0 0xaf 0x8e௎
U+0BCF0xe0 0xaf 0x8f௏
U+0BD00xe0 0xaf 0x90ௐ
U+0BD10xe0 0xaf 0x91௑
U+0BD20xe0 0xaf 0x92௒
U+0BD30xe0 0xaf 0x93௓
U+0BD40xe0 0xaf 0x94௔
U+0BD50xe0 0xaf 0x95௕
U+0BD60xe0 0xaf 0x96௖
U+0BD70xe0 0xaf 0x97ௗ
U+0BD80xe0 0xaf 0x98௘
U+0BD90xe0 0xaf 0x99௙
U+0BDA0xe0 0xaf 0x9a௚
U+0BDB0xe0 0xaf 0x9b௛
U+0BDC0xe0 0xaf 0x9c௜
U+0BDD0xe0 0xaf 0x9d௝
U+0BDE0xe0 0xaf 0x9e௞
U+0BDF0xe0 0xaf 0x9f௟
U+0BE00xe0 0xaf 0xa0௠
U+0BE10xe0 0xaf 0xa1௡
U+0BE20xe0 0xaf 0xa2௢
U+0BE30xe0 0xaf 0xa3௣
U+0BE40xe0 0xaf 0xa4௤
U+0BE50xe0 0xaf 0xa5௥
U+0BE60xe0 0xaf 0xa6௦
U+0BE70xe0 0xaf 0xa7௧
U+0BE80xe0 0xaf 0xa8௨
U+0BE90xe0 0xaf 0xa9௩
U+0BEA0xe0 0xaf 0xaa௪
U+0BEB0xe0 0xaf 0xab௫
U+0BEC0xe0 0xaf 0xac௬
U+0BED0xe0 0xaf 0xad௭
U+0BEE0xe0 0xaf 0xae௮
U+0BEF0xe0 0xaf 0xaf௯
U+0BF00xe0 0xaf 0xb0௰
U+0BF10xe0 0xaf 0xb1௱
U+0BF20xe0 0xaf 0xb2௲
U+0BF30xe0 0xaf 0xb3௳
U+0BF40xe0 0xaf 0xb4௴
U+0BF50xe0 0xaf 0xb5௵
U+0BF60xe0 0xaf 0xb6௶
U+0BF70xe0 0xaf 0xb7௷
U+0BF80xe0 0xaf 0xb8௸
U+0BF90xe0 0xaf 0xb9௹
U+0BFA0xe0 0xaf 0xba௺
U+0BFB0xe0 0xaf 0xbb௻
U+0BFC0xe0 0xaf 0xbc௼
U+0BFD0xe0 0xaf 0xbd௽
U+0BFE0xe0 0xaf 0xbe௾
U+0BFF௿0xe0 0xaf 0xbf௿௿