UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0DC0 to U+0E3F

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UTF-8 encoding
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code point
character UTF-8
U+0DC0e0 b7 80
U+0DC1e0 b7 81
U+0DC2e0 b7 82
U+0DC3e0 b7 83
U+0DC4e0 b7 84
U+0DC5e0 b7 85
U+0DC6e0 b7 86
U+0DC7e0 b7 87
U+0DC8e0 b7 88
U+0DC9e0 b7 89
U+0DCAe0 b7 8a
U+0DCBe0 b7 8b
U+0DCCe0 b7 8c
U+0DCDe0 b7 8d
U+0DCEe0 b7 8e
U+0DCFe0 b7 8f
U+0DD0e0 b7 90
U+0DD1e0 b7 91
U+0DD2e0 b7 92
U+0DD3e0 b7 93
U+0DD4e0 b7 94
U+0DD5e0 b7 95
U+0DD6e0 b7 96
U+0DD7e0 b7 97
U+0DD8e0 b7 98
U+0DD9e0 b7 99
U+0DDAe0 b7 9a
U+0DDBe0 b7 9b
U+0DDCe0 b7 9c
U+0DDDe0 b7 9d
U+0DDEe0 b7 9e
U+0DDFe0 b7 9f
U+0DE0e0 b7 a0
U+0DE1e0 b7 a1
U+0DE2e0 b7 a2
U+0DE3e0 b7 a3
U+0DE4e0 b7 a4
U+0DE5e0 b7 a5
U+0DE6e0 b7 a6
U+0DE7e0 b7 a7
U+0DE8e0 b7 a8
U+0DE9e0 b7 a9
U+0DEAe0 b7 aa
U+0DEBe0 b7 ab
U+0DECe0 b7 ac
U+0DEDe0 b7 ad
U+0DEEe0 b7 ae
U+0DEFe0 b7 af
U+0DF0e0 b7 b0
U+0DF1e0 b7 b1
U+0DF2e0 b7 b2
U+0DF3e0 b7 b3
U+0DF4e0 b7 b4
U+0DF5e0 b7 b5
U+0DF6e0 b7 b6
U+0DF7e0 b7 b7
U+0DF8e0 b7 b8
U+0DF9e0 b7 b9
U+0DFAe0 b7 ba
U+0DFBe0 b7 bb
U+0DFCe0 b7 bc
U+0DFDe0 b7 bd
U+0DFEe0 b7 be
U+0DFF෿e0 b7 bf
U+0E00e0 b8 80
U+0E01e0 b8 81
U+0E02e0 b8 82
U+0E03e0 b8 83
U+0E04e0 b8 84
U+0E05e0 b8 85
U+0E06e0 b8 86
U+0E07e0 b8 87
U+0E08e0 b8 88
U+0E09e0 b8 89
U+0E0Ae0 b8 8a
U+0E0Be0 b8 8b
U+0E0Ce0 b8 8c
U+0E0De0 b8 8d
U+0E0Ee0 b8 8e
U+0E0Fe0 b8 8f
U+0E10e0 b8 90
U+0E11e0 b8 91
U+0E12e0 b8 92
U+0E13e0 b8 93
U+0E14e0 b8 94
U+0E15e0 b8 95
U+0E16e0 b8 96
U+0E17e0 b8 97
U+0E18e0 b8 98
U+0E19e0 b8 99
U+0E1Ae0 b8 9a
U+0E1Be0 b8 9b
U+0E1Ce0 b8 9c
U+0E1De0 b8 9d
U+0E1Ee0 b8 9e
U+0E1Fe0 b8 9f
U+0E20e0 b8 a0
U+0E21e0 b8 a1
U+0E22e0 b8 a2
U+0E23e0 b8 a3
U+0E24e0 b8 a4
U+0E25e0 b8 a5
U+0E26e0 b8 a6
U+0E27e0 b8 a7
U+0E28e0 b8 a8
U+0E29e0 b8 a9
U+0E2Ae0 b8 aa
U+0E2Be0 b8 ab
U+0E2Ce0 b8 ac
U+0E2De0 b8 ad
U+0E2Ee0 b8 ae
U+0E2Fe0 b8 af
U+0E30e0 b8 b0
U+0E31e0 b8 b1
U+0E32e0 b8 b2
U+0E33e0 b8 b3
U+0E34e0 b8 b4
U+0E35e0 b8 b5
U+0E36e0 b8 b6
U+0E37e0 b8 b7
U+0E38e0 b8 b8
U+0E39e0 b8 b9
U+0E3Ae0 b8 ba
U+0E3Be0 b8 bb
U+0E3Ce0 b8 bc
U+0E3De0 b8 bd
U+0E3Ee0 b8 be
U+0E3F฿e0 b8 bf