UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+C700 to U+C8FF

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code point
character UTF-8
U+C700ec 9c 80
U+C701ec 9c 81
U+C702ec 9c 82
U+C703ec 9c 83
U+C704ec 9c 84
U+C705ec 9c 85
U+C706ec 9c 86
U+C707ec 9c 87
U+C708ec 9c 88
U+C709ec 9c 89
U+C70Aec 9c 8a
U+C70Bec 9c 8b
U+C70Cec 9c 8c
U+C70Dec 9c 8d
U+C70Eec 9c 8e
U+C70Fec 9c 8f
U+C710ec 9c 90
U+C711ec 9c 91
U+C712ec 9c 92
U+C713ec 9c 93
U+C714ec 9c 94
U+C715ec 9c 95
U+C716ec 9c 96
U+C717ec 9c 97
U+C718ec 9c 98
U+C719ec 9c 99
U+C71Aec 9c 9a
U+C71Bec 9c 9b
U+C71Cec 9c 9c
U+C71Dec 9c 9d
U+C71Eec 9c 9e
U+C71Fec 9c 9f
U+C720ec 9c a0
U+C721ec 9c a1
U+C722ec 9c a2
U+C723ec 9c a3
U+C724ec 9c a4
U+C725ec 9c a5
U+C726ec 9c a6
U+C727ec 9c a7
U+C728ec 9c a8
U+C729ec 9c a9
U+C72Aec 9c aa
U+C72Bec 9c ab
U+C72Cec 9c ac
U+C72Dec 9c ad
U+C72Eec 9c ae
U+C72Fec 9c af
U+C730ec 9c b0
U+C731ec 9c b1
U+C732ec 9c b2
U+C733ec 9c b3
U+C734ec 9c b4
U+C735ec 9c b5
U+C736ec 9c b6
U+C737ec 9c b7
U+C738ec 9c b8
U+C739ec 9c b9
U+C73Aec 9c ba
U+C73Bec 9c bb
U+C73Cec 9c bc
U+C73Dec 9c bd
U+C73Eec 9c be
U+C73Fec 9c bf
U+C740ec 9d 80
U+C741ec 9d 81
U+C742ec 9d 82
U+C743ec 9d 83
U+C744ec 9d 84
U+C745ec 9d 85
U+C746ec 9d 86
U+C747ec 9d 87
U+C748ec 9d 88
U+C749ec 9d 89
U+C74Aec 9d 8a
U+C74Bec 9d 8b
U+C74Cec 9d 8c
U+C74Dec 9d 8d
U+C74Eec 9d 8e
U+C74Fec 9d 8f
U+C750ec 9d 90
U+C751ec 9d 91
U+C752ec 9d 92
U+C753ec 9d 93
U+C754ec 9d 94
U+C755ec 9d 95
U+C756ec 9d 96
U+C757ec 9d 97
U+C758ec 9d 98
U+C759ec 9d 99
U+C75Aec 9d 9a
U+C75Bec 9d 9b
U+C75Cec 9d 9c
U+C75Dec 9d 9d
U+C75Eec 9d 9e
U+C75Fec 9d 9f
U+C760ec 9d a0
U+C761ec 9d a1
U+C762ec 9d a2
U+C763ec 9d a3
U+C764ec 9d a4
U+C765ec 9d a5
U+C766ec 9d a6
U+C767ec 9d a7
U+C768ec 9d a8
U+C769ec 9d a9
U+C76Aec 9d aa
U+C76Bec 9d ab
U+C76Cec 9d ac
U+C76Dec 9d ad
U+C76Eec 9d ae
U+C76Fec 9d af
U+C770ec 9d b0
U+C771ec 9d b1
U+C772ec 9d b2
U+C773ec 9d b3
U+C774ec 9d b4
U+C775ec 9d b5
U+C776ec 9d b6
U+C777ec 9d b7
U+C778ec 9d b8
U+C779ec 9d b9
U+C77Aec 9d ba
U+C77Bec 9d bb
U+C77Cec 9d bc
U+C77Dec 9d bd
U+C77Eec 9d be
U+C77Fec 9d bf
U+C780ec 9e 80
U+C781ec 9e 81
U+C782ec 9e 82
U+C783ec 9e 83
U+C784ec 9e 84
U+C785ec 9e 85
U+C786ec 9e 86
U+C787ec 9e 87
U+C788ec 9e 88
U+C789ec 9e 89
U+C78Aec 9e 8a
U+C78Bec 9e 8b
U+C78Cec 9e 8c
U+C78Dec 9e 8d
U+C78Eec 9e 8e
U+C78Fec 9e 8f
U+C790ec 9e 90
U+C791ec 9e 91
U+C792ec 9e 92
U+C793ec 9e 93
U+C794ec 9e 94
U+C795ec 9e 95
U+C796ec 9e 96
U+C797ec 9e 97
U+C798ec 9e 98
U+C799ec 9e 99
U+C79Aec 9e 9a
U+C79Bec 9e 9b
U+C79Cec 9e 9c
U+C79Dec 9e 9d
U+C79Eec 9e 9e
U+C79Fec 9e 9f
U+C7A0ec 9e a0
U+C7A1ec 9e a1
U+C7A2ec 9e a2
U+C7A3ec 9e a3
U+C7A4ec 9e a4
U+C7A5ec 9e a5
U+C7A6ec 9e a6
U+C7A7ec 9e a7
U+C7A8ec 9e a8
U+C7A9ec 9e a9
U+C7AAec 9e aa
U+C7ABec 9e ab
U+C7ACec 9e ac
U+C7ADec 9e ad
U+C7AEec 9e ae
U+C7AFec 9e af
U+C7B0ec 9e b0
U+C7B1ec 9e b1
U+C7B2ec 9e b2
U+C7B3ec 9e b3
U+C7B4ec 9e b4
U+C7B5ec 9e b5
U+C7B6ec 9e b6
U+C7B7ec 9e b7
U+C7B8ec 9e b8
U+C7B9ec 9e b9
U+C7BAec 9e ba
U+C7BBec 9e bb
U+C7BCec 9e bc
U+C7BDec 9e bd
U+C7BEec 9e be
U+C7BFec 9e bf
U+C7C0ec 9f 80
U+C7C1ec 9f 81
U+C7C2ec 9f 82
U+C7C3ec 9f 83
U+C7C4ec 9f 84
U+C7C5ec 9f 85
U+C7C6ec 9f 86
U+C7C7ec 9f 87
U+C7C8ec 9f 88
U+C7C9ec 9f 89
U+C7CAec 9f 8a
U+C7CBec 9f 8b
U+C7CCec 9f 8c
U+C7CDec 9f 8d
U+C7CEec 9f 8e
U+C7CFec 9f 8f
U+C7D0ec 9f 90
U+C7D1ec 9f 91
U+C7D2ec 9f 92
U+C7D3ec 9f 93
U+C7D4ec 9f 94
U+C7D5ec 9f 95
U+C7D6ec 9f 96
U+C7D7ec 9f 97
U+C7D8ec 9f 98
U+C7D9ec 9f 99
U+C7DAec 9f 9a
U+C7DBec 9f 9b
U+C7DCec 9f 9c
U+C7DDec 9f 9d
U+C7DEec 9f 9e
U+C7DFec 9f 9f
U+C7E0ec 9f a0
U+C7E1ec 9f a1
U+C7E2ec 9f a2
U+C7E3ec 9f a3
U+C7E4ec 9f a4
U+C7E5ec 9f a5
U+C7E6ec 9f a6
U+C7E7ec 9f a7
U+C7E8ec 9f a8
U+C7E9ec 9f a9
U+C7EAec 9f aa
U+C7EBec 9f ab
U+C7ECec 9f ac
U+C7EDec 9f ad
U+C7EEec 9f ae
U+C7EFec 9f af
U+C7F0ec 9f b0
U+C7F1ec 9f b1
U+C7F2ec 9f b2
U+C7F3ec 9f b3
U+C7F4ec 9f b4
U+C7F5ec 9f b5
U+C7F6ec 9f b6
U+C7F7ec 9f b7
U+C7F8ec 9f b8
U+C7F9ec 9f b9
U+C7FAec 9f ba
U+C7FBec 9f bb
U+C7FCec 9f bc
U+C7FDec 9f bd
U+C7FEec 9f be
U+C7FFec 9f bf
U+C800ec a0 80
U+C801ec a0 81
U+C802ec a0 82
U+C803ec a0 83
U+C804ec a0 84
U+C805ec a0 85
U+C806ec a0 86
U+C807ec a0 87
U+C808ec a0 88
U+C809ec a0 89
U+C80Aec a0 8a
U+C80Bec a0 8b
U+C80Cec a0 8c
U+C80Dec a0 8d
U+C80Eec a0 8e
U+C80Fec a0 8f
U+C810ec a0 90
U+C811ec a0 91
U+C812ec a0 92
U+C813ec a0 93
U+C814ec a0 94
U+C815ec a0 95
U+C816ec a0 96
U+C817ec a0 97
U+C818ec a0 98
U+C819ec a0 99
U+C81Aec a0 9a
U+C81Bec a0 9b
U+C81Cec a0 9c
U+C81Dec a0 9d
U+C81Eec a0 9e
U+C81Fec a0 9f
U+C820ec a0 a0
U+C821ec a0 a1
U+C822ec a0 a2
U+C823ec a0 a3
U+C824ec a0 a4
U+C825ec a0 a5
U+C826ec a0 a6
U+C827ec a0 a7
U+C828ec a0 a8
U+C829ec a0 a9
U+C82Aec a0 aa
U+C82Bec a0 ab
U+C82Cec a0 ac
U+C82Dec a0 ad
U+C82Eec a0 ae
U+C82Fec a0 af
U+C830ec a0 b0
U+C831ec a0 b1
U+C832ec a0 b2
U+C833ec a0 b3
U+C834ec a0 b4
U+C835ec a0 b5
U+C836ec a0 b6
U+C837ec a0 b7
U+C838ec a0 b8
U+C839ec a0 b9
U+C83Aec a0 ba
U+C83Bec a0 bb
U+C83Cec a0 bc
U+C83Dec a0 bd
U+C83Eec a0 be
U+C83Fec a0 bf
U+C840ec a1 80
U+C841ec a1 81
U+C842ec a1 82
U+C843ec a1 83
U+C844ec a1 84
U+C845ec a1 85
U+C846ec a1 86
U+C847ec a1 87
U+C848ec a1 88
U+C849ec a1 89
U+C84Aec a1 8a
U+C84Bec a1 8b
U+C84Cec a1 8c
U+C84Dec a1 8d
U+C84Eec a1 8e
U+C84Fec a1 8f
U+C850ec a1 90
U+C851ec a1 91
U+C852ec a1 92
U+C853ec a1 93
U+C854ec a1 94
U+C855ec a1 95
U+C856ec a1 96
U+C857ec a1 97
U+C858ec a1 98
U+C859ec a1 99
U+C85Aec a1 9a
U+C85Bec a1 9b
U+C85Cec a1 9c
U+C85Dec a1 9d
U+C85Eec a1 9e
U+C85Fec a1 9f
U+C860ec a1 a0
U+C861ec a1 a1
U+C862ec a1 a2
U+C863ec a1 a3
U+C864ec a1 a4
U+C865ec a1 a5
U+C866ec a1 a6
U+C867ec a1 a7
U+C868ec a1 a8
U+C869ec a1 a9
U+C86Aec a1 aa
U+C86Bec a1 ab
U+C86Cec a1 ac
U+C86Dec a1 ad
U+C86Eec a1 ae
U+C86Fec a1 af
U+C870ec a1 b0
U+C871ec a1 b1
U+C872ec a1 b2
U+C873ec a1 b3
U+C874ec a1 b4
U+C875ec a1 b5
U+C876ec a1 b6
U+C877ec a1 b7
U+C878ec a1 b8
U+C879ec a1 b9
U+C87Aec a1 ba
U+C87Bec a1 bb
U+C87Cec a1 bc
U+C87Dec a1 bd
U+C87Eec a1 be
U+C87Fec a1 bf
U+C880ec a2 80
U+C881ec a2 81
U+C882ec a2 82
U+C883ec a2 83
U+C884ec a2 84
U+C885ec a2 85
U+C886ec a2 86
U+C887ec a2 87
U+C888ec a2 88
U+C889ec a2 89
U+C88Aec a2 8a
U+C88Bec a2 8b
U+C88Cec a2 8c
U+C88Dec a2 8d
U+C88Eec a2 8e
U+C88Fec a2 8f
U+C890ec a2 90
U+C891ec a2 91
U+C892ec a2 92
U+C893ec a2 93
U+C894ec a2 94
U+C895ec a2 95
U+C896ec a2 96
U+C897ec a2 97
U+C898ec a2 98
U+C899ec a2 99
U+C89Aec a2 9a
U+C89Bec a2 9b
U+C89Cec a2 9c
U+C89Dec a2 9d
U+C89Eec a2 9e
U+C89Fec a2 9f
U+C8A0ec a2 a0
U+C8A1ec a2 a1
U+C8A2ec a2 a2
U+C8A3ec a2 a3
U+C8A4ec a2 a4
U+C8A5ec a2 a5
U+C8A6ec a2 a6
U+C8A7ec a2 a7
U+C8A8ec a2 a8
U+C8A9ec a2 a9
U+C8AAec a2 aa
U+C8ABec a2 ab
U+C8ACec a2 ac
U+C8ADec a2 ad
U+C8AEec a2 ae
U+C8AFec a2 af
U+C8B0ec a2 b0
U+C8B1ec a2 b1
U+C8B2ec a2 b2
U+C8B3ec a2 b3
U+C8B4ec a2 b4
U+C8B5ec a2 b5
U+C8B6ec a2 b6
U+C8B7ec a2 b7
U+C8B8ec a2 b8
U+C8B9ec a2 b9
U+C8BAec a2 ba
U+C8BBec a2 bb
U+C8BCec a2 bc
U+C8BDec a2 bd
U+C8BEec a2 be
U+C8BFec a2 bf
U+C8C0ec a3 80
U+C8C1ec a3 81
U+C8C2ec a3 82
U+C8C3ec a3 83
U+C8C4ec a3 84
U+C8C5ec a3 85
U+C8C6ec a3 86
U+C8C7ec a3 87
U+C8C8ec a3 88
U+C8C9ec a3 89
U+C8CAec a3 8a
U+C8CBec a3 8b
U+C8CCec a3 8c
U+C8CDec a3 8d
U+C8CEec a3 8e
U+C8CFec a3 8f
U+C8D0ec a3 90
U+C8D1ec a3 91
U+C8D2ec a3 92
U+C8D3ec a3 93
U+C8D4ec a3 94
U+C8D5ec a3 95
U+C8D6ec a3 96
U+C8D7ec a3 97
U+C8D8ec a3 98
U+C8D9ec a3 99
U+C8DAec a3 9a
U+C8DBec a3 9b
U+C8DCec a3 9c
U+C8DDec a3 9d
U+C8DEec a3 9e
U+C8DFec a3 9f
U+C8E0ec a3 a0
U+C8E1ec a3 a1
U+C8E2ec a3 a2
U+C8E3ec a3 a3
U+C8E4ec a3 a4
U+C8E5ec a3 a5
U+C8E6ec a3 a6
U+C8E7ec a3 a7
U+C8E8ec a3 a8
U+C8E9ec a3 a9
U+C8EAec a3 aa
U+C8EBec a3 ab
U+C8ECec a3 ac
U+C8EDec a3 ad
U+C8EEec a3 ae
U+C8EFec a3 af
U+C8F0ec a3 b0
U+C8F1ec a3 b1
U+C8F2ec a3 b2
U+C8F3ec a3 b3
U+C8F4ec a3 b4
U+C8F5ec a3 b5
U+C8F6ec a3 b6
U+C8F7ec a3 b7
U+C8F8ec a3 b8
U+C8F9ec a3 b9
U+C8FAec a3 ba
U+C8FBec a3 bb
U+C8FCec a3 bc
U+C8FDec a3 bd
U+C8FEec a3 be
U+C8FFec a3 bf