UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0400 to U+05FF

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code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
U+0400Ѐd0 80append
U+0401Ёd0 81append
U+0402Ђd0 82append
U+0403Ѓd0 83append
U+0404Єd0 84append
U+0405Ѕd0 85append
U+0406Іd0 86append
U+0407Їd0 87append
U+0408Јd0 88append
U+0409Љd0 89append
U+040AЊd0 8aappend
U+040BЋd0 8bappend
U+040CЌd0 8cappend
U+040DЍd0 8dappend
U+040EЎd0 8eappend
U+040FЏd0 8fappend
U+0410Аd0 90append
U+0411Бd0 91append
U+0412Вd0 92append
U+0413Гd0 93append
U+0414Дd0 94append
U+0415Еd0 95append
U+0416Жd0 96append
U+0417Зd0 97append
U+0418Иd0 98append
U+0419Йd0 99append
U+041AКd0 9aappend
U+041BЛd0 9bappend
U+041CМd0 9cappend
U+041DНd0 9dappend
U+041EОd0 9eappend
U+041FПd0 9fappend
U+0420Рd0 a0append
U+0421Сd0 a1append
U+0422Тd0 a2append
U+0423Уd0 a3append
U+0424Фd0 a4append
U+0425Хd0 a5append
U+0426Цd0 a6append
U+0427Чd0 a7append
U+0428Шd0 a8append
U+0429Щd0 a9append
U+042AЪd0 aaappend
U+042BЫd0 abappend
U+042CЬd0 acappend
U+042DЭd0 adappend
U+042EЮd0 aeappend
U+042FЯd0 afappend
U+0430аd0 b0append
U+0431бd0 b1append
U+0432вd0 b2append
U+0433гd0 b3append
U+0434дd0 b4append
U+0435еd0 b5append
U+0436жd0 b6append
U+0437зd0 b7append
U+0438иd0 b8append
U+0439йd0 b9append
U+043Aкd0 baappend
U+043Bлd0 bbappend
U+043Cмd0 bcappend
U+043Dнd0 bdappend
U+043Eоd0 beappend
U+043Fпd0 bfappend
U+0440рd1 80append
U+0441сd1 81append
U+0442тd1 82append
U+0443уd1 83append
U+0444фd1 84append
U+0445хd1 85append
U+0446цd1 86append
U+0447чd1 87append
U+0448шd1 88append
U+0449щd1 89append
U+044Aъd1 8aappend
U+044Bыd1 8bappend
U+044Cьd1 8cappend
U+044Dэd1 8dappend
U+044Eюd1 8eappend
U+044Fяd1 8fappend
U+0450ѐd1 90append
U+0451ёd1 91append
U+0452ђd1 92append
U+0453ѓd1 93append
U+0454єd1 94append
U+0455ѕd1 95append
U+0456іd1 96append
U+0457їd1 97append
U+0458јd1 98append
U+0459љd1 99append
U+045Aњd1 9aappend
U+045Bћd1 9bappend
U+045Cќd1 9cappend
U+045Dѝd1 9dappend
U+045Eўd1 9eappend
U+045Fџd1 9fappend
U+0460Ѡd1 a0append
U+0461ѡd1 a1append
U+0462Ѣd1 a2append
U+0463ѣd1 a3append
U+0464Ѥd1 a4append
U+0465ѥd1 a5append
U+0466Ѧd1 a6append
U+0467ѧd1 a7append
U+0468Ѩd1 a8append
U+0469ѩd1 a9append
U+046AѪd1 aaappend
U+046Bѫd1 abappend
U+046CѬd1 acappend
U+046Dѭd1 adappend
U+046EѮd1 aeappend
U+046Fѯd1 afappend
U+0470Ѱd1 b0append
U+0471ѱd1 b1append
U+0472Ѳd1 b2append
U+0473ѳd1 b3append
U+0474Ѵd1 b4append
U+0475ѵd1 b5append
U+0476Ѷd1 b6append
U+0477ѷd1 b7append
U+0478Ѹd1 b8append
U+0479ѹd1 b9append
U+047AѺd1 baappend
U+047Bѻd1 bbappend
U+047CѼd1 bcappend
U+047Dѽd1 bdappend
U+047EѾd1 beappend
U+047Fѿd1 bfappend
U+0480Ҁd2 80append
U+0481ҁd2 81append
U+0482҂d2 82append
U+0483҃d2 83append
U+0484҄d2 84append
U+0485҅d2 85append
U+0486҆d2 86append
U+0487҇d2 87append
U+0488҈d2 88append
U+0489҉d2 89append
U+048AҊd2 8aappend
U+048Bҋd2 8bappend
U+048CҌd2 8cappend
U+048Dҍd2 8dappend
U+048EҎd2 8eappend
U+048Fҏd2 8fappend
U+0490Ґd2 90append
U+0491ґd2 91append
U+0492Ғd2 92append
U+0493ғd2 93append
U+0494Ҕd2 94append
U+0495ҕd2 95append
U+0496Җd2 96append
U+0497җd2 97append
U+0498Ҙd2 98append
U+0499ҙd2 99append
U+049AҚd2 9aappend
U+049Bқd2 9bappend
U+049CҜd2 9cappend
U+049Dҝd2 9dappend
U+049EҞd2 9eappend
U+049Fҟd2 9fappend
U+04A0Ҡd2 a0append
U+04A1ҡd2 a1append
U+04A2Ңd2 a2append
U+04A3ңd2 a3append
U+04A4Ҥd2 a4append
U+04A5ҥd2 a5append
U+04A6Ҧd2 a6append
U+04A7ҧd2 a7append
U+04A8Ҩd2 a8append
U+04A9ҩd2 a9append
U+04AAҪd2 aaappend
U+04ABҫd2 abappend
U+04ACҬd2 acappend
U+04ADҭd2 adappend
U+04AEҮd2 aeappend
U+04AFүd2 afappend
U+04B0Ұd2 b0append
U+04B1ұd2 b1append
U+04B2Ҳd2 b2append
U+04B3ҳd2 b3append
U+04B4Ҵd2 b4append
U+04B5ҵd2 b5append
U+04B6Ҷd2 b6append
U+04B7ҷd2 b7append
U+04B8Ҹd2 b8append
U+04B9ҹd2 b9append
U+04BAҺd2 baappend
U+04BBһd2 bbappend
U+04BCҼd2 bcappend
U+04BDҽd2 bdappend
U+04BEҾd2 beappend
U+04BFҿd2 bfappend
U+04C0Ӏd3 80append
U+04C1Ӂd3 81append
U+04C2ӂd3 82append
U+04C3Ӄd3 83append
U+04C4ӄd3 84append
U+04C5Ӆd3 85append
U+04C6ӆd3 86append
U+04C7Ӈd3 87append
U+04C8ӈd3 88append
U+04C9Ӊd3 89append
U+04CAӊd3 8aappend
U+04CBӋd3 8bappend
U+04CCӌd3 8cappend
U+04CDӍd3 8dappend
U+04CEӎd3 8eappend
U+04CFӏd3 8fappend
U+04D0Ӑd3 90append
U+04D1ӑd3 91append
U+04D2Ӓd3 92append
U+04D3ӓd3 93append
U+04D4Ӕd3 94append
U+04D5ӕd3 95append
U+04D6Ӗd3 96append
U+04D7ӗd3 97append
U+04D8Әd3 98append
U+04D9әd3 99append
U+04DAӚd3 9aappend
U+04DBӛd3 9bappend
U+04DCӜd3 9cappend
U+04DDӝd3 9dappend
U+04DEӞd3 9eappend
U+04DFӟd3 9fappend
U+04E0Ӡd3 a0append
U+04E1ӡd3 a1append
U+04E2Ӣd3 a2append
U+04E3ӣd3 a3append
U+04E4Ӥd3 a4append
U+04E5ӥd3 a5append
U+04E6Ӧd3 a6append
U+04E7ӧd3 a7append
U+04E8Өd3 a8append
U+04E9өd3 a9append
U+04EAӪd3 aaappend
U+04EBӫd3 abappend
U+04ECӬd3 acappend
U+04EDӭd3 adappend
U+04EEӮd3 aeappend
U+04EFӯd3 afappend
U+04F0Ӱd3 b0append
U+04F1ӱd3 b1append
U+04F2Ӳd3 b2append
U+04F3ӳd3 b3append
U+04F4Ӵd3 b4append
U+04F5ӵd3 b5append
U+04F6Ӷd3 b6append
U+04F7ӷd3 b7append
U+04F8Ӹd3 b8append
U+04F9ӹd3 b9append
U+04FAӺd3 baappend
U+04FBӻd3 bbappend
U+04FCӼd3 bcappend
U+04FDӽd3 bdappend
U+04FEӾd3 beappend
U+04FFӿd3 bfappend
U+0500Ԁd4 80append
U+0501ԁd4 81append
U+0502Ԃd4 82append
U+0503ԃd4 83append
U+0504Ԅd4 84append
U+0505ԅd4 85append
U+0506Ԇd4 86append
U+0507ԇd4 87append
U+0508Ԉd4 88append
U+0509ԉd4 89append
U+050AԊd4 8aappend
U+050Bԋd4 8bappend
U+050CԌd4 8cappend
U+050Dԍd4 8dappend
U+050EԎd4 8eappend
U+050Fԏd4 8fappend
U+0510Ԑd4 90append
U+0511ԑd4 91append
U+0512Ԓd4 92append
U+0513ԓd4 93append
U+0514Ԕd4 94append
U+0515ԕd4 95append
U+0516Ԗd4 96append
U+0517ԗd4 97append
U+0518Ԙd4 98append
U+0519ԙd4 99append
U+051AԚd4 9aappend
U+051Bԛd4 9bappend
U+051CԜd4 9cappend
U+051Dԝd4 9dappend
U+051EԞd4 9eappend
U+051Fԟd4 9fappend
U+0520Ԡd4 a0append
U+0521ԡd4 a1append
U+0522Ԣd4 a2append
U+0523ԣd4 a3append
U+0524Ԥd4 a4append
U+0525ԥd4 a5append
U+0526Ԧd4 a6append
U+0527ԧd4 a7append
U+0528Ԩd4 a8append
U+0529ԩd4 a9append
U+052AԪd4 aaappend
U+052Bԫd4 abappend
U+052CԬd4 acappend
U+052Dԭd4 adappend
U+052EԮd4 aeappend
U+052Fԯd4 afappend
U+0530԰d4 b0append
U+0531Աd4 b1append
U+0532Բd4 b2append
U+0533Գd4 b3append
U+0534Դd4 b4append
U+0535Եd4 b5append
U+0536Զd4 b6append
U+0537Էd4 b7append
U+0538Ըd4 b8append
U+0539Թd4 b9append
U+053AԺd4 baappend
U+053BԻd4 bbappend
U+053CԼd4 bcappend
U+053DԽd4 bdappend
U+053EԾd4 beappend
U+053FԿd4 bfappend
U+0540Հd5 80append
U+0541Ձd5 81append
U+0542Ղd5 82append
U+0543Ճd5 83append
U+0544Մd5 84append
U+0545Յd5 85append
U+0546Նd5 86append
U+0547Շd5 87append
U+0548Ոd5 88append
U+0549Չd5 89append
U+054AՊd5 8aappend
U+054BՋd5 8bappend
U+054CՌd5 8cappend
U+054DՍd5 8dappend
U+054EՎd5 8eappend
U+054FՏd5 8fappend
U+0550Րd5 90append
U+0551Ցd5 91append
U+0552Ւd5 92append
U+0553Փd5 93append
U+0554Քd5 94append
U+0555Օd5 95append
U+0556Ֆd5 96append
U+0557՗d5 97append
U+0558՘d5 98append
U+0559ՙd5 99append
U+055A՚d5 9aappend
U+055B՛d5 9bappend
U+055C՜d5 9cappend
U+055D՝d5 9dappend
U+055E՞d5 9eappend
U+055F՟d5 9fappend
U+0560ՠd5 a0append
U+0561աd5 a1append
U+0562բd5 a2append
U+0563գd5 a3append
U+0564դd5 a4append
U+0565եd5 a5append
U+0566զd5 a6append
U+0567էd5 a7append
U+0568ըd5 a8append
U+0569թd5 a9append
U+056Aժd5 aaappend
U+056Bիd5 abappend
U+056Cլd5 acappend
U+056Dխd5 adappend
U+056Eծd5 aeappend
U+056Fկd5 afappend
U+0570հd5 b0append
U+0571ձd5 b1append
U+0572ղd5 b2append
U+0573ճd5 b3append
U+0574մd5 b4append
U+0575յd5 b5append
U+0576նd5 b6append
U+0577շd5 b7append
U+0578ոd5 b8append
U+0579չd5 b9append
U+057Aպd5 baappend
U+057Bջd5 bbappend
U+057Cռd5 bcappend
U+057Dսd5 bdappend
U+057Eվd5 beappend
U+057Fտd5 bfappend
U+0580րd6 80append
U+0581ցd6 81append
U+0582ւd6 82append
U+0583փd6 83append
U+0584քd6 84append
U+0585օd6 85append
U+0586ֆd6 86append
U+0587ևd6 87append
U+0588ֈd6 88append
U+0589։d6 89append
U+058A֊d6 8aappend
U+058B֋d6 8bappend
U+058C֌d6 8cappend
U+058D֍d6 8dappend
U+058E֎d6 8eappend
U+058F֏d6 8fappend
U+0590֐d6 90append
U+0591֑d6 91append
U+0592֒d6 92append
U+0593֓d6 93append
U+0594֔d6 94append
U+0595֕d6 95append
U+0596֖d6 96append
U+0597֗d6 97append
U+0598֘d6 98append
U+0599֙d6 99append
U+059A֚d6 9aappend
U+059B֛d6 9bappend
U+059C֜d6 9cappend
U+059D֝d6 9dappend
U+059E֞d6 9eappend
U+059F֟d6 9fappend
U+05A0֠d6 a0append
U+05A1֡d6 a1append
U+05A2֢d6 a2append
U+05A3֣d6 a3append
U+05A4֤d6 a4append
U+05A5֥d6 a5append
U+05A6֦d6 a6append
U+05A7֧d6 a7append
U+05A8֨d6 a8append
U+05A9֩d6 a9append
U+05AA֪d6 aaappend
U+05AB֫d6 abappend
U+05AC֬d6 acappend
U+05AD֭d6 adappend
U+05AE֮d6 aeappend
U+05AF֯d6 afappend
U+05B0ְd6 b0append
U+05B1ֱd6 b1append
U+05B2ֲd6 b2append
U+05B3ֳd6 b3append
U+05B4ִd6 b4append
U+05B5ֵd6 b5append
U+05B6ֶd6 b6append
U+05B7ַd6 b7append
U+05B8ָd6 b8append
U+05B9ֹd6 b9append
U+05BAֺd6 baappend
U+05BBֻd6 bbappend
U+05BCּd6 bcappend
U+05BDֽd6 bdappend
U+05BE־d6 beappend
U+05BFֿd6 bfappend
U+05C0׀d7 80append
U+05C1ׁd7 81append
U+05C2ׂd7 82append
U+05C3׃d7 83append
U+05C4ׄd7 84append
U+05C5ׅd7 85append
U+05C6׆d7 86append
U+05C7ׇd7 87append
U+05C8׈d7 88append
U+05C9׉d7 89append
U+05CA׊d7 8aappend
U+05CB׋d7 8bappend
U+05CC׌d7 8cappend
U+05CD׍d7 8dappend
U+05CE׎d7 8eappend
U+05CF׏d7 8fappend
U+05D0אd7 90append
U+05D1בd7 91append
U+05D2גd7 92append
U+05D3דd7 93append
U+05D4הd7 94append
U+05D5וd7 95append
U+05D6זd7 96append
U+05D7חd7 97append
U+05D8טd7 98append
U+05D9יd7 99append
U+05DAךd7 9aappend
U+05DBכd7 9bappend
U+05DCלd7 9cappend
U+05DDםd7 9dappend
U+05DEמd7 9eappend
U+05DFןd7 9fappend
U+05E0נd7 a0append
U+05E1סd7 a1append
U+05E2עd7 a2append
U+05E3ףd7 a3append
U+05E4פd7 a4append
U+05E5ץd7 a5append
U+05E6צd7 a6append
U+05E7קd7 a7append
U+05E8רd7 a8append
U+05E9שd7 a9append
U+05EAתd7 aaappend
U+05EB׫d7 abappend
U+05EC׬d7 acappend
U+05ED׭d7 adappend
U+05EE׮d7 aeappend
U+05EFׯd7 afappend
U+05F0װd7 b0append
U+05F1ױd7 b1append
U+05F2ײd7 b2append
U+05F3׳d7 b3append
U+05F4״d7 b4append
U+05F5׵d7 b5append
U+05F6׶d7 b6append
U+05F7׷d7 b7append
U+05F8׸d7 b8append
U+05F9׹d7 b9append
U+05FA׺d7 baappend
U+05FB׻d7 bbappend
U+05FC׼d7 bcappend
U+05FD׽d7 bdappend
U+05FE׾d7 beappend
U+05FF׿d7 bfappend