UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0080 to U+027F

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Unicode U+00D3 U+008B U+0087
UTF-8 0303 0223 0302 0213 0302 0207
code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
U+0080 0302 0200append
U+0081 0302 0201append
U+0082 0302 0202append
U+0083 0302 0203append
U+0084 0302 0204append
U+0085 0302 0205append
U+0086 0302 0206append
U+0087 0302 0207append
U+0088 0302 0210append
U+0089 0302 0211append
U+008A 0302 0212append
U+008B 0302 0213append
U+008C 0302 0214append
U+008D 0302 0215append
U+008E 0302 0216append
U+008F 0302 0217append
U+0090 0302 0220append
U+0091 0302 0221append
U+0092 0302 0222append
U+0093 0302 0223append
U+0094 0302 0224append
U+0095 0302 0225append
U+0096 0302 0226append
U+0097 0302 0227append
U+0098 0302 0230append
U+0099 0302 0231append
U+009A 0302 0232append
U+009B 0302 0233append
U+009C 0302 0234append
U+009D 0302 0235append
U+009E 0302 0236append
U+009F 0302 0237append
U+00A0 0302 0240append
U+00A1¡0302 0241append
U+00A2¢0302 0242append
U+00A3£0302 0243append
U+00A4¤0302 0244append
U+00A5¥0302 0245append
U+00A6¦0302 0246append
U+00A7§0302 0247append
U+00A8¨0302 0250append
U+00A9©0302 0251append
U+00AAª0302 0252append
U+00AB«0302 0253append
U+00AC¬0302 0254append
U+00AD­0302 0255append
U+00AE®0302 0256append
U+00AF¯0302 0257append
U+00B0°0302 0260append
U+00B1±0302 0261append
U+00B2²0302 0262append
U+00B3³0302 0263append
U+00B4´0302 0264append
U+00B5µ0302 0265append
U+00B60302 0266append
U+00B7·0302 0267append
U+00B8¸0302 0270append
U+00B9¹0302 0271append
U+00BAº0302 0272append
U+00BB»0302 0273append
U+00BC¼0302 0274append
U+00BD½0302 0275append
U+00BE¾0302 0276append
U+00BF¿0302 0277append
U+00C0À0303 0200append
U+00C1Á0303 0201append
U+00C2Â0303 0202append
U+00C3Ã0303 0203append
U+00C4Ä0303 0204append
U+00C5Å0303 0205append
U+00C6Æ0303 0206append
U+00C7Ç0303 0207append
U+00C8È0303 0210append
U+00C9É0303 0211append
U+00CAÊ0303 0212append
U+00CBË0303 0213append
U+00CCÌ0303 0214append
U+00CDÍ0303 0215append
U+00CEÎ0303 0216append
U+00CFÏ0303 0217append
U+00D0Ð0303 0220append
U+00D1Ñ0303 0221append
U+00D2Ò0303 0222append
U+00D3Ó0303 0223append
U+00D4Ô0303 0224append
U+00D5Õ0303 0225append
U+00D6Ö0303 0226append
U+00D7×0303 0227append
U+00D8Ø0303 0230append
U+00D9Ù0303 0231append
U+00DAÚ0303 0232append
U+00DBÛ0303 0233append
U+00DCÜ0303 0234append
U+00DDÝ0303 0235append
U+00DEÞ0303 0236append
U+00DFß0303 0237append
U+00E0à0303 0240append
U+00E1á0303 0241append
U+00E2â0303 0242append
U+00E3ã0303 0243append
U+00E4ä0303 0244append
U+00E5å0303 0245append
U+00E6æ0303 0246append
U+00E7ç0303 0247append
U+00E8è0303 0250append
U+00E9é0303 0251append
U+00EAê0303 0252append
U+00EBë0303 0253append
U+00ECì0303 0254append
U+00EDí0303 0255append
U+00EEî0303 0256append
U+00EFï0303 0257append
U+00F0ð0303 0260append
U+00F1ñ0303 0261append
U+00F2ò0303 0262append
U+00F3ó0303 0263append
U+00F4ô0303 0264append
U+00F5õ0303 0265append
U+00F6ö0303 0266append
U+00F7÷0303 0267append
U+00F8ø0303 0270append
U+00F9ù0303 0271append
U+00FAú0303 0272append
U+00FBû0303 0273append
U+00FCü0303 0274append
U+00FDý0303 0275append
U+00FEþ0303 0276append
U+00FFÿ0303 0277append
U+0100Ā0304 0200append
U+0101ā0304 0201append
U+0102Ă0304 0202append
U+0103ă0304 0203append
U+0104Ą0304 0204append
U+0105ą0304 0205append
U+0106Ć0304 0206append
U+0107ć0304 0207append
U+0108Ĉ0304 0210append
U+0109ĉ0304 0211append
U+010AĊ0304 0212append
U+010Bċ0304 0213append
U+010CČ0304 0214append
U+010Dč0304 0215append
U+010EĎ0304 0216append
U+010Fď0304 0217append
U+0110Đ0304 0220append
U+0111đ0304 0221append
U+0112Ē0304 0222append
U+0113ē0304 0223append
U+0114Ĕ0304 0224append
U+0115ĕ0304 0225append
U+0116Ė0304 0226append
U+0117ė0304 0227append
U+0118Ę0304 0230append
U+0119ę0304 0231append
U+011AĚ0304 0232append
U+011Bě0304 0233append
U+011CĜ0304 0234append
U+011Dĝ0304 0235append
U+011EĞ0304 0236append
U+011Fğ0304 0237append
U+0120Ġ0304 0240append
U+0121ġ0304 0241append
U+0122Ģ0304 0242append
U+0123ģ0304 0243append
U+0124Ĥ0304 0244append
U+0125ĥ0304 0245append
U+0126Ħ0304 0246append
U+0127ħ0304 0247append
U+0128Ĩ0304 0250append
U+0129ĩ0304 0251append
U+012AĪ0304 0252append
U+012Bī0304 0253append
U+012CĬ0304 0254append
U+012Dĭ0304 0255append
U+012EĮ0304 0256append
U+012Fį0304 0257append
U+0130İ0304 0260append
U+0131ı0304 0261append
U+0132IJ0304 0262append
U+0133ij0304 0263append
U+0134Ĵ0304 0264append
U+0135ĵ0304 0265append
U+0136Ķ0304 0266append
U+0137ķ0304 0267append
U+0138ĸ0304 0270append
U+0139Ĺ0304 0271append
U+013Aĺ0304 0272append
U+013BĻ0304 0273append
U+013Cļ0304 0274append
U+013DĽ0304 0275append
U+013Eľ0304 0276append
U+013FĿ0304 0277append
U+0140ŀ0305 0200append
U+0141Ł0305 0201append
U+0142ł0305 0202append
U+0143Ń0305 0203append
U+0144ń0305 0204append
U+0145Ņ0305 0205append
U+0146ņ0305 0206append
U+0147Ň0305 0207append
U+0148ň0305 0210append
U+0149ʼn0305 0211append
U+014AŊ0305 0212append
U+014Bŋ0305 0213append
U+014CŌ0305 0214append
U+014Dō0305 0215append
U+014EŎ0305 0216append
U+014Fŏ0305 0217append
U+0150Ő0305 0220append
U+0151ő0305 0221append
U+0152Œ0305 0222append
U+0153œ0305 0223append
U+0154Ŕ0305 0224append
U+0155ŕ0305 0225append
U+0156Ŗ0305 0226append
U+0157ŗ0305 0227append
U+0158Ř0305 0230append
U+0159ř0305 0231append
U+015AŚ0305 0232append
U+015Bś0305 0233append
U+015CŜ0305 0234append
U+015Dŝ0305 0235append
U+015EŞ0305 0236append
U+015Fş0305 0237append
U+0160Š0305 0240append
U+0161š0305 0241append
U+0162Ţ0305 0242append
U+0163ţ0305 0243append
U+0164Ť0305 0244append
U+0165ť0305 0245append
U+0166Ŧ0305 0246append
U+0167ŧ0305 0247append
U+0168Ũ0305 0250append
U+0169ũ0305 0251append
U+016AŪ0305 0252append
U+016Bū0305 0253append
U+016CŬ0305 0254append
U+016Dŭ0305 0255append
U+016EŮ0305 0256append
U+016Fů0305 0257append
U+0170Ű0305 0260append
U+0171ű0305 0261append
U+0172Ų0305 0262append
U+0173ų0305 0263append
U+0174Ŵ0305 0264append
U+0175ŵ0305 0265append
U+0176Ŷ0305 0266append
U+0177ŷ0305 0267append
U+0178Ÿ0305 0270append
U+0179Ź0305 0271append
U+017Aź0305 0272append
U+017BŻ0305 0273append
U+017Cż0305 0274append
U+017DŽ0305 0275append
U+017Ež0305 0276append
U+017Fſ0305 0277append
U+0180ƀ0306 0200append
U+0181Ɓ0306 0201append
U+0182Ƃ0306 0202append
U+0183ƃ0306 0203append
U+0184Ƅ0306 0204append
U+0185ƅ0306 0205append
U+0186Ɔ0306 0206append
U+0187Ƈ0306 0207append
U+0188ƈ0306 0210append
U+0189Ɖ0306 0211append
U+018AƊ0306 0212append
U+018BƋ0306 0213append
U+018Cƌ0306 0214append
U+018Dƍ0306 0215append
U+018EƎ0306 0216append
U+018FƏ0306 0217append
U+0190Ɛ0306 0220append
U+0191Ƒ0306 0221append
U+0192ƒ0306 0222append
U+0193Ɠ0306 0223append
U+0194Ɣ0306 0224append
U+0195ƕ0306 0225append
U+0196Ɩ0306 0226append
U+0197Ɨ0306 0227append
U+0198Ƙ0306 0230append
U+0199ƙ0306 0231append
U+019Aƚ0306 0232append
U+019Bƛ0306 0233append
U+019CƜ0306 0234append
U+019DƝ0306 0235append
U+019Eƞ0306 0236append
U+019FƟ0306 0237append
U+01A0Ơ0306 0240append
U+01A1ơ0306 0241append
U+01A2Ƣ0306 0242append
U+01A3ƣ0306 0243append
U+01A4Ƥ0306 0244append
U+01A5ƥ0306 0245append
U+01A6Ʀ0306 0246append
U+01A7Ƨ0306 0247append
U+01A8ƨ0306 0250append
U+01A9Ʃ0306 0251append
U+01AAƪ0306 0252append
U+01ABƫ0306 0253append
U+01ACƬ0306 0254append
U+01ADƭ0306 0255append
U+01AEƮ0306 0256append
U+01AFƯ0306 0257append
U+01B0ư0306 0260append
U+01B1Ʊ0306 0261append
U+01B2Ʋ0306 0262append
U+01B3Ƴ0306 0263append
U+01B4ƴ0306 0264append
U+01B5Ƶ0306 0265append
U+01B6ƶ0306 0266append
U+01B7Ʒ0306 0267append
U+01B8Ƹ0306 0270append
U+01B9ƹ0306 0271append
U+01BAƺ0306 0272append
U+01BBƻ0306 0273append
U+01BCƼ0306 0274append
U+01BDƽ0306 0275append
U+01BEƾ0306 0276append
U+01BFƿ0306 0277append
U+01C0ǀ0307 0200append
U+01C1ǁ0307 0201append
U+01C2ǂ0307 0202append
U+01C3ǃ0307 0203append
U+01C4DŽ0307 0204append
U+01C5Dž0307 0205append
U+01C6dž0307 0206append
U+01C7LJ0307 0207append
U+01C8Lj0307 0210append
U+01C9lj0307 0211append
U+01CANJ0307 0212append
U+01CBNj0307 0213append
U+01CCnj0307 0214append
U+01CDǍ0307 0215append
U+01CEǎ0307 0216append
U+01CFǏ0307 0217append
U+01D0ǐ0307 0220append
U+01D1Ǒ0307 0221append
U+01D2ǒ0307 0222append
U+01D3Ǔ0307 0223append
U+01D4ǔ0307 0224append
U+01D5Ǖ0307 0225append
U+01D6ǖ0307 0226append
U+01D7Ǘ0307 0227append
U+01D8ǘ0307 0230append
U+01D9Ǚ0307 0231append
U+01DAǚ0307 0232append
U+01DBǛ0307 0233append
U+01DCǜ0307 0234append
U+01DDǝ0307 0235append
U+01DEǞ0307 0236append
U+01DFǟ0307 0237append
U+01E0Ǡ0307 0240append
U+01E1ǡ0307 0241append
U+01E2Ǣ0307 0242append
U+01E3ǣ0307 0243append
U+01E4Ǥ0307 0244append
U+01E5ǥ0307 0245append
U+01E6Ǧ0307 0246append
U+01E7ǧ0307 0247append
U+01E8Ǩ0307 0250append
U+01E9ǩ0307 0251append
U+01EAǪ0307 0252append
U+01EBǫ0307 0253append
U+01ECǬ0307 0254append
U+01EDǭ0307 0255append
U+01EEǮ0307 0256append
U+01EFǯ0307 0257append
U+01F0ǰ0307 0260append
U+01F1DZ0307 0261append
U+01F2Dz0307 0262append
U+01F3dz0307 0263append
U+01F4Ǵ0307 0264append
U+01F5ǵ0307 0265append
U+01F6Ƕ0307 0266append
U+01F7Ƿ0307 0267append
U+01F8Ǹ0307 0270append
U+01F9ǹ0307 0271append
U+01FAǺ0307 0272append
U+01FBǻ0307 0273append
U+01FCǼ0307 0274append
U+01FDǽ0307 0275append
U+01FEǾ0307 0276append
U+01FFǿ0307 0277append
U+0200Ȁ0310 0200append
U+0201ȁ0310 0201append
U+0202Ȃ0310 0202append
U+0203ȃ0310 0203append
U+0204Ȅ0310 0204append
U+0205ȅ0310 0205append
U+0206Ȇ0310 0206append
U+0207ȇ0310 0207append
U+0208Ȉ0310 0210append
U+0209ȉ0310 0211append
U+020AȊ0310 0212append
U+020Bȋ0310 0213append
U+020CȌ0310 0214append
U+020Dȍ0310 0215append
U+020EȎ0310 0216append
U+020Fȏ0310 0217append
U+0210Ȑ0310 0220append
U+0211ȑ0310 0221append
U+0212Ȓ0310 0222append
U+0213ȓ0310 0223append
U+0214Ȕ0310 0224append
U+0215ȕ0310 0225append
U+0216Ȗ0310 0226append
U+0217ȗ0310 0227append
U+0218Ș0310 0230append
U+0219ș0310 0231append
U+021AȚ0310 0232append
U+021Bț0310 0233append
U+021CȜ0310 0234append
U+021Dȝ0310 0235append
U+021EȞ0310 0236append
U+021Fȟ0310 0237append
U+0220Ƞ0310 0240append
U+0221ȡ0310 0241append
U+0222Ȣ0310 0242append
U+0223ȣ0310 0243append
U+0224Ȥ0310 0244append
U+0225ȥ0310 0245append
U+0226Ȧ0310 0246append
U+0227ȧ0310 0247append
U+0228Ȩ0310 0250append
U+0229ȩ0310 0251append
U+022AȪ0310 0252append
U+022Bȫ0310 0253append
U+022CȬ0310 0254append
U+022Dȭ0310 0255append
U+022EȮ0310 0256append
U+022Fȯ0310 0257append
U+0230Ȱ0310 0260append
U+0231ȱ0310 0261append
U+0232Ȳ0310 0262append
U+0233ȳ0310 0263append
U+0234ȴ0310 0264append
U+0235ȵ0310 0265append
U+0236ȶ0310 0266append
U+0237ȷ0310 0267append
U+0238ȸ0310 0270append
U+0239ȹ0310 0271append
U+023AȺ0310 0272append
U+023BȻ0310 0273append
U+023Cȼ0310 0274append
U+023DȽ0310 0275append
U+023EȾ0310 0276append
U+023Fȿ0310 0277append
U+0240ɀ0311 0200append
U+0241Ɂ0311 0201append
U+0242ɂ0311 0202append
U+0243Ƀ0311 0203append
U+0244Ʉ0311 0204append
U+0245Ʌ0311 0205append
U+0246Ɇ0311 0206append
U+0247ɇ0311 0207append
U+0248Ɉ0311 0210append
U+0249ɉ0311 0211append
U+024AɊ0311 0212append
U+024Bɋ0311 0213append
U+024CɌ0311 0214append
U+024Dɍ0311 0215append
U+024EɎ0311 0216append
U+024Fɏ0311 0217append
U+0250ɐ0311 0220append
U+0251ɑ0311 0221append
U+0252ɒ0311 0222append
U+0253ɓ0311 0223append
U+0254ɔ0311 0224append
U+0255ɕ0311 0225append
U+0256ɖ0311 0226append
U+0257ɗ0311 0227append
U+0258ɘ0311 0230append
U+0259ə0311 0231append
U+025Aɚ0311 0232append
U+025Bɛ0311 0233append
U+025Cɜ0311 0234append
U+025Dɝ0311 0235append
U+025Eɞ0311 0236append
U+025Fɟ0311 0237append
U+0260ɠ0311 0240append
U+0261ɡ0311 0241append
U+0262ɢ0311 0242append
U+0263ɣ0311 0243append
U+0264ɤ0311 0244append
U+0265ɥ0311 0245append
U+0266ɦ0311 0246append
U+0267ɧ0311 0247append
U+0268ɨ0311 0250append
U+0269ɩ0311 0251append
U+026Aɪ0311 0252append
U+026Bɫ0311 0253append
U+026Cɬ0311 0254append
U+026Dɭ0311 0255append
U+026Eɮ0311 0256append
U+026Fɯ0311 0257append
U+0270ɰ0311 0260append
U+0271ɱ0311 0261append
U+0272ɲ0311 0262append
U+0273ɳ0311 0263append
U+0274ɴ0311 0264append
U+0275ɵ0311 0265append
U+0276ɶ0311 0266append
U+0277ɷ0311 0267append
U+0278ɸ0311 0270append
U+0279ɹ0311 0271append
U+027Aɺ0311 0272append
U+027Bɻ0311 0273append
U+027Cɼ0311 0274append
U+027Dɽ0311 0275append
U+027Eɾ0311 0276append
U+027Fɿ0311 0277append