UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0080 to U+017F

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character UTF-8
U+0080 0xc2 0x80
U+0081 0xc2 0x81
U+0082 0xc2 0x82
U+0083 0xc2 0x83
U+0084 0xc2 0x84
U+0085 0xc2 0x85
U+0086 0xc2 0x86
U+0087 0xc2 0x87
U+0088 0xc2 0x88
U+0089 0xc2 0x89
U+008A 0xc2 0x8a
U+008B 0xc2 0x8b
U+008C 0xc2 0x8c
U+008D 0xc2 0x8d
U+008E 0xc2 0x8e
U+008F 0xc2 0x8f
U+0090 0xc2 0x90
U+0091 0xc2 0x91
U+0092 0xc2 0x92
U+0093 0xc2 0x93
U+0094 0xc2 0x94
U+0095 0xc2 0x95
U+0096 0xc2 0x96
U+0097 0xc2 0x97
U+0098 0xc2 0x98
U+0099 0xc2 0x99
U+009A 0xc2 0x9a
U+009B 0xc2 0x9b
U+009C 0xc2 0x9c
U+009D 0xc2 0x9d
U+009E 0xc2 0x9e
U+009F 0xc2 0x9f
U+00A0 0xc2 0xa0
U+00A1¡0xc2 0xa1
U+00A2¢0xc2 0xa2
U+00A3£0xc2 0xa3
U+00A4¤0xc2 0xa4
U+00A5¥0xc2 0xa5
U+00A6¦0xc2 0xa6
U+00A7§0xc2 0xa7
U+00A8¨0xc2 0xa8
U+00A9©0xc2 0xa9
U+00AAª0xc2 0xaa
U+00AB«0xc2 0xab
U+00AC¬0xc2 0xac
U+00AD­0xc2 0xad
U+00AE®0xc2 0xae
U+00AF¯0xc2 0xaf
U+00B0°0xc2 0xb0
U+00B1±0xc2 0xb1
U+00B2²0xc2 0xb2
U+00B3³0xc2 0xb3
U+00B4´0xc2 0xb4
U+00B5µ0xc2 0xb5
U+00B60xc2 0xb6
U+00B7·0xc2 0xb7
U+00B8¸0xc2 0xb8
U+00B9¹0xc2 0xb9
U+00BAº0xc2 0xba
U+00BB»0xc2 0xbb
U+00BC¼0xc2 0xbc
U+00BD½0xc2 0xbd
U+00BE¾0xc2 0xbe
U+00BF¿0xc2 0xbf
U+00C0À0xc3 0x80
U+00C1Á0xc3 0x81
U+00C2Â0xc3 0x82
U+00C3Ã0xc3 0x83
U+00C4Ä0xc3 0x84
U+00C5Å0xc3 0x85
U+00C6Æ0xc3 0x86
U+00C7Ç0xc3 0x87
U+00C8È0xc3 0x88
U+00C9É0xc3 0x89
U+00CAÊ0xc3 0x8a
U+00CBË0xc3 0x8b
U+00CCÌ0xc3 0x8c
U+00CDÍ0xc3 0x8d
U+00CEÎ0xc3 0x8e
U+00CFÏ0xc3 0x8f
U+00D0Ð0xc3 0x90
U+00D1Ñ0xc3 0x91
U+00D2Ò0xc3 0x92
U+00D3Ó0xc3 0x93
U+00D4Ô0xc3 0x94
U+00D5Õ0xc3 0x95
U+00D6Ö0xc3 0x96
U+00D7×0xc3 0x97
U+00D8Ø0xc3 0x98
U+00D9Ù0xc3 0x99
U+00DAÚ0xc3 0x9a
U+00DBÛ0xc3 0x9b
U+00DCÜ0xc3 0x9c
U+00DDÝ0xc3 0x9d
U+00DEÞ0xc3 0x9e
U+00DFß0xc3 0x9f
U+00E0à0xc3 0xa0
U+00E1á0xc3 0xa1
U+00E2â0xc3 0xa2
U+00E3ã0xc3 0xa3
U+00E4ä0xc3 0xa4
U+00E5å0xc3 0xa5
U+00E6æ0xc3 0xa6
U+00E7ç0xc3 0xa7
U+00E8è0xc3 0xa8
U+00E9é0xc3 0xa9
U+00EAê0xc3 0xaa
U+00EBë0xc3 0xab
U+00ECì0xc3 0xac
U+00EDí0xc3 0xad
U+00EEî0xc3 0xae
U+00EFï0xc3 0xaf
U+00F0ð0xc3 0xb0
U+00F1ñ0xc3 0xb1
U+00F2ò0xc3 0xb2
U+00F3ó0xc3 0xb3
U+00F4ô0xc3 0xb4
U+00F5õ0xc3 0xb5
U+00F6ö0xc3 0xb6
U+00F7÷0xc3 0xb7
U+00F8ø0xc3 0xb8
U+00F9ù0xc3 0xb9
U+00FAú0xc3 0xba
U+00FBû0xc3 0xbb
U+00FCü0xc3 0xbc
U+00FDý0xc3 0xbd
U+00FEþ0xc3 0xbe
U+00FFÿ0xc3 0xbf
U+0100Ā0xc4 0x80
U+0101ā0xc4 0x81
U+0102Ă0xc4 0x82
U+0103ă0xc4 0x83
U+0104Ą0xc4 0x84
U+0105ą0xc4 0x85
U+0106Ć0xc4 0x86
U+0107ć0xc4 0x87
U+0108Ĉ0xc4 0x88
U+0109ĉ0xc4 0x89
U+010AĊ0xc4 0x8a
U+010Bċ0xc4 0x8b
U+010CČ0xc4 0x8c
U+010Dč0xc4 0x8d
U+010EĎ0xc4 0x8e
U+010Fď0xc4 0x8f
U+0110Đ0xc4 0x90
U+0111đ0xc4 0x91
U+0112Ē0xc4 0x92
U+0113ē0xc4 0x93
U+0114Ĕ0xc4 0x94
U+0115ĕ0xc4 0x95
U+0116Ė0xc4 0x96
U+0117ė0xc4 0x97
U+0118Ę0xc4 0x98
U+0119ę0xc4 0x99
U+011AĚ0xc4 0x9a
U+011Bě0xc4 0x9b
U+011CĜ0xc4 0x9c
U+011Dĝ0xc4 0x9d
U+011EĞ0xc4 0x9e
U+011Fğ0xc4 0x9f
U+0120Ġ0xc4 0xa0
U+0121ġ0xc4 0xa1
U+0122Ģ0xc4 0xa2
U+0123ģ0xc4 0xa3
U+0124Ĥ0xc4 0xa4
U+0125ĥ0xc4 0xa5
U+0126Ħ0xc4 0xa6
U+0127ħ0xc4 0xa7
U+0128Ĩ0xc4 0xa8
U+0129ĩ0xc4 0xa9
U+012AĪ0xc4 0xaa
U+012Bī0xc4 0xab
U+012CĬ0xc4 0xac
U+012Dĭ0xc4 0xad
U+012EĮ0xc4 0xae
U+012Fį0xc4 0xaf
U+0130İ0xc4 0xb0
U+0131ı0xc4 0xb1
U+0132IJ0xc4 0xb2
U+0133ij0xc4 0xb3
U+0134Ĵ0xc4 0xb4
U+0135ĵ0xc4 0xb5
U+0136Ķ0xc4 0xb6
U+0137ķ0xc4 0xb7
U+0138ĸ0xc4 0xb8
U+0139Ĺ0xc4 0xb9
U+013Aĺ0xc4 0xba
U+013BĻ0xc4 0xbb
U+013Cļ0xc4 0xbc
U+013DĽ0xc4 0xbd
U+013Eľ0xc4 0xbe
U+013FĿ0xc4 0xbf
U+0140ŀ0xc5 0x80
U+0141Ł0xc5 0x81
U+0142ł0xc5 0x82
U+0143Ń0xc5 0x83
U+0144ń0xc5 0x84
U+0145Ņ0xc5 0x85
U+0146ņ0xc5 0x86
U+0147Ň0xc5 0x87
U+0148ň0xc5 0x88
U+0149ʼn0xc5 0x89
U+014AŊ0xc5 0x8a
U+014Bŋ0xc5 0x8b
U+014CŌ0xc5 0x8c
U+014Dō0xc5 0x8d
U+014EŎ0xc5 0x8e
U+014Fŏ0xc5 0x8f
U+0150Ő0xc5 0x90
U+0151ő0xc5 0x91
U+0152Œ0xc5 0x92
U+0153œ0xc5 0x93
U+0154Ŕ0xc5 0x94
U+0155ŕ0xc5 0x95
U+0156Ŗ0xc5 0x96
U+0157ŗ0xc5 0x97
U+0158Ř0xc5 0x98
U+0159ř0xc5 0x99
U+015AŚ0xc5 0x9a
U+015Bś0xc5 0x9b
U+015CŜ0xc5 0x9c
U+015Dŝ0xc5 0x9d
U+015EŞ0xc5 0x9e
U+015Fş0xc5 0x9f
U+0160Š0xc5 0xa0
U+0161š0xc5 0xa1
U+0162Ţ0xc5 0xa2
U+0163ţ0xc5 0xa3
U+0164Ť0xc5 0xa4
U+0165ť0xc5 0xa5
U+0166Ŧ0xc5 0xa6
U+0167ŧ0xc5 0xa7
U+0168Ũ0xc5 0xa8
U+0169ũ0xc5 0xa9
U+016AŪ0xc5 0xaa
U+016Bū0xc5 0xab
U+016CŬ0xc5 0xac
U+016Dŭ0xc5 0xad
U+016EŮ0xc5 0xae
U+016Fů0xc5 0xaf
U+0170Ű0xc5 0xb0
U+0171ű0xc5 0xb1
U+0172Ų0xc5 0xb2
U+0173ų0xc5 0xb3
U+0174Ŵ0xc5 0xb4
U+0175ŵ0xc5 0xb5
U+0176Ŷ0xc5 0xb6
U+0177ŷ0xc5 0xb7
U+0178Ÿ0xc5 0xb8
U+0179Ź0xc5 0xb9
U+017Aź0xc5 0xba
U+017BŻ0xc5 0xbb
U+017Cż0xc5 0xbc
U+017DŽ0xc5 0xbd
U+017Ež0xc5 0xbe
U+017Fſ0xc5 0xbf