UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0500 to U+08FF

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code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
U+0500Ԁd4 80append
U+0501ԁd4 81append
U+0502Ԃd4 82append
U+0503ԃd4 83append
U+0504Ԅd4 84append
U+0505ԅd4 85append
U+0506Ԇd4 86append
U+0507ԇd4 87append
U+0508Ԉd4 88append
U+0509ԉd4 89append
U+050AԊd4 8aappend
U+050Bԋd4 8bappend
U+050CԌd4 8cappend
U+050Dԍd4 8dappend
U+050EԎd4 8eappend
U+050Fԏd4 8fappend
U+0510Ԑd4 90append
U+0511ԑd4 91append
U+0512Ԓd4 92append
U+0513ԓd4 93append
U+0514Ԕd4 94append
U+0515ԕd4 95append
U+0516Ԗd4 96append
U+0517ԗd4 97append
U+0518Ԙd4 98append
U+0519ԙd4 99append
U+051AԚd4 9aappend
U+051Bԛd4 9bappend
U+051CԜd4 9cappend
U+051Dԝd4 9dappend
U+051EԞd4 9eappend
U+051Fԟd4 9fappend
U+0520Ԡd4 a0append
U+0521ԡd4 a1append
U+0522Ԣd4 a2append
U+0523ԣd4 a3append
U+0524Ԥd4 a4append
U+0525ԥd4 a5append
U+0526Ԧd4 a6append
U+0527ԧd4 a7append
U+0528Ԩd4 a8append
U+0529ԩd4 a9append
U+052AԪd4 aaappend
U+052Bԫd4 abappend
U+052CԬd4 acappend
U+052Dԭd4 adappend
U+052EԮd4 aeappend
U+052Fԯd4 afappend
U+0530԰d4 b0append
U+0531Աd4 b1append
U+0532Բd4 b2append
U+0533Գd4 b3append
U+0534Դd4 b4append
U+0535Եd4 b5append
U+0536Զd4 b6append
U+0537Էd4 b7append
U+0538Ըd4 b8append
U+0539Թd4 b9append
U+053AԺd4 baappend
U+053BԻd4 bbappend
U+053CԼd4 bcappend
U+053DԽd4 bdappend
U+053EԾd4 beappend
U+053FԿd4 bfappend
U+0540Հd5 80append
U+0541Ձd5 81append
U+0542Ղd5 82append
U+0543Ճd5 83append
U+0544Մd5 84append
U+0545Յd5 85append
U+0546Նd5 86append
U+0547Շd5 87append
U+0548Ոd5 88append
U+0549Չd5 89append
U+054AՊd5 8aappend
U+054BՋd5 8bappend
U+054CՌd5 8cappend
U+054DՍd5 8dappend
U+054EՎd5 8eappend
U+054FՏd5 8fappend
U+0550Րd5 90append
U+0551Ցd5 91append
U+0552Ւd5 92append
U+0553Փd5 93append
U+0554Քd5 94append
U+0555Օd5 95append
U+0556Ֆd5 96append
U+0557՗d5 97append
U+0558՘d5 98append
U+0559ՙd5 99append
U+055A՚d5 9aappend
U+055B՛d5 9bappend
U+055C՜d5 9cappend
U+055D՝d5 9dappend
U+055E՞d5 9eappend
U+055F՟d5 9fappend
U+0560ՠd5 a0append
U+0561աd5 a1append
U+0562բd5 a2append
U+0563գd5 a3append
U+0564դd5 a4append
U+0565եd5 a5append
U+0566զd5 a6append
U+0567էd5 a7append
U+0568ըd5 a8append
U+0569թd5 a9append
U+056Aժd5 aaappend
U+056Bիd5 abappend
U+056Cլd5 acappend
U+056Dխd5 adappend
U+056Eծd5 aeappend
U+056Fկd5 afappend
U+0570հd5 b0append
U+0571ձd5 b1append
U+0572ղd5 b2append
U+0573ճd5 b3append
U+0574մd5 b4append
U+0575յd5 b5append
U+0576նd5 b6append
U+0577շd5 b7append
U+0578ոd5 b8append
U+0579չd5 b9append
U+057Aպd5 baappend
U+057Bջd5 bbappend
U+057Cռd5 bcappend
U+057Dսd5 bdappend
U+057Eվd5 beappend
U+057Fտd5 bfappend
U+0580րd6 80append
U+0581ցd6 81append
U+0582ւd6 82append
U+0583փd6 83append
U+0584քd6 84append
U+0585օd6 85append
U+0586ֆd6 86append
U+0587ևd6 87append
U+0588ֈd6 88append
U+0589։d6 89append
U+058A֊d6 8aappend
U+058B֋d6 8bappend
U+058C֌d6 8cappend
U+058D֍d6 8dappend
U+058E֎d6 8eappend
U+058F֏d6 8fappend
U+0590֐d6 90append
U+0591֑d6 91append
U+0592֒d6 92append
U+0593֓d6 93append
U+0594֔d6 94append
U+0595֕d6 95append
U+0596֖d6 96append
U+0597֗d6 97append
U+0598֘d6 98append
U+0599֙d6 99append
U+059A֚d6 9aappend
U+059B֛d6 9bappend
U+059C֜d6 9cappend
U+059D֝d6 9dappend
U+059E֞d6 9eappend
U+059F֟d6 9fappend
U+05A0֠d6 a0append
U+05A1֡d6 a1append
U+05A2֢d6 a2append
U+05A3֣d6 a3append
U+05A4֤d6 a4append
U+05A5֥d6 a5append
U+05A6֦d6 a6append
U+05A7֧d6 a7append
U+05A8֨d6 a8append
U+05A9֩d6 a9append
U+05AA֪d6 aaappend
U+05AB֫d6 abappend
U+05AC֬d6 acappend
U+05AD֭d6 adappend
U+05AE֮d6 aeappend
U+05AF֯d6 afappend
U+05B0ְd6 b0append
U+05B1ֱd6 b1append
U+05B2ֲd6 b2append
U+05B3ֳd6 b3append
U+05B4ִd6 b4append
U+05B5ֵd6 b5append
U+05B6ֶd6 b6append
U+05B7ַd6 b7append
U+05B8ָd6 b8append
U+05B9ֹd6 b9append
U+05BAֺd6 baappend
U+05BBֻd6 bbappend
U+05BCּd6 bcappend
U+05BDֽd6 bdappend
U+05BE־d6 beappend
U+05BFֿd6 bfappend
U+05C0׀d7 80append
U+05C1ׁd7 81append
U+05C2ׂd7 82append
U+05C3׃d7 83append
U+05C4ׄd7 84append
U+05C5ׅd7 85append
U+05C6׆d7 86append
U+05C7ׇd7 87append
U+05C8׈d7 88append
U+05C9׉d7 89append
U+05CA׊d7 8aappend
U+05CB׋d7 8bappend
U+05CC׌d7 8cappend
U+05CD׍d7 8dappend
U+05CE׎d7 8eappend
U+05CF׏d7 8fappend
U+05D0אd7 90append
U+05D1בd7 91append
U+05D2גd7 92append
U+05D3דd7 93append
U+05D4הd7 94append
U+05D5וd7 95append
U+05D6זd7 96append
U+05D7חd7 97append
U+05D8טd7 98append
U+05D9יd7 99append
U+05DAךd7 9aappend
U+05DBכd7 9bappend
U+05DCלd7 9cappend
U+05DDםd7 9dappend
U+05DEמd7 9eappend
U+05DFןd7 9fappend
U+05E0נd7 a0append
U+05E1סd7 a1append
U+05E2עd7 a2append
U+05E3ףd7 a3append
U+05E4פd7 a4append
U+05E5ץd7 a5append
U+05E6צd7 a6append
U+05E7קd7 a7append
U+05E8רd7 a8append
U+05E9שd7 a9append
U+05EAתd7 aaappend
U+05EB׫d7 abappend
U+05EC׬d7 acappend
U+05ED׭d7 adappend
U+05EE׮d7 aeappend
U+05EFׯd7 afappend
U+05F0װd7 b0append
U+05F1ױd7 b1append
U+05F2ײd7 b2append
U+05F3׳d7 b3append
U+05F4״d7 b4append
U+05F5׵d7 b5append
U+05F6׶d7 b6append
U+05F7׷d7 b7append
U+05F8׸d7 b8append
U+05F9׹d7 b9append
U+05FA׺d7 baappend
U+05FB׻d7 bbappend
U+05FC׼d7 bcappend
U+05FD׽d7 bdappend
U+05FE׾d7 beappend
U+05FF׿d7 bfappend
U+0600؀d8 80append
U+0601؁d8 81append
U+0602؂d8 82append
U+0603؃d8 83append
U+0604؄d8 84append
U+0605؅d8 85append
U+0606؆d8 86append
U+0607؇d8 87append
U+0608؈d8 88append
U+0609؉d8 89append
U+060A؊d8 8aappend
U+060B؋d8 8bappend
U+060C،d8 8cappend
U+060D؍d8 8dappend
U+060E؎d8 8eappend
U+060F؏d8 8fappend
U+0610ؐd8 90append
U+0611ؑd8 91append
U+0612ؒd8 92append
U+0613ؓd8 93append
U+0614ؔd8 94append
U+0615ؕd8 95append
U+0616ؖd8 96append
U+0617ؗd8 97append
U+0618ؘd8 98append
U+0619ؙd8 99append
U+061Aؚd8 9aappend
U+061B؛d8 9bappend
U+061C؜d8 9cappend
U+061D؝d8 9dappend
U+061E؞d8 9eappend
U+061F؟d8 9fappend
U+0620ؠd8 a0append
U+0621ءd8 a1append
U+0622آd8 a2append
U+0623أd8 a3append
U+0624ؤd8 a4append
U+0625إd8 a5append
U+0626ئd8 a6append
U+0627اd8 a7append
U+0628بd8 a8append
U+0629ةd8 a9append
U+062Aتd8 aaappend
U+062Bثd8 abappend
U+062Cجd8 acappend
U+062Dحd8 adappend
U+062Eخd8 aeappend
U+062Fدd8 afappend
U+0630ذd8 b0append
U+0631رd8 b1append
U+0632زd8 b2append
U+0633سd8 b3append
U+0634شd8 b4append
U+0635صd8 b5append
U+0636ضd8 b6append
U+0637طd8 b7append
U+0638ظd8 b8append
U+0639عd8 b9append
U+063Aغd8 baappend
U+063Bػd8 bbappend
U+063Cؼd8 bcappend
U+063Dؽd8 bdappend
U+063Eؾd8 beappend
U+063Fؿd8 bfappend
U+0640ـd9 80append
U+0641فd9 81append
U+0642قd9 82append
U+0643كd9 83append
U+0644لd9 84append
U+0645مd9 85append
U+0646نd9 86append
U+0647هd9 87append
U+0648وd9 88append
U+0649ىd9 89append
U+064Aيd9 8aappend
U+064Bًd9 8bappend
U+064Cٌd9 8cappend
U+064Dٍd9 8dappend
U+064Eَd9 8eappend
U+064Fُd9 8fappend
U+0650ِd9 90append
U+0651ّd9 91append
U+0652ْd9 92append
U+0653ٓd9 93append
U+0654ٔd9 94append
U+0655ٕd9 95append
U+0656ٖd9 96append
U+0657ٗd9 97append
U+0658٘d9 98append
U+0659ٙd9 99append
U+065Aٚd9 9aappend
U+065Bٛd9 9bappend
U+065Cٜd9 9cappend
U+065Dٝd9 9dappend
U+065Eٞd9 9eappend
U+065Fٟd9 9fappend
U+0660٠d9 a0append
U+0661١d9 a1append
U+0662٢d9 a2append
U+0663٣d9 a3append
U+0664٤d9 a4append
U+0665٥d9 a5append
U+0666٦d9 a6append
U+0667٧d9 a7append
U+0668٨d9 a8append
U+0669٩d9 a9append
U+066A٪d9 aaappend
U+066B٫d9 abappend
U+066C٬d9 acappend
U+066D٭d9 adappend
U+066Eٮd9 aeappend
U+066Fٯd9 afappend
U+0670ٰd9 b0append
U+0671ٱd9 b1append
U+0672ٲd9 b2append
U+0673ٳd9 b3append
U+0674ٴd9 b4append
U+0675ٵd9 b5append
U+0676ٶd9 b6append
U+0677ٷd9 b7append
U+0678ٸd9 b8append
U+0679ٹd9 b9append
U+067Aٺd9 baappend
U+067Bٻd9 bbappend
U+067Cټd9 bcappend
U+067Dٽd9 bdappend
U+067Eپd9 beappend
U+067Fٿd9 bfappend
U+0680ڀda 80append
U+0681ځda 81append
U+0682ڂda 82append
U+0683ڃda 83append
U+0684ڄda 84append
U+0685څda 85append
U+0686چda 86append
U+0687ڇda 87append
U+0688ڈda 88append
U+0689ډda 89append
U+068Aڊda 8aappend
U+068Bڋda 8bappend
U+068Cڌda 8cappend
U+068Dڍda 8dappend
U+068Eڎda 8eappend
U+068Fڏda 8fappend
U+0690ڐda 90append
U+0691ڑda 91append
U+0692ڒda 92append
U+0693ړda 93append
U+0694ڔda 94append
U+0695ڕda 95append
U+0696ږda 96append
U+0697ڗda 97append
U+0698ژda 98append
U+0699ڙda 99append
U+069Aښda 9aappend
U+069Bڛda 9bappend
U+069Cڜda 9cappend
U+069Dڝda 9dappend
U+069Eڞda 9eappend
U+069Fڟda 9fappend
U+06A0ڠda a0append
U+06A1ڡda a1append
U+06A2ڢda a2append
U+06A3ڣda a3append
U+06A4ڤda a4append
U+06A5ڥda a5append
U+06A6ڦda a6append
U+06A7ڧda a7append
U+06A8ڨda a8append
U+06A9کda a9append
U+06AAڪda aaappend
U+06ABګda abappend
U+06ACڬda acappend
U+06ADڭda adappend
U+06AEڮda aeappend
U+06AFگda afappend
U+06B0ڰda b0append
U+06B1ڱda b1append
U+06B2ڲda b2append
U+06B3ڳda b3append
U+06B4ڴda b4append
U+06B5ڵda b5append
U+06B6ڶda b6append
U+06B7ڷda b7append
U+06B8ڸda b8append
U+06B9ڹda b9append
U+06BAںda baappend
U+06BBڻda bbappend
U+06BCڼda bcappend
U+06BDڽda bdappend
U+06BEھda beappend
U+06BFڿda bfappend
U+06C0ۀdb 80append
U+06C1ہdb 81append
U+06C2ۂdb 82append
U+06C3ۃdb 83append
U+06C4ۄdb 84append
U+06C5ۅdb 85append
U+06C6ۆdb 86append
U+06C7ۇdb 87append
U+06C8ۈdb 88append
U+06C9ۉdb 89append
U+06CAۊdb 8aappend
U+06CBۋdb 8bappend
U+06CCیdb 8cappend
U+06CDۍdb 8dappend
U+06CEێdb 8eappend
U+06CFۏdb 8fappend
U+06D0ېdb 90append
U+06D1ۑdb 91append
U+06D2ےdb 92append
U+06D3ۓdb 93append
U+06D4۔db 94append
U+06D5ەdb 95append
U+06D6ۖdb 96append
U+06D7ۗdb 97append
U+06D8ۘdb 98append
U+06D9ۙdb 99append
U+06DAۚdb 9aappend
U+06DBۛdb 9bappend
U+06DCۜdb 9cappend
U+06DD۝db 9dappend
U+06DE۞db 9eappend
U+06DF۟db 9fappend
U+06E0۠db a0append
U+06E1ۡdb a1append
U+06E2ۢdb a2append
U+06E3ۣdb a3append
U+06E4ۤdb a4append
U+06E5ۥdb a5append
U+06E6ۦdb a6append
U+06E7ۧdb a7append
U+06E8ۨdb a8append
U+06E9۩db a9append
U+06EA۪db aaappend
U+06EB۫db abappend
U+06EC۬db acappend
U+06EDۭdb adappend
U+06EEۮdb aeappend
U+06EFۯdb afappend
U+06F0۰db b0append
U+06F1۱db b1append
U+06F2۲db b2append
U+06F3۳db b3append
U+06F4۴db b4append
U+06F5۵db b5append
U+06F6۶db b6append
U+06F7۷db b7append
U+06F8۸db b8append
U+06F9۹db b9append
U+06FAۺdb baappend
U+06FBۻdb bbappend
U+06FCۼdb bcappend
U+06FD۽db bdappend
U+06FE۾db beappend
U+06FFۿdb bfappend
U+0700܀dc 80append
U+0701܁dc 81append
U+0702܂dc 82append
U+0703܃dc 83append
U+0704܄dc 84append
U+0705܅dc 85append
U+0706܆dc 86append
U+0707܇dc 87append
U+0708܈dc 88append
U+0709܉dc 89append
U+070A܊dc 8aappend
U+070B܋dc 8bappend
U+070C܌dc 8cappend
U+070D܍dc 8dappend
U+070E܎dc 8eappend
U+070F܏dc 8fappend
U+0710ܐdc 90append
U+0711ܑdc 91append
U+0712ܒdc 92append
U+0713ܓdc 93append
U+0714ܔdc 94append
U+0715ܕdc 95append
U+0716ܖdc 96append
U+0717ܗdc 97append
U+0718ܘdc 98append
U+0719ܙdc 99append
U+071Aܚdc 9aappend
U+071Bܛdc 9bappend
U+071Cܜdc 9cappend
U+071Dܝdc 9dappend
U+071Eܞdc 9eappend
U+071Fܟdc 9fappend
U+0720ܠdc a0append
U+0721ܡdc a1append
U+0722ܢdc a2append
U+0723ܣdc a3append
U+0724ܤdc a4append
U+0725ܥdc a5append
U+0726ܦdc a6append
U+0727ܧdc a7append
U+0728ܨdc a8append
U+0729ܩdc a9append
U+072Aܪdc aaappend
U+072Bܫdc abappend
U+072Cܬdc acappend
U+072Dܭdc adappend
U+072Eܮdc aeappend
U+072Fܯdc afappend
U+0730ܰdc b0append
U+0731ܱdc b1append
U+0732ܲdc b2append
U+0733ܳdc b3append
U+0734ܴdc b4append
U+0735ܵdc b5append
U+0736ܶdc b6append
U+0737ܷdc b7append
U+0738ܸdc b8append
U+0739ܹdc b9append
U+073Aܺdc baappend
U+073Bܻdc bbappend
U+073Cܼdc bcappend
U+073Dܽdc bdappend
U+073Eܾdc beappend
U+073Fܿdc bfappend
U+0740݀dd 80append
U+0741݁dd 81append
U+0742݂dd 82append
U+0743݃dd 83append
U+0744݄dd 84append
U+0745݅dd 85append
U+0746݆dd 86append
U+0747݇dd 87append
U+0748݈dd 88append
U+0749݉dd 89append
U+074A݊dd 8aappend
U+074B݋dd 8bappend
U+074C݌dd 8cappend
U+074Dݍdd 8dappend
U+074Eݎdd 8eappend
U+074Fݏdd 8fappend
U+0750ݐdd 90append
U+0751ݑdd 91append
U+0752ݒdd 92append
U+0753ݓdd 93append
U+0754ݔdd 94append
U+0755ݕdd 95append
U+0756ݖdd 96append
U+0757ݗdd 97append
U+0758ݘdd 98append
U+0759ݙdd 99append
U+075Aݚdd 9aappend
U+075Bݛdd 9bappend
U+075Cݜdd 9cappend
U+075Dݝdd 9dappend
U+075Eݞdd 9eappend
U+075Fݟdd 9fappend
U+0760ݠdd a0append
U+0761ݡdd a1append
U+0762ݢdd a2append
U+0763ݣdd a3append
U+0764ݤdd a4append
U+0765ݥdd a5append
U+0766ݦdd a6append
U+0767ݧdd a7append
U+0768ݨdd a8append
U+0769ݩdd a9append
U+076Aݪdd aaappend
U+076Bݫdd abappend
U+076Cݬdd acappend
U+076Dݭdd adappend
U+076Eݮdd aeappend
U+076Fݯdd afappend
U+0770ݰdd b0append
U+0771ݱdd b1append
U+0772ݲdd b2append
U+0773ݳdd b3append
U+0774ݴdd b4append
U+0775ݵdd b5append
U+0776ݶdd b6append
U+0777ݷdd b7append
U+0778ݸdd b8append
U+0779ݹdd b9append
U+077Aݺdd baappend
U+077Bݻdd bbappend
U+077Cݼdd bcappend
U+077Dݽdd bdappend
U+077Eݾdd beappend
U+077Fݿdd bfappend
U+0780ހde 80append
U+0781ށde 81append
U+0782ނde 82append
U+0783ރde 83append
U+0784ބde 84append
U+0785ޅde 85append
U+0786ކde 86append
U+0787އde 87append
U+0788ވde 88append
U+0789މde 89append
U+078Aފde 8aappend
U+078Bދde 8bappend
U+078Cތde 8cappend
U+078Dލde 8dappend
U+078Eގde 8eappend
U+078Fޏde 8fappend
U+0790ސde 90append
U+0791ޑde 91append
U+0792ޒde 92append
U+0793ޓde 93append
U+0794ޔde 94append
U+0795ޕde 95append
U+0796ޖde 96append
U+0797ޗde 97append
U+0798ޘde 98append
U+0799ޙde 99append
U+079Aޚde 9aappend
U+079Bޛde 9bappend
U+079Cޜde 9cappend
U+079Dޝde 9dappend
U+079Eޞde 9eappend
U+079Fޟde 9fappend
U+07A0ޠde a0append
U+07A1ޡde a1append
U+07A2ޢde a2append
U+07A3ޣde a3append
U+07A4ޤde a4append
U+07A5ޥde a5append
U+07A6ަde a6append
U+07A7ާde a7append
U+07A8ިde a8append
U+07A9ީde a9append
U+07AAުde aaappend
U+07ABޫde abappend
U+07ACެde acappend
U+07ADޭde adappend
U+07AEޮde aeappend
U+07AFޯde afappend
U+07B0ްde b0append
U+07B1ޱde b1append
U+07B2޲de b2append
U+07B3޳de b3append
U+07B4޴de b4append
U+07B5޵de b5append
U+07B6޶de b6append
U+07B7޷de b7append
U+07B8޸de b8append
U+07B9޹de b9append
U+07BA޺de baappend
U+07BB޻de bbappend
U+07BC޼de bcappend
U+07BD޽de bdappend
U+07BE޾de beappend
U+07BF޿de bfappend
U+07C0߀df 80append
U+07C1߁df 81append
U+07C2߂df 82append
U+07C3߃df 83append
U+07C4߄df 84append
U+07C5߅df 85append
U+07C6߆df 86append
U+07C7߇df 87append
U+07C8߈df 88append
U+07C9߉df 89append
U+07CAߊdf 8aappend
U+07CBߋdf 8bappend
U+07CCߌdf 8cappend
U+07CDߍdf 8dappend
U+07CEߎdf 8eappend
U+07CFߏdf 8fappend
U+07D0ߐdf 90append
U+07D1ߑdf 91append
U+07D2ߒdf 92append
U+07D3ߓdf 93append
U+07D4ߔdf 94append
U+07D5ߕdf 95append
U+07D6ߖdf 96append
U+07D7ߗdf 97append
U+07D8ߘdf 98append
U+07D9ߙdf 99append
U+07DAߚdf 9aappend
U+07DBߛdf 9bappend
U+07DCߜdf 9cappend
U+07DDߝdf 9dappend
U+07DEߞdf 9eappend
U+07DFߟdf 9fappend
U+07E0ߠdf a0append
U+07E1ߡdf a1append
U+07E2ߢdf a2append
U+07E3ߣdf a3append
U+07E4ߤdf a4append
U+07E5ߥdf a5append
U+07E6ߦdf a6append
U+07E7ߧdf a7append
U+07E8ߨdf a8append
U+07E9ߩdf a9append
U+07EAߪdf aaappend
U+07EB߫df abappend
U+07EC߬df acappend
U+07ED߭df adappend
U+07EE߮df aeappend
U+07EF߯df afappend
U+07F0߰df b0append
U+07F1߱df b1append
U+07F2߲df b2append
U+07F3߳df b3append
U+07F4ߴdf b4append
U+07F5ߵdf b5append
U+07F6߶df b6append
U+07F7߷df b7append
U+07F8߸df b8append
U+07F9߹df b9append
U+07FAߺdf baappend
U+07FB߻df bbappend
U+07FC߼df bcappend
U+07FD߽df bdappend
U+07FE߾df beappend
U+07FF߿df bfappend
U+0800e0 a0 80append
U+0801e0 a0 81append
U+0802e0 a0 82append
U+0803e0 a0 83append
U+0804e0 a0 84append
U+0805e0 a0 85append
U+0806e0 a0 86append
U+0807e0 a0 87append
U+0808e0 a0 88append
U+0809e0 a0 89append
U+080Ae0 a0 8aappend
U+080Be0 a0 8bappend
U+080Ce0 a0 8cappend
U+080De0 a0 8dappend
U+080Ee0 a0 8eappend
U+080Fe0 a0 8fappend
U+0810e0 a0 90append
U+0811e0 a0 91append
U+0812e0 a0 92append
U+0813e0 a0 93append
U+0814e0 a0 94append
U+0815e0 a0 95append
U+0816e0 a0 96append
U+0817e0 a0 97append
U+0818e0 a0 98append
U+0819e0 a0 99append
U+081Ae0 a0 9aappend
U+081Be0 a0 9bappend
U+081Ce0 a0 9cappend
U+081De0 a0 9dappend
U+081Ee0 a0 9eappend
U+081Fe0 a0 9fappend
U+0820e0 a0 a0append
U+0821e0 a0 a1append
U+0822e0 a0 a2append
U+0823e0 a0 a3append
U+0824e0 a0 a4append
U+0825e0 a0 a5append
U+0826e0 a0 a6append
U+0827e0 a0 a7append
U+0828e0 a0 a8append
U+0829e0 a0 a9append
U+082Ae0 a0 aaappend
U+082Be0 a0 abappend
U+082Ce0 a0 acappend
U+082De0 a0 adappend
U+082Ee0 a0 aeappend
U+082Fe0 a0 afappend
U+0830e0 a0 b0append
U+0831e0 a0 b1append
U+0832e0 a0 b2append
U+0833e0 a0 b3append
U+0834e0 a0 b4append
U+0835e0 a0 b5append
U+0836e0 a0 b6append
U+0837e0 a0 b7append
U+0838e0 a0 b8append
U+0839e0 a0 b9append
U+083Ae0 a0 baappend
U+083Be0 a0 bbappend
U+083Ce0 a0 bcappend
U+083De0 a0 bdappend
U+083Ee0 a0 beappend
U+083Fe0 a0 bfappend
U+0840e0 a1 80append
U+0841e0 a1 81append
U+0842e0 a1 82append
U+0843e0 a1 83append
U+0844e0 a1 84append
U+0845e0 a1 85append
U+0846e0 a1 86append
U+0847e0 a1 87append
U+0848e0 a1 88append
U+0849e0 a1 89append
U+084Ae0 a1 8aappend
U+084Be0 a1 8bappend
U+084Ce0 a1 8cappend
U+084De0 a1 8dappend
U+084Ee0 a1 8eappend
U+084Fe0 a1 8fappend
U+0850e0 a1 90append
U+0851e0 a1 91append
U+0852e0 a1 92append
U+0853e0 a1 93append
U+0854e0 a1 94append
U+0855e0 a1 95append
U+0856e0 a1 96append
U+0857e0 a1 97append
U+0858e0 a1 98append
U+0859e0 a1 99append
U+085Ae0 a1 9aappend
U+085Be0 a1 9bappend
U+085Ce0 a1 9cappend
U+085De0 a1 9dappend
U+085Ee0 a1 9eappend
U+085Fe0 a1 9fappend
U+0860e0 a1 a0append
U+0861e0 a1 a1append
U+0862e0 a1 a2append
U+0863e0 a1 a3append
U+0864e0 a1 a4append
U+0865e0 a1 a5append
U+0866e0 a1 a6append
U+0867e0 a1 a7append
U+0868e0 a1 a8append
U+0869e0 a1 a9append
U+086Ae0 a1 aaappend
U+086Be0 a1 abappend
U+086Ce0 a1 acappend
U+086De0 a1 adappend
U+086Ee0 a1 aeappend
U+086Fe0 a1 afappend
U+0870e0 a1 b0append
U+0871e0 a1 b1append
U+0872e0 a1 b2append
U+0873e0 a1 b3append
U+0874e0 a1 b4append
U+0875e0 a1 b5append
U+0876e0 a1 b6append
U+0877e0 a1 b7append
U+0878e0 a1 b8append
U+0879e0 a1 b9append
U+087Ae0 a1 baappend
U+087Be0 a1 bbappend
U+087Ce0 a1 bcappend
U+087De0 a1 bdappend
U+087Ee0 a1 beappend
U+087Fe0 a1 bfappend
U+0880e0 a2 80append
U+0881e0 a2 81append
U+0882e0 a2 82append
U+0883e0 a2 83append
U+0884e0 a2 84append
U+0885e0 a2 85append
U+0886e0 a2 86append
U+0887e0 a2 87append
U+0888e0 a2 88append
U+0889e0 a2 89append
U+088Ae0 a2 8aappend
U+088Be0 a2 8bappend
U+088Ce0 a2 8cappend
U+088De0 a2 8dappend
U+088Ee0 a2 8eappend
U+088Fe0 a2 8fappend
U+0890e0 a2 90append
U+0891e0 a2 91append
U+0892e0 a2 92append
U+0893e0 a2 93append
U+0894e0 a2 94append
U+0895e0 a2 95append
U+0896e0 a2 96append
U+0897e0 a2 97append
U+0898e0 a2 98append
U+0899e0 a2 99append
U+089Ae0 a2 9aappend
U+089Be0 a2 9bappend
U+089Ce0 a2 9cappend
U+089De0 a2 9dappend
U+089Ee0 a2 9eappend
U+089Fe0 a2 9fappend
U+08A0e0 a2 a0append
U+08A1e0 a2 a1append
U+08A2e0 a2 a2append
U+08A3e0 a2 a3append
U+08A4e0 a2 a4append
U+08A5e0 a2 a5append
U+08A6e0 a2 a6append
U+08A7e0 a2 a7append
U+08A8e0 a2 a8append
U+08A9e0 a2 a9append
U+08AAe0 a2 aaappend
U+08ABe0 a2 abappend
U+08ACe0 a2 acappend
U+08ADe0 a2 adappend
U+08AEe0 a2 aeappend
U+08AFe0 a2 afappend
U+08B0e0 a2 b0append
U+08B1e0 a2 b1append
U+08B2e0 a2 b2append
U+08B3e0 a2 b3append
U+08B4e0 a2 b4append
U+08B5e0 a2 b5append
U+08B6e0 a2 b6append
U+08B7e0 a2 b7append
U+08B8e0 a2 b8append
U+08B9e0 a2 b9append
U+08BAe0 a2 baappend
U+08BBe0 a2 bbappend
U+08BCe0 a2 bcappend
U+08BDe0 a2 bdappend
U+08BEe0 a2 beappend
U+08BFe0 a2 bfappend
U+08C0e0 a3 80append
U+08C1e0 a3 81append
U+08C2e0 a3 82append
U+08C3e0 a3 83append
U+08C4e0 a3 84append
U+08C5e0 a3 85append
U+08C6e0 a3 86append
U+08C7e0 a3 87append
U+08C8e0 a3 88append
U+08C9e0 a3 89append
U+08CAe0 a3 8aappend
U+08CBe0 a3 8bappend
U+08CCe0 a3 8cappend
U+08CDe0 a3 8dappend
U+08CEe0 a3 8eappend
U+08CFe0 a3 8fappend
U+08D0e0 a3 90append
U+08D1e0 a3 91append
U+08D2e0 a3 92append
U+08D3e0 a3 93append
U+08D4e0 a3 94append
U+08D5e0 a3 95append
U+08D6e0 a3 96append
U+08D7e0 a3 97append
U+08D8e0 a3 98append
U+08D9e0 a3 99append
U+08DAe0 a3 9aappend
U+08DBe0 a3 9bappend
U+08DCe0 a3 9cappend
U+08DDe0 a3 9dappend
U+08DEe0 a3 9eappend
U+08DFe0 a3 9fappend
U+08E0e0 a3 a0append
U+08E1e0 a3 a1append
U+08E2e0 a3 a2append
U+08E3e0 a3 a3append
U+08E4e0 a3 a4append
U+08E5e0 a3 a5append
U+08E6e0 a3 a6append
U+08E7e0 a3 a7append
U+08E8e0 a3 a8append
U+08E9e0 a3 a9append
U+08EAe0 a3 aaappend
U+08EBe0 a3 abappend
U+08ECe0 a3 acappend
U+08EDe0 a3 adappend
U+08EEe0 a3 aeappend
U+08EFe0 a3 afappend
U+08F0e0 a3 b0append
U+08F1e0 a3 b1append
U+08F2e0 a3 b2append
U+08F3e0 a3 b3append
U+08F4e0 a3 b4append
U+08F5e0 a3 b5append
U+08F6e0 a3 b6append
U+08F7e0 a3 b7append
U+08F8e0 a3 b8append
U+08F9e0 a3 b9append
U+08FAe0 a3 baappend
U+08FBe0 a3 bbappend
U+08FCe0 a3 bcappend
U+08FDe0 a3 bdappend
U+08FEe0 a3 beappend
U+08FFe0 a3 bfappend