UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0100 to U+01FF

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Unicode U+0177
UTF-8 c5 b7
code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
HTML 4.0 character entities numerical HTML encoding
of the Unicode character
U+0100Āc4 80append ĀĀ
U+0101āc4 81append āā
U+0102Ăc4 82append ĂĂ
U+0103ăc4 83append ăă
U+0104Ąc4 84append ĄĄ
U+0105ąc4 85append ąą
U+0106Ćc4 86append ĆĆ
U+0107ćc4 87append ćć
U+0108Ĉc4 88append ĈĈ
U+0109ĉc4 89append ĉĉ
U+010AĊc4 8aappend ĊĊ
U+010Bċc4 8bappend ċċ
U+010CČc4 8cappend ČČ
U+010Dčc4 8dappend čč
U+010EĎc4 8eappend ĎĎ
U+010Fďc4 8fappend ďď
U+0110Đc4 90append ĐĐ
U+0111đc4 91append đđ
U+0112Ēc4 92append ĒĒ
U+0113ēc4 93append ēē
U+0114Ĕc4 94append ĔĔ
U+0115ĕc4 95append ĕĕ
U+0116Ėc4 96append ĖĖ
U+0117ėc4 97append ėė
U+0118Ęc4 98append ĘĘ
U+0119ęc4 99append ęę
U+011AĚc4 9aappend ĚĚ
U+011Běc4 9bappend ěě
U+011CĜc4 9cappend ĜĜ
U+011Dĝc4 9dappend ĝĝ
U+011EĞc4 9eappend ĞĞ
U+011Fğc4 9fappend ğğ
U+0120Ġc4 a0append ĠĠ
U+0121ġc4 a1append ġġ
U+0122Ģc4 a2append ĢĢ
U+0123ģc4 a3append ģģ
U+0124Ĥc4 a4append ĤĤ
U+0125ĥc4 a5append ĥĥ
U+0126Ħc4 a6append ĦĦ
U+0127ħc4 a7append ħħ
U+0128Ĩc4 a8append ĨĨ
U+0129ĩc4 a9append ĩĩ
U+012AĪc4 aaappend ĪĪ
U+012Bīc4 abappend īī
U+012CĬc4 acappend ĬĬ
U+012Dĭc4 adappend ĭĭ
U+012EĮc4 aeappend ĮĮ
U+012Fįc4 afappend įį
U+0130İc4 b0append İİ
U+0131ıc4 b1append ıı
U+0132IJc4 b2append IJIJ
U+0133ijc4 b3append ijij
U+0134Ĵc4 b4append ĴĴ
U+0135ĵc4 b5append ĵĵ
U+0136Ķc4 b6append ĶĶ
U+0137ķc4 b7append ķķ
U+0138ĸc4 b8append ĸĸ
U+0139Ĺc4 b9append ĹĹ
U+013Aĺc4 baappend ĺĺ
U+013BĻc4 bbappend ĻĻ
U+013Cļc4 bcappend ļļ
U+013DĽc4 bdappend ĽĽ
U+013Eľc4 beappend ľľ
U+013FĿc4 bfappend ĿĿ
U+0140ŀc5 80append ŀŀ
U+0141Łc5 81append ŁŁ
U+0142łc5 82append łł
U+0143Ńc5 83append ŃŃ
U+0144ńc5 84append ńń
U+0145Ņc5 85append ŅŅ
U+0146ņc5 86append ņņ
U+0147Ňc5 87append ŇŇ
U+0148ňc5 88append ňň
U+0149ʼnc5 89append ʼnʼn
U+014AŊc5 8aappend ŊŊ
U+014Bŋc5 8bappend ŋŋ
U+014CŌc5 8cappend ŌŌ
U+014Dōc5 8dappend ōō
U+014EŎc5 8eappend ŎŎ
U+014Fŏc5 8fappend ŏŏ
U+0150Őc5 90append ŐŐ
U+0151őc5 91append őő
U+0152Œc5 92appendŒŒ ŒŒ
U+0153œc5 93appendœœ œœ
U+0154Ŕc5 94append ŔŔ
U+0155ŕc5 95append ŕŕ
U+0156Ŗc5 96append ŖŖ
U+0157ŗc5 97append ŗŗ
U+0158Řc5 98append ŘŘ
U+0159řc5 99append řř
U+015AŚc5 9aappend ŚŚ
U+015Bśc5 9bappend śś
U+015CŜc5 9cappend ŜŜ
U+015Dŝc5 9dappend ŝŝ
U+015EŞc5 9eappend ŞŞ
U+015Fşc5 9fappend şş
U+0160Šc5 a0appendŠŠ ŠŠ
U+0161šc5 a1appendšš šš
U+0162Ţc5 a2append ŢŢ
U+0163ţc5 a3append ţţ
U+0164Ťc5 a4append ŤŤ
U+0165ťc5 a5append ťť
U+0166Ŧc5 a6append ŦŦ
U+0167ŧc5 a7append ŧŧ
U+0168Ũc5 a8append ŨŨ
U+0169ũc5 a9append ũũ
U+016AŪc5 aaappend ŪŪ
U+016Būc5 abappend ūū
U+016CŬc5 acappend ŬŬ
U+016Dŭc5 adappend ŭŭ
U+016EŮc5 aeappend ŮŮ
U+016Fůc5 afappend ůů
U+0170Űc5 b0append ŰŰ
U+0171űc5 b1append űű
U+0172Ųc5 b2append ŲŲ
U+0173ųc5 b3append ųų
U+0174Ŵc5 b4append ŴŴ
U+0175ŵc5 b5append ŵŵ
U+0176Ŷc5 b6append ŶŶ
U+0177ŷc5 b7append ŷŷ
U+0178Ÿc5 b8appendŸŸ ŸŸ
U+0179Źc5 b9append ŹŹ
U+017Aźc5 baappend źź
U+017BŻc5 bbappend ŻŻ
U+017Cżc5 bcappend żż
U+017DŽc5 bdappend ŽŽ
U+017Ežc5 beappend žž
U+017Fſc5 bfappend ſſ
U+0180ƀc6 80append ƀƀ
U+0181Ɓc6 81append ƁƁ
U+0182Ƃc6 82append ƂƂ
U+0183ƃc6 83append ƃƃ
U+0184Ƅc6 84append ƄƄ
U+0185ƅc6 85append ƅƅ
U+0186Ɔc6 86append ƆƆ
U+0187Ƈc6 87append ƇƇ
U+0188ƈc6 88append ƈƈ
U+0189Ɖc6 89append ƉƉ
U+018AƊc6 8aappend ƊƊ
U+018BƋc6 8bappend ƋƋ
U+018Cƌc6 8cappend ƌƌ
U+018Dƍc6 8dappend ƍƍ
U+018EƎc6 8eappend ƎƎ
U+018FƏc6 8fappend ƏƏ
U+0190Ɛc6 90append ƐƐ
U+0191Ƒc6 91append ƑƑ
U+0192ƒc6 92appendƒƒ ƒƒ
U+0193Ɠc6 93append ƓƓ
U+0194Ɣc6 94append ƔƔ
U+0195ƕc6 95append ƕƕ
U+0196Ɩc6 96append ƖƖ
U+0197Ɨc6 97append ƗƗ
U+0198Ƙc6 98append ƘƘ
U+0199ƙc6 99append ƙƙ
U+019Aƚc6 9aappend ƚƚ
U+019Bƛc6 9bappend ƛƛ
U+019CƜc6 9cappend ƜƜ
U+019DƝc6 9dappend ƝƝ
U+019Eƞc6 9eappend ƞƞ
U+019FƟc6 9fappend ƟƟ
U+01A0Ơc6 a0append ƠƠ
U+01A1ơc6 a1append ơơ
U+01A2Ƣc6 a2append ƢƢ
U+01A3ƣc6 a3append ƣƣ
U+01A4Ƥc6 a4append ƤƤ
U+01A5ƥc6 a5append ƥƥ
U+01A6Ʀc6 a6append ƦƦ
U+01A7Ƨc6 a7append ƧƧ
U+01A8ƨc6 a8append ƨƨ
U+01A9Ʃc6 a9append ƩƩ
U+01AAƪc6 aaappend ƪƪ
U+01ABƫc6 abappend ƫƫ
U+01ACƬc6 acappend ƬƬ
U+01ADƭc6 adappend ƭƭ
U+01AEƮc6 aeappend ƮƮ
U+01AFƯc6 afappend ƯƯ
U+01B0ưc6 b0append ưư
U+01B1Ʊc6 b1append ƱƱ
U+01B2Ʋc6 b2append ƲƲ
U+01B3Ƴc6 b3append ƳƳ
U+01B4ƴc6 b4append ƴƴ
U+01B5Ƶc6 b5append ƵƵ
U+01B6ƶc6 b6append ƶƶ
U+01B7Ʒc6 b7append ƷƷ
U+01B8Ƹc6 b8append ƸƸ
U+01B9ƹc6 b9append ƹƹ
U+01BAƺc6 baappend ƺƺ
U+01BBƻc6 bbappend ƻƻ
U+01BCƼc6 bcappend ƼƼ
U+01BDƽc6 bdappend ƽƽ
U+01BEƾc6 beappend ƾƾ
U+01BFƿc6 bfappend ƿƿ
U+01C0ǀc7 80append ǀǀ
U+01C1ǁc7 81append ǁǁ
U+01C2ǂc7 82append ǂǂ
U+01C3ǃc7 83append ǃǃ
U+01C4DŽc7 84append DŽDŽ
U+01C5Džc7 85append DžDž
U+01C6džc7 86append dždž
U+01C7LJc7 87append LJLJ
U+01C8Ljc7 88append LjLj
U+01C9ljc7 89append ljlj
U+01CANJc7 8aappend NJNJ
U+01CBNjc7 8bappend NjNj
U+01CCnjc7 8cappend njnj
U+01CDǍc7 8dappend ǍǍ
U+01CEǎc7 8eappend ǎǎ
U+01CFǏc7 8fappend ǏǏ
U+01D0ǐc7 90append ǐǐ
U+01D1Ǒc7 91append ǑǑ
U+01D2ǒc7 92append ǒǒ
U+01D3Ǔc7 93append ǓǓ
U+01D4ǔc7 94append ǔǔ
U+01D5Ǖc7 95append ǕǕ
U+01D6ǖc7 96append ǖǖ
U+01D7Ǘc7 97append ǗǗ
U+01D8ǘc7 98append ǘǘ
U+01D9Ǚc7 99append ǙǙ
U+01DAǚc7 9aappend ǚǚ
U+01DBǛc7 9bappend ǛǛ
U+01DCǜc7 9cappend ǜǜ
U+01DDǝc7 9dappend ǝǝ
U+01DEǞc7 9eappend ǞǞ
U+01DFǟc7 9fappend ǟǟ
U+01E0Ǡc7 a0append ǠǠ
U+01E1ǡc7 a1append ǡǡ
U+01E2Ǣc7 a2append ǢǢ
U+01E3ǣc7 a3append ǣǣ
U+01E4Ǥc7 a4append ǤǤ
U+01E5ǥc7 a5append ǥǥ
U+01E6Ǧc7 a6append ǦǦ
U+01E7ǧc7 a7append ǧǧ
U+01E8Ǩc7 a8append ǨǨ
U+01E9ǩc7 a9append ǩǩ
U+01EAǪc7 aaappend ǪǪ
U+01EBǫc7 abappend ǫǫ
U+01ECǬc7 acappend ǬǬ
U+01EDǭc7 adappend ǭǭ
U+01EEǮc7 aeappend ǮǮ
U+01EFǯc7 afappend ǯǯ
U+01F0ǰc7 b0append ǰǰ
U+01F1DZc7 b1append DZDZ
U+01F2Dzc7 b2append DzDz
U+01F3dzc7 b3append dzdz
U+01F4Ǵc7 b4append ǴǴ
U+01F5ǵc7 b5append ǵǵ
U+01F6Ƕc7 b6append ǶǶ
U+01F7Ƿc7 b7append ǷǷ
U+01F8Ǹc7 b8append ǸǸ
U+01F9ǹc7 b9append ǹǹ
U+01FAǺc7 baappend ǺǺ
U+01FBǻc7 bbappend ǻǻ
U+01FCǼc7 bcappend ǼǼ
U+01FDǽc7 bdappend ǽǽ
U+01FEǾc7 beappend ǾǾ
U+01FFǿc7 bfappend ǿǿ