UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0100 to U+01FF

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U+0100Ā0xc4 0x80append
U+0101ā0xc4 0x81append
U+0102Ă0xc4 0x82append
U+0103ă0xc4 0x83append
U+0104Ą0xc4 0x84append
U+0105ą0xc4 0x85append
U+0106Ć0xc4 0x86append
U+0107ć0xc4 0x87append
U+0108Ĉ0xc4 0x88append
U+0109ĉ0xc4 0x89append
U+010AĊ0xc4 0x8aappend
U+010Bċ0xc4 0x8bappend
U+010CČ0xc4 0x8cappend
U+010Dč0xc4 0x8dappend
U+010EĎ0xc4 0x8eappend
U+010Fď0xc4 0x8fappend
U+0110Đ0xc4 0x90append
U+0111đ0xc4 0x91append
U+0112Ē0xc4 0x92append
U+0113ē0xc4 0x93append
U+0114Ĕ0xc4 0x94append
U+0115ĕ0xc4 0x95append
U+0116Ė0xc4 0x96append
U+0117ė0xc4 0x97append
U+0118Ę0xc4 0x98append
U+0119ę0xc4 0x99append
U+011AĚ0xc4 0x9aappend
U+011Bě0xc4 0x9bappend
U+011CĜ0xc4 0x9cappend
U+011Dĝ0xc4 0x9dappend
U+011EĞ0xc4 0x9eappend
U+011Fğ0xc4 0x9fappend
U+0120Ġ0xc4 0xa0append
U+0121ġ0xc4 0xa1append
U+0122Ģ0xc4 0xa2append
U+0123ģ0xc4 0xa3append
U+0124Ĥ0xc4 0xa4append
U+0125ĥ0xc4 0xa5append
U+0126Ħ0xc4 0xa6append
U+0127ħ0xc4 0xa7append
U+0128Ĩ0xc4 0xa8append
U+0129ĩ0xc4 0xa9append
U+012AĪ0xc4 0xaaappend
U+012Bī0xc4 0xabappend
U+012CĬ0xc4 0xacappend
U+012Dĭ0xc4 0xadappend
U+012EĮ0xc4 0xaeappend
U+012Fį0xc4 0xafappend
U+0130İ0xc4 0xb0append
U+0131ı0xc4 0xb1append
U+0132IJ0xc4 0xb2append
U+0133ij0xc4 0xb3append
U+0134Ĵ0xc4 0xb4append
U+0135ĵ0xc4 0xb5append
U+0136Ķ0xc4 0xb6append
U+0137ķ0xc4 0xb7append
U+0138ĸ0xc4 0xb8append
U+0139Ĺ0xc4 0xb9append
U+013Aĺ0xc4 0xbaappend
U+013BĻ0xc4 0xbbappend
U+013Cļ0xc4 0xbcappend
U+013DĽ0xc4 0xbdappend
U+013Eľ0xc4 0xbeappend
U+013FĿ0xc4 0xbfappend
U+0140ŀ0xc5 0x80append
U+0141Ł0xc5 0x81append
U+0142ł0xc5 0x82append
U+0143Ń0xc5 0x83append
U+0144ń0xc5 0x84append
U+0145Ņ0xc5 0x85append
U+0146ņ0xc5 0x86append
U+0147Ň0xc5 0x87append
U+0148ň0xc5 0x88append
U+0149ʼn0xc5 0x89append
U+014AŊ0xc5 0x8aappend
U+014Bŋ0xc5 0x8bappend
U+014CŌ0xc5 0x8cappend
U+014Dō0xc5 0x8dappend
U+014EŎ0xc5 0x8eappend
U+014Fŏ0xc5 0x8fappend
U+0150Ő0xc5 0x90append
U+0151ő0xc5 0x91append
U+0152Œ0xc5 0x92append
U+0153œ0xc5 0x93append
U+0154Ŕ0xc5 0x94append
U+0155ŕ0xc5 0x95append
U+0156Ŗ0xc5 0x96append
U+0157ŗ0xc5 0x97append
U+0158Ř0xc5 0x98append
U+0159ř0xc5 0x99append
U+015AŚ0xc5 0x9aappend
U+015Bś0xc5 0x9bappend
U+015CŜ0xc5 0x9cappend
U+015Dŝ0xc5 0x9dappend
U+015EŞ0xc5 0x9eappend
U+015Fş0xc5 0x9fappend
U+0160Š0xc5 0xa0append
U+0161š0xc5 0xa1append
U+0162Ţ0xc5 0xa2append
U+0163ţ0xc5 0xa3append
U+0164Ť0xc5 0xa4append
U+0165ť0xc5 0xa5append
U+0166Ŧ0xc5 0xa6append
U+0167ŧ0xc5 0xa7append
U+0168Ũ0xc5 0xa8append
U+0169ũ0xc5 0xa9append
U+016AŪ0xc5 0xaaappend
U+016Bū0xc5 0xabappend
U+016CŬ0xc5 0xacappend
U+016Dŭ0xc5 0xadappend
U+016EŮ0xc5 0xaeappend
U+016Fů0xc5 0xafappend
U+0170Ű0xc5 0xb0append
U+0171ű0xc5 0xb1append
U+0172Ų0xc5 0xb2append
U+0173ų0xc5 0xb3append
U+0174Ŵ0xc5 0xb4append
U+0175ŵ0xc5 0xb5append
U+0176Ŷ0xc5 0xb6append
U+0177ŷ0xc5 0xb7append
U+0178Ÿ0xc5 0xb8append
U+0179Ź0xc5 0xb9append
U+017Aź0xc5 0xbaappend
U+017BŻ0xc5 0xbbappend
U+017Cż0xc5 0xbcappend
U+017DŽ0xc5 0xbdappend
U+017Ež0xc5 0xbeappend
U+017Fſ0xc5 0xbfappend
U+0180ƀ0xc6 0x80append
U+0181Ɓ0xc6 0x81append
U+0182Ƃ0xc6 0x82append
U+0183ƃ0xc6 0x83append
U+0184Ƅ0xc6 0x84append
U+0185ƅ0xc6 0x85append
U+0186Ɔ0xc6 0x86append
U+0187Ƈ0xc6 0x87append
U+0188ƈ0xc6 0x88append
U+0189Ɖ0xc6 0x89append
U+018AƊ0xc6 0x8aappend
U+018BƋ0xc6 0x8bappend
U+018Cƌ0xc6 0x8cappend
U+018Dƍ0xc6 0x8dappend
U+018EƎ0xc6 0x8eappend
U+018FƏ0xc6 0x8fappend
U+0190Ɛ0xc6 0x90append
U+0191Ƒ0xc6 0x91append
U+0192ƒ0xc6 0x92append
U+0193Ɠ0xc6 0x93append
U+0194Ɣ0xc6 0x94append
U+0195ƕ0xc6 0x95append
U+0196Ɩ0xc6 0x96append
U+0197Ɨ0xc6 0x97append
U+0198Ƙ0xc6 0x98append
U+0199ƙ0xc6 0x99append
U+019Aƚ0xc6 0x9aappend
U+019Bƛ0xc6 0x9bappend
U+019CƜ0xc6 0x9cappend
U+019DƝ0xc6 0x9dappend
U+019Eƞ0xc6 0x9eappend
U+019FƟ0xc6 0x9fappend
U+01A0Ơ0xc6 0xa0append
U+01A1ơ0xc6 0xa1append
U+01A2Ƣ0xc6 0xa2append
U+01A3ƣ0xc6 0xa3append
U+01A4Ƥ0xc6 0xa4append
U+01A5ƥ0xc6 0xa5append
U+01A6Ʀ0xc6 0xa6append
U+01A7Ƨ0xc6 0xa7append
U+01A8ƨ0xc6 0xa8append
U+01A9Ʃ0xc6 0xa9append
U+01AAƪ0xc6 0xaaappend
U+01ABƫ0xc6 0xabappend
U+01ACƬ0xc6 0xacappend
U+01ADƭ0xc6 0xadappend
U+01AEƮ0xc6 0xaeappend
U+01AFƯ0xc6 0xafappend
U+01B0ư0xc6 0xb0append
U+01B1Ʊ0xc6 0xb1append
U+01B2Ʋ0xc6 0xb2append
U+01B3Ƴ0xc6 0xb3append
U+01B4ƴ0xc6 0xb4append
U+01B5Ƶ0xc6 0xb5append
U+01B6ƶ0xc6 0xb6append
U+01B7Ʒ0xc6 0xb7append
U+01B8Ƹ0xc6 0xb8append
U+01B9ƹ0xc6 0xb9append
U+01BAƺ0xc6 0xbaappend
U+01BBƻ0xc6 0xbbappend
U+01BCƼ0xc6 0xbcappend
U+01BDƽ0xc6 0xbdappend
U+01BEƾ0xc6 0xbeappend
U+01BFƿ0xc6 0xbfappend
U+01C0ǀ0xc7 0x80append
U+01C1ǁ0xc7 0x81append
U+01C2ǂ0xc7 0x82append
U+01C3ǃ0xc7 0x83append
U+01C4DŽ0xc7 0x84append
U+01C5Dž0xc7 0x85append
U+01C6dž0xc7 0x86append
U+01C7LJ0xc7 0x87append
U+01C8Lj0xc7 0x88append
U+01C9lj0xc7 0x89append
U+01CANJ0xc7 0x8aappend
U+01CBNj0xc7 0x8bappend
U+01CCnj0xc7 0x8cappend
U+01CDǍ0xc7 0x8dappend
U+01CEǎ0xc7 0x8eappend
U+01CFǏ0xc7 0x8fappend
U+01D0ǐ0xc7 0x90append
U+01D1Ǒ0xc7 0x91append
U+01D2ǒ0xc7 0x92append
U+01D3Ǔ0xc7 0x93append
U+01D4ǔ0xc7 0x94append
U+01D5Ǖ0xc7 0x95append
U+01D6ǖ0xc7 0x96append
U+01D7Ǘ0xc7 0x97append
U+01D8ǘ0xc7 0x98append
U+01D9Ǚ0xc7 0x99append
U+01DAǚ0xc7 0x9aappend
U+01DBǛ0xc7 0x9bappend
U+01DCǜ0xc7 0x9cappend
U+01DDǝ0xc7 0x9dappend
U+01DEǞ0xc7 0x9eappend
U+01DFǟ0xc7 0x9fappend
U+01E0Ǡ0xc7 0xa0append
U+01E1ǡ0xc7 0xa1append
U+01E2Ǣ0xc7 0xa2append
U+01E3ǣ0xc7 0xa3append
U+01E4Ǥ0xc7 0xa4append
U+01E5ǥ0xc7 0xa5append
U+01E6Ǧ0xc7 0xa6append
U+01E7ǧ0xc7 0xa7append
U+01E8Ǩ0xc7 0xa8append
U+01E9ǩ0xc7 0xa9append
U+01EAǪ0xc7 0xaaappend
U+01EBǫ0xc7 0xabappend
U+01ECǬ0xc7 0xacappend
U+01EDǭ0xc7 0xadappend
U+01EEǮ0xc7 0xaeappend
U+01EFǯ0xc7 0xafappend
U+01F0ǰ0xc7 0xb0append
U+01F1DZ0xc7 0xb1append
U+01F2Dz0xc7 0xb2append
U+01F3dz0xc7 0xb3append
U+01F4Ǵ0xc7 0xb4append
U+01F5ǵ0xc7 0xb5append
U+01F6Ƕ0xc7 0xb6append
U+01F7Ƿ0xc7 0xb7append
U+01F8Ǹ0xc7 0xb8append
U+01F9ǹ0xc7 0xb9append
U+01FAǺ0xc7 0xbaappend
U+01FBǻ0xc7 0xbbappend
U+01FCǼ0xc7 0xbcappend
U+01FDǽ0xc7 0xbdappend
U+01FEǾ0xc7 0xbeappend
U+01FFǿ0xc7 0xbfappend