UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0A00 to U+0A7F

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Unicode U+005B
UTF-8 0x5b
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U+0A000xe0 0xa8 0x80਀
U+0A010xe0 0xa8 0x81ਁ GURMUKHI SIGN ADAK BINDI
U+0A020xe0 0xa8 0x82ਂ GURMUKHI SIGN BINDI
U+0A030xe0 0xa8 0x83ਃ GURMUKHI SIGN VISARGA
U+0A040xe0 0xa8 0x84਄
U+0A050xe0 0xa8 0x85ਅ GURMUKHI LETTER A
U+0A060xe0 0xa8 0x86ਆ GURMUKHI LETTER AA
U+0A070xe0 0xa8 0x87ਇ GURMUKHI LETTER I
U+0A080xe0 0xa8 0x88ਈ GURMUKHI LETTER II
U+0A090xe0 0xa8 0x89ਉ GURMUKHI LETTER U
U+0A0A0xe0 0xa8 0x8aਊ GURMUKHI LETTER UU
U+0A0B0xe0 0xa8 0x8b਋
U+0A0C0xe0 0xa8 0x8c਌
U+0A0D0xe0 0xa8 0x8d਍
U+0A0E0xe0 0xa8 0x8e਎
U+0A0F0xe0 0xa8 0x8fਏ GURMUKHI LETTER EE
U+0A100xe0 0xa8 0x90ਐ GURMUKHI LETTER AI
U+0A110xe0 0xa8 0x91਑
U+0A120xe0 0xa8 0x92਒
U+0A130xe0 0xa8 0x93ਓ GURMUKHI LETTER OO
U+0A140xe0 0xa8 0x94ਔ GURMUKHI LETTER AU
U+0A150xe0 0xa8 0x95ਕ GURMUKHI LETTER KA
U+0A160xe0 0xa8 0x96ਖ GURMUKHI LETTER KHA
U+0A170xe0 0xa8 0x97ਗ GURMUKHI LETTER GA
U+0A180xe0 0xa8 0x98ਘ GURMUKHI LETTER GHA
U+0A190xe0 0xa8 0x99ਙ GURMUKHI LETTER NGA
U+0A1A0xe0 0xa8 0x9aਚ GURMUKHI LETTER CA
U+0A1B0xe0 0xa8 0x9bਛ GURMUKHI LETTER CHA
U+0A1C0xe0 0xa8 0x9cਜ GURMUKHI LETTER JA
U+0A1D0xe0 0xa8 0x9dਝ GURMUKHI LETTER JHA
U+0A1E0xe0 0xa8 0x9eਞ GURMUKHI LETTER NYA
U+0A1F0xe0 0xa8 0x9fਟ GURMUKHI LETTER TTA
U+0A200xe0 0xa8 0xa0ਠ GURMUKHI LETTER TTHA
U+0A210xe0 0xa8 0xa1ਡ GURMUKHI LETTER DDA
U+0A220xe0 0xa8 0xa2ਢ GURMUKHI LETTER DDHA
U+0A230xe0 0xa8 0xa3ਣ GURMUKHI LETTER NNA
U+0A240xe0 0xa8 0xa4ਤ GURMUKHI LETTER TA
U+0A250xe0 0xa8 0xa5ਥ GURMUKHI LETTER THA
U+0A260xe0 0xa8 0xa6ਦ GURMUKHI LETTER DA
U+0A270xe0 0xa8 0xa7ਧ GURMUKHI LETTER DHA
U+0A280xe0 0xa8 0xa8ਨ GURMUKHI LETTER NA
U+0A290xe0 0xa8 0xa9਩
U+0A2A0xe0 0xa8 0xaaਪ GURMUKHI LETTER PA
U+0A2B0xe0 0xa8 0xabਫ GURMUKHI LETTER PHA
U+0A2C0xe0 0xa8 0xacਬ GURMUKHI LETTER BA
U+0A2D0xe0 0xa8 0xadਭ GURMUKHI LETTER BHA
U+0A2E0xe0 0xa8 0xaeਮ GURMUKHI LETTER MA
U+0A2F0xe0 0xa8 0xafਯ GURMUKHI LETTER YA
U+0A300xe0 0xa8 0xb0ਰ GURMUKHI LETTER RA
U+0A310xe0 0xa8 0xb1਱
U+0A320xe0 0xa8 0xb2ਲ GURMUKHI LETTER LA
U+0A330xe0 0xa8 0xb3ਲ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER LLA
U+0A340xe0 0xa8 0xb4਴
U+0A350xe0 0xa8 0xb5ਵ GURMUKHI LETTER VA
U+0A360xe0 0xa8 0xb6ਸ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER SHA
U+0A370xe0 0xa8 0xb7਷
U+0A380xe0 0xa8 0xb8ਸ GURMUKHI LETTER SA
U+0A390xe0 0xa8 0xb9ਹ GURMUKHI LETTER HA
U+0A3A0xe0 0xa8 0xba਺
U+0A3B0xe0 0xa8 0xbb਻
U+0A3C0xe0 0xa8 0xbc਼ GURMUKHI SIGN NUKTA
U+0A3D0xe0 0xa8 0xbd਽
U+0A3E0xe0 0xa8 0xbeਾ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AA
U+0A3Fਿ0xe0 0xa8 0xbfਿਿ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN I
U+0A400xe0 0xa9 0x80ੀ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN II
U+0A410xe0 0xa9 0x81ੁ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN U
U+0A420xe0 0xa9 0x82ੂ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN UU
U+0A430xe0 0xa9 0x83੃
U+0A440xe0 0xa9 0x84੄
U+0A450xe0 0xa9 0x85੅
U+0A460xe0 0xa9 0x86੆
U+0A470xe0 0xa9 0x87ੇ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN EE
U+0A480xe0 0xa9 0x88ੈ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AI
U+0A490xe0 0xa9 0x89੉
U+0A4A0xe0 0xa9 0x8a੊
U+0A4B0xe0 0xa9 0x8bੋ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN OO
U+0A4C0xe0 0xa9 0x8cੌ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AU
U+0A4D0xe0 0xa9 0x8d੍ GURMUKHI SIGN VIRAMA
U+0A4E0xe0 0xa9 0x8e੎
U+0A4F0xe0 0xa9 0x8f੏
U+0A500xe0 0xa9 0x90੐
U+0A510xe0 0xa9 0x91ੑ GURMUKHI SIGN UDAAT
U+0A520xe0 0xa9 0x92੒
U+0A530xe0 0xa9 0x93੓
U+0A540xe0 0xa9 0x94੔
U+0A550xe0 0xa9 0x95੕
U+0A560xe0 0xa9 0x96੖
U+0A570xe0 0xa9 0x97੗
U+0A580xe0 0xa9 0x98੘
U+0A590xe0 0xa9 0x99ਖ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER KHHA
U+0A5A0xe0 0xa9 0x9aਗ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER GHHA
U+0A5B0xe0 0xa9 0x9bਜ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER ZA
U+0A5C0xe0 0xa9 0x9cੜ GURMUKHI LETTER RRA
U+0A5D0xe0 0xa9 0x9d੝
U+0A5E0xe0 0xa9 0x9eਫ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER FA
U+0A5F0xe0 0xa9 0x9f੟
U+0A600xe0 0xa9 0xa0੠
U+0A610xe0 0xa9 0xa1੡
U+0A620xe0 0xa9 0xa2੢
U+0A630xe0 0xa9 0xa3੣
U+0A640xe0 0xa9 0xa4੤
U+0A650xe0 0xa9 0xa5੥
U+0A660xe0 0xa9 0xa6੦ GURMUKHI DIGIT ZERO
U+0A670xe0 0xa9 0xa7੧ GURMUKHI DIGIT ONE
U+0A680xe0 0xa9 0xa8੨ GURMUKHI DIGIT TWO
U+0A690xe0 0xa9 0xa9੩ GURMUKHI DIGIT THREE
U+0A6A0xe0 0xa9 0xaa੪ GURMUKHI DIGIT FOUR
U+0A6B0xe0 0xa9 0xab੫ GURMUKHI DIGIT FIVE
U+0A6C0xe0 0xa9 0xac੬ GURMUKHI DIGIT SIX
U+0A6D0xe0 0xa9 0xad੭ GURMUKHI DIGIT SEVEN
U+0A6E0xe0 0xa9 0xae੮ GURMUKHI DIGIT EIGHT
U+0A6F0xe0 0xa9 0xaf੯ GURMUKHI DIGIT NINE
U+0A700xe0 0xa9 0xb0ੰ GURMUKHI TIPPI
U+0A710xe0 0xa9 0xb1ੱ GURMUKHI ADDAK
U+0A720xe0 0xa9 0xb2ੲ GURMUKHI IRI
U+0A730xe0 0xa9 0xb3ੳ GURMUKHI URA
U+0A740xe0 0xa9 0xb4ੴ GURMUKHI EK ONKAR
U+0A750xe0 0xa9 0xb5ੵ GURMUKHI SIGN YAKASH
U+0A760xe0 0xa9 0xb6੶
U+0A770xe0 0xa9 0xb7੷
U+0A780xe0 0xa9 0xb8੸
U+0A790xe0 0xa9 0xb9੹
U+0A7A0xe0 0xa9 0xba੺
U+0A7B0xe0 0xa9 0xbb੻
U+0A7C0xe0 0xa9 0xbc੼
U+0A7D0xe0 0xa9 0xbd੽
U+0A7E0xe0 0xa9 0xbe੾
U+0A7F੿0xe0 0xa9 0xbf੿੿