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U+0A000340 0250 0200append਀
U+0A010340 0250 0201appendਁ GURMUKHI SIGN ADAK BINDI
U+0A020340 0250 0202appendਂ GURMUKHI SIGN BINDI
U+0A030340 0250 0203appendਃ GURMUKHI SIGN VISARGA
U+0A040340 0250 0204append਄
U+0A050340 0250 0205appendਅ GURMUKHI LETTER A
U+0A060340 0250 0206appendਆ GURMUKHI LETTER AA
U+0A070340 0250 0207appendਇ GURMUKHI LETTER I
U+0A080340 0250 0210appendਈ GURMUKHI LETTER II
U+0A090340 0250 0211appendਉ GURMUKHI LETTER U
U+0A0A0340 0250 0212appendਊ GURMUKHI LETTER UU
U+0A0B0340 0250 0213append਋
U+0A0C0340 0250 0214append਌
U+0A0D0340 0250 0215append਍
U+0A0E0340 0250 0216append਎
U+0A0F0340 0250 0217appendਏ GURMUKHI LETTER EE
U+0A100340 0250 0220appendਐ GURMUKHI LETTER AI
U+0A110340 0250 0221append਑
U+0A120340 0250 0222append਒
U+0A130340 0250 0223appendਓ GURMUKHI LETTER OO
U+0A140340 0250 0224appendਔ GURMUKHI LETTER AU
U+0A150340 0250 0225appendਕ GURMUKHI LETTER KA
U+0A160340 0250 0226appendਖ GURMUKHI LETTER KHA
U+0A170340 0250 0227appendਗ GURMUKHI LETTER GA
U+0A180340 0250 0230appendਘ GURMUKHI LETTER GHA
U+0A190340 0250 0231appendਙ GURMUKHI LETTER NGA
U+0A1A0340 0250 0232appendਚ GURMUKHI LETTER CA
U+0A1B0340 0250 0233appendਛ GURMUKHI LETTER CHA
U+0A1C0340 0250 0234appendਜ GURMUKHI LETTER JA
U+0A1D0340 0250 0235appendਝ GURMUKHI LETTER JHA
U+0A1E0340 0250 0236appendਞ GURMUKHI LETTER NYA
U+0A1F0340 0250 0237appendਟ GURMUKHI LETTER TTA
U+0A200340 0250 0240appendਠ GURMUKHI LETTER TTHA
U+0A210340 0250 0241appendਡ GURMUKHI LETTER DDA
U+0A220340 0250 0242appendਢ GURMUKHI LETTER DDHA
U+0A230340 0250 0243appendਣ GURMUKHI LETTER NNA
U+0A240340 0250 0244appendਤ GURMUKHI LETTER TA
U+0A250340 0250 0245appendਥ GURMUKHI LETTER THA
U+0A260340 0250 0246appendਦ GURMUKHI LETTER DA
U+0A270340 0250 0247appendਧ GURMUKHI LETTER DHA
U+0A280340 0250 0250appendਨ GURMUKHI LETTER NA
U+0A290340 0250 0251append਩
U+0A2A0340 0250 0252appendਪ GURMUKHI LETTER PA
U+0A2B0340 0250 0253appendਫ GURMUKHI LETTER PHA
U+0A2C0340 0250 0254appendਬ GURMUKHI LETTER BA
U+0A2D0340 0250 0255appendਭ GURMUKHI LETTER BHA
U+0A2E0340 0250 0256appendਮ GURMUKHI LETTER MA
U+0A2F0340 0250 0257appendਯ GURMUKHI LETTER YA
U+0A300340 0250 0260appendਰ GURMUKHI LETTER RA
U+0A310340 0250 0261append਱
U+0A320340 0250 0262appendਲ GURMUKHI LETTER LA
U+0A330340 0250 0263appendਲ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER LLA
U+0A340340 0250 0264append਴
U+0A350340 0250 0265appendਵ GURMUKHI LETTER VA
U+0A360340 0250 0266appendਸ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER SHA
U+0A370340 0250 0267append਷
U+0A380340 0250 0270appendਸ GURMUKHI LETTER SA
U+0A390340 0250 0271appendਹ GURMUKHI LETTER HA
U+0A3A0340 0250 0272append਺
U+0A3B0340 0250 0273append਻
U+0A3C0340 0250 0274append਼ GURMUKHI SIGN NUKTA
U+0A3D0340 0250 0275append਽
U+0A3E0340 0250 0276appendਾ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AA
U+0A3Fਿ0340 0250 0277appendਿਿ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN I
U+0A400340 0251 0200appendੀ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN II
U+0A410340 0251 0201appendੁ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN U
U+0A420340 0251 0202appendੂ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN UU
U+0A430340 0251 0203append੃
U+0A440340 0251 0204append੄
U+0A450340 0251 0205append੅
U+0A460340 0251 0206append੆
U+0A470340 0251 0207appendੇ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN EE
U+0A480340 0251 0210appendੈ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AI
U+0A490340 0251 0211append੉
U+0A4A0340 0251 0212append੊
U+0A4B0340 0251 0213appendੋ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN OO
U+0A4C0340 0251 0214appendੌ GURMUKHI VOWEL SIGN AU
U+0A4D0340 0251 0215append੍ GURMUKHI SIGN VIRAMA
U+0A4E0340 0251 0216append੎
U+0A4F0340 0251 0217append੏
U+0A500340 0251 0220append੐
U+0A510340 0251 0221appendੑ GURMUKHI SIGN UDAAT
U+0A520340 0251 0222append੒
U+0A530340 0251 0223append੓
U+0A540340 0251 0224append੔
U+0A550340 0251 0225append੕
U+0A560340 0251 0226append੖
U+0A570340 0251 0227append੗
U+0A580340 0251 0230append੘
U+0A590340 0251 0231appendਖ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER KHHA
U+0A5A0340 0251 0232appendਗ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER GHHA
U+0A5B0340 0251 0233appendਜ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER ZA
U+0A5C0340 0251 0234appendੜ GURMUKHI LETTER RRA
U+0A5D0340 0251 0235append੝
U+0A5E0340 0251 0236appendਫ਼ GURMUKHI LETTER FA
U+0A5F0340 0251 0237append੟
U+0A600340 0251 0240append੠
U+0A610340 0251 0241append੡
U+0A620340 0251 0242append੢
U+0A630340 0251 0243append੣
U+0A640340 0251 0244append੤
U+0A650340 0251 0245append੥
U+0A660340 0251 0246append੦ GURMUKHI DIGIT ZERO
U+0A670340 0251 0247append੧ GURMUKHI DIGIT ONE
U+0A680340 0251 0250append੨ GURMUKHI DIGIT TWO
U+0A690340 0251 0251append੩ GURMUKHI DIGIT THREE
U+0A6A0340 0251 0252append੪ GURMUKHI DIGIT FOUR
U+0A6B0340 0251 0253append੫ GURMUKHI DIGIT FIVE
U+0A6C0340 0251 0254append੬ GURMUKHI DIGIT SIX
U+0A6D0340 0251 0255append੭ GURMUKHI DIGIT SEVEN
U+0A6E0340 0251 0256append੮ GURMUKHI DIGIT EIGHT
U+0A6F0340 0251 0257append੯ GURMUKHI DIGIT NINE
U+0A700340 0251 0260appendੰ GURMUKHI TIPPI
U+0A710340 0251 0261appendੱ GURMUKHI ADDAK
U+0A720340 0251 0262appendੲ GURMUKHI IRI
U+0A730340 0251 0263appendੳ GURMUKHI URA
U+0A740340 0251 0264appendੴ GURMUKHI EK ONKAR
U+0A750340 0251 0265appendੵ GURMUKHI SIGN YAKASH
U+0A760340 0251 0266append੶
U+0A770340 0251 0267append੷
U+0A780340 0251 0270append੸
U+0A790340 0251 0271append੹
U+0A7A0340 0251 0272append੺
U+0A7B0340 0251 0273append੻
U+0A7C0340 0251 0274append੼
U+0A7D0340 0251 0275append੽
U+0A7E0340 0251 0276append੾
U+0A7F੿0340 0251 0277append੿੿
U+0A800340 0252 0200append઀
U+0A810340 0252 0201appendઁ GUJARATI SIGN CANDRABINDU
U+0A820340 0252 0202appendં GUJARATI SIGN ANUSVARA
U+0A830340 0252 0203appendઃ GUJARATI SIGN VISARGA
U+0A840340 0252 0204append઄
U+0A850340 0252 0205appendઅ GUJARATI LETTER A
U+0A860340 0252 0206appendઆ GUJARATI LETTER AA
U+0A870340 0252 0207appendઇ GUJARATI LETTER I
U+0A880340 0252 0210appendઈ GUJARATI LETTER II
U+0A890340 0252 0211appendઉ GUJARATI LETTER U
U+0A8A0340 0252 0212appendઊ GUJARATI LETTER UU
U+0A8B0340 0252 0213appendઋ GUJARATI LETTER VOCALIC R
U+0A8C0340 0252 0214appendઌ GUJARATI LETTER VOCALIC L
U+0A8D0340 0252 0215appendઍ GUJARATI VOWEL CANDRA E
U+0A8E0340 0252 0216append઎
U+0A8F0340 0252 0217appendએ GUJARATI LETTER E
U+0A900340 0252 0220appendઐ GUJARATI LETTER AI
U+0A910340 0252 0221appendઑ GUJARATI VOWEL CANDRA O
U+0A920340 0252 0222append઒
U+0A930340 0252 0223appendઓ GUJARATI LETTER O
U+0A940340 0252 0224appendઔ GUJARATI LETTER AU
U+0A950340 0252 0225appendક GUJARATI LETTER KA
U+0A960340 0252 0226appendખ GUJARATI LETTER KHA
U+0A970340 0252 0227appendગ GUJARATI LETTER GA
U+0A980340 0252 0230appendઘ GUJARATI LETTER GHA
U+0A990340 0252 0231appendઙ GUJARATI LETTER NGA
U+0A9A0340 0252 0232appendચ GUJARATI LETTER CA
U+0A9B0340 0252 0233appendછ GUJARATI LETTER CHA
U+0A9C0340 0252 0234appendજ GUJARATI LETTER JA
U+0A9D0340 0252 0235appendઝ GUJARATI LETTER JHA
U+0A9E0340 0252 0236appendઞ GUJARATI LETTER NYA
U+0A9F0340 0252 0237appendટ GUJARATI LETTER TTA
U+0AA00340 0252 0240appendઠ GUJARATI LETTER TTHA
U+0AA10340 0252 0241appendડ GUJARATI LETTER DDA
U+0AA20340 0252 0242appendઢ GUJARATI LETTER DDHA
U+0AA30340 0252 0243appendણ GUJARATI LETTER NNA
U+0AA40340 0252 0244appendત GUJARATI LETTER TA
U+0AA50340 0252 0245appendથ GUJARATI LETTER THA
U+0AA60340 0252 0246appendદ GUJARATI LETTER DA
U+0AA70340 0252 0247appendધ GUJARATI LETTER DHA
U+0AA80340 0252 0250appendન GUJARATI LETTER NA
U+0AA90340 0252 0251append઩
U+0AAA0340 0252 0252appendપ GUJARATI LETTER PA
U+0AAB0340 0252 0253appendફ GUJARATI LETTER PHA
U+0AAC0340 0252 0254appendબ GUJARATI LETTER BA
U+0AAD0340 0252 0255appendભ GUJARATI LETTER BHA
U+0AAE0340 0252 0256appendમ GUJARATI LETTER MA
U+0AAF0340 0252 0257appendય GUJARATI LETTER YA
U+0AB00340 0252 0260appendર GUJARATI LETTER RA
U+0AB10340 0252 0261append઱
U+0AB20340 0252 0262appendલ GUJARATI LETTER LA
U+0AB30340 0252 0263appendળ GUJARATI LETTER LLA
U+0AB40340 0252 0264append઴
U+0AB50340 0252 0265appendવ GUJARATI LETTER VA
U+0AB60340 0252 0266appendશ GUJARATI LETTER SHA
U+0AB70340 0252 0267appendષ GUJARATI LETTER SSA
U+0AB80340 0252 0270appendસ GUJARATI LETTER SA
U+0AB90340 0252 0271appendહ GUJARATI LETTER HA
U+0ABA0340 0252 0272append઺
U+0ABB0340 0252 0273append઻
U+0ABC0340 0252 0274append઼ GUJARATI SIGN NUKTA
U+0ABD0340 0252 0275appendઽ GUJARATI SIGN AVAGRAHA
U+0ABE0340 0252 0276appendા GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN AA
U+0ABFિ0340 0252 0277appendિિ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN I
U+0AC00340 0253 0200appendી GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN II
U+0AC10340 0253 0201appendુ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN U
U+0AC20340 0253 0202appendૂ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN UU
U+0AC30340 0253 0203appendૃ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC R
U+0AC40340 0253 0204appendૄ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC RR
U+0AC50340 0253 0205appendૅ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN CANDRA E
U+0AC60340 0253 0206append૆
U+0AC70340 0253 0207appendે GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN E
U+0AC80340 0253 0210appendૈ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN AI
U+0AC90340 0253 0211appendૉ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN CANDRA O
U+0ACA0340 0253 0212append૊
U+0ACB0340 0253 0213appendો GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN O
U+0ACC0340 0253 0214appendૌ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN AU
U+0ACD0340 0253 0215append્ GUJARATI SIGN VIRAMA
U+0ACE0340 0253 0216append૎
U+0ACF0340 0253 0217append૏
U+0AD00340 0253 0220appendૐ GUJARATI OM
U+0AD10340 0253 0221append૑
U+0AD20340 0253 0222append૒
U+0AD30340 0253 0223append૓
U+0AD40340 0253 0224append૔
U+0AD50340 0253 0225append૕
U+0AD60340 0253 0226append૖
U+0AD70340 0253 0227append૗
U+0AD80340 0253 0230append૘
U+0AD90340 0253 0231append૙
U+0ADA0340 0253 0232append૚
U+0ADB0340 0253 0233append૛
U+0ADC0340 0253 0234append૜
U+0ADD0340 0253 0235append૝
U+0ADE0340 0253 0236append૞
U+0ADF0340 0253 0237append૟
U+0AE00340 0253 0240appendૠ GUJARATI LETTER VOCALIC RR
U+0AE10340 0253 0241appendૡ GUJARATI LETTER VOCALIC LL
U+0AE20340 0253 0242appendૢ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC L
U+0AE30340 0253 0243appendૣ GUJARATI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC LL
U+0AE40340 0253 0244append૤
U+0AE50340 0253 0245append૥
U+0AE60340 0253 0246append૦ GUJARATI DIGIT ZERO
U+0AE70340 0253 0247append૧ GUJARATI DIGIT ONE
U+0AE80340 0253 0250append૨ GUJARATI DIGIT TWO
U+0AE90340 0253 0251append૩ GUJARATI DIGIT THREE
U+0AEA0340 0253 0252append૪ GUJARATI DIGIT FOUR
U+0AEB0340 0253 0253append૫ GUJARATI DIGIT FIVE
U+0AEC0340 0253 0254append૬ GUJARATI DIGIT SIX
U+0AED0340 0253 0255append૭ GUJARATI DIGIT SEVEN
U+0AEE0340 0253 0256append૮ GUJARATI DIGIT EIGHT
U+0AEF0340 0253 0257append૯ GUJARATI DIGIT NINE
U+0AF00340 0253 0260append૰ GUJARATI ABBREVIATION SIGN
U+0AF10340 0253 0261append૱ GUJARATI RUPEE SIGN
U+0AF20340 0253 0262append૲
U+0AF30340 0253 0263append૳
U+0AF40340 0253 0264append૴
U+0AF50340 0253 0265append૵
U+0AF60340 0253 0266append૶
U+0AF70340 0253 0267append૷
U+0AF80340 0253 0270append૸
U+0AF90340 0253 0271appendૹ GUJARATI LETTER ZHA
U+0AFA0340 0253 0272appendૺ GUJARATI SIGN SUKUN
U+0AFB0340 0253 0273appendૻ GUJARATI SIGN SHADDA
U+0AFC0340 0253 0274appendૼ GUJARATI SIGN MADDAH