UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0DC0 to U+11BF

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code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
U+0DC0e0 b7 80append
U+0DC1e0 b7 81append
U+0DC2e0 b7 82append
U+0DC3e0 b7 83append
U+0DC4e0 b7 84append
U+0DC5e0 b7 85append
U+0DC6e0 b7 86append
U+0DC7e0 b7 87append
U+0DC8e0 b7 88append
U+0DC9e0 b7 89append
U+0DCAe0 b7 8aappend
U+0DCBe0 b7 8bappend
U+0DCCe0 b7 8cappend
U+0DCDe0 b7 8dappend
U+0DCEe0 b7 8eappend
U+0DCFe0 b7 8fappend
U+0DD0e0 b7 90append
U+0DD1e0 b7 91append
U+0DD2e0 b7 92append
U+0DD3e0 b7 93append
U+0DD4e0 b7 94append
U+0DD5e0 b7 95append
U+0DD6e0 b7 96append
U+0DD7e0 b7 97append
U+0DD8e0 b7 98append
U+0DD9e0 b7 99append
U+0DDAe0 b7 9aappend
U+0DDBe0 b7 9bappend
U+0DDCe0 b7 9cappend
U+0DDDe0 b7 9dappend
U+0DDEe0 b7 9eappend
U+0DDFe0 b7 9fappend
U+0DE0e0 b7 a0append
U+0DE1e0 b7 a1append
U+0DE2e0 b7 a2append
U+0DE3e0 b7 a3append
U+0DE4e0 b7 a4append
U+0DE5e0 b7 a5append
U+0DE6e0 b7 a6append
U+0DE7e0 b7 a7append
U+0DE8e0 b7 a8append
U+0DE9e0 b7 a9append
U+0DEAe0 b7 aaappend
U+0DEBe0 b7 abappend
U+0DECe0 b7 acappend
U+0DEDe0 b7 adappend
U+0DEEe0 b7 aeappend
U+0DEFe0 b7 afappend
U+0DF0e0 b7 b0append
U+0DF1e0 b7 b1append
U+0DF2e0 b7 b2append
U+0DF3e0 b7 b3append
U+0DF4e0 b7 b4append
U+0DF5e0 b7 b5append
U+0DF6e0 b7 b6append
U+0DF7e0 b7 b7append
U+0DF8e0 b7 b8append
U+0DF9e0 b7 b9append
U+0DFAe0 b7 baappend
U+0DFBe0 b7 bbappend
U+0DFCe0 b7 bcappend
U+0DFDe0 b7 bdappend
U+0DFEe0 b7 beappend
U+0DFF෿e0 b7 bfappend
U+0E00e0 b8 80append
U+0E01e0 b8 81append
U+0E02e0 b8 82append
U+0E03e0 b8 83append
U+0E04e0 b8 84append
U+0E05e0 b8 85append
U+0E06e0 b8 86append
U+0E07e0 b8 87append
U+0E08e0 b8 88append
U+0E09e0 b8 89append
U+0E0Ae0 b8 8aappend
U+0E0Be0 b8 8bappend
U+0E0Ce0 b8 8cappend
U+0E0De0 b8 8dappend
U+0E0Ee0 b8 8eappend
U+0E0Fe0 b8 8fappend
U+0E10e0 b8 90append
U+0E11e0 b8 91append
U+0E12e0 b8 92append
U+0E13e0 b8 93append
U+0E14e0 b8 94append
U+0E15e0 b8 95append
U+0E16e0 b8 96append
U+0E17e0 b8 97append
U+0E18e0 b8 98append
U+0E19e0 b8 99append
U+0E1Ae0 b8 9aappend
U+0E1Be0 b8 9bappend
U+0E1Ce0 b8 9cappend
U+0E1De0 b8 9dappend
U+0E1Ee0 b8 9eappend
U+0E1Fe0 b8 9fappend
U+0E20e0 b8 a0append
U+0E21e0 b8 a1append
U+0E22e0 b8 a2append
U+0E23e0 b8 a3append
U+0E24e0 b8 a4append
U+0E25e0 b8 a5append
U+0E26e0 b8 a6append
U+0E27e0 b8 a7append
U+0E28e0 b8 a8append
U+0E29e0 b8 a9append
U+0E2Ae0 b8 aaappend
U+0E2Be0 b8 abappend
U+0E2Ce0 b8 acappend
U+0E2De0 b8 adappend
U+0E2Ee0 b8 aeappend
U+0E2Fe0 b8 afappend
U+0E30e0 b8 b0append
U+0E31e0 b8 b1append
U+0E32e0 b8 b2append
U+0E33e0 b8 b3append
U+0E34e0 b8 b4append
U+0E35e0 b8 b5append
U+0E36e0 b8 b6append
U+0E37e0 b8 b7append
U+0E38e0 b8 b8append
U+0E39e0 b8 b9append
U+0E3Ae0 b8 baappend
U+0E3Be0 b8 bbappend
U+0E3Ce0 b8 bcappend
U+0E3De0 b8 bdappend
U+0E3Ee0 b8 beappend
U+0E3F฿e0 b8 bfappend
U+0E40e0 b9 80append
U+0E41e0 b9 81append
U+0E42e0 b9 82append
U+0E43e0 b9 83append
U+0E44e0 b9 84append
U+0E45e0 b9 85append
U+0E46e0 b9 86append
U+0E47e0 b9 87append
U+0E48e0 b9 88append
U+0E49e0 b9 89append
U+0E4Ae0 b9 8aappend
U+0E4Be0 b9 8bappend
U+0E4Ce0 b9 8cappend
U+0E4De0 b9 8dappend
U+0E4Ee0 b9 8eappend
U+0E4Fe0 b9 8fappend
U+0E50e0 b9 90append
U+0E51e0 b9 91append
U+0E52e0 b9 92append
U+0E53e0 b9 93append
U+0E54e0 b9 94append
U+0E55e0 b9 95append
U+0E56e0 b9 96append
U+0E57e0 b9 97append
U+0E58e0 b9 98append
U+0E59e0 b9 99append
U+0E5Ae0 b9 9aappend
U+0E5Be0 b9 9bappend
U+0E5Ce0 b9 9cappend
U+0E5De0 b9 9dappend
U+0E5Ee0 b9 9eappend
U+0E5Fe0 b9 9fappend
U+0E60e0 b9 a0append
U+0E61e0 b9 a1append
U+0E62e0 b9 a2append
U+0E63e0 b9 a3append
U+0E64e0 b9 a4append
U+0E65e0 b9 a5append
U+0E66e0 b9 a6append
U+0E67e0 b9 a7append
U+0E68e0 b9 a8append
U+0E69e0 b9 a9append
U+0E6Ae0 b9 aaappend
U+0E6Be0 b9 abappend
U+0E6Ce0 b9 acappend
U+0E6De0 b9 adappend
U+0E6Ee0 b9 aeappend
U+0E6Fe0 b9 afappend
U+0E70e0 b9 b0append
U+0E71e0 b9 b1append
U+0E72e0 b9 b2append
U+0E73e0 b9 b3append
U+0E74e0 b9 b4append
U+0E75e0 b9 b5append
U+0E76e0 b9 b6append
U+0E77e0 b9 b7append
U+0E78e0 b9 b8append
U+0E79e0 b9 b9append
U+0E7Ae0 b9 baappend
U+0E7Be0 b9 bbappend
U+0E7Ce0 b9 bcappend
U+0E7De0 b9 bdappend
U+0E7Ee0 b9 beappend
U+0E7F๿e0 b9 bfappend
U+0E80e0 ba 80append
U+0E81e0 ba 81append
U+0E82e0 ba 82append
U+0E83e0 ba 83append
U+0E84e0 ba 84append
U+0E85e0 ba 85append
U+0E86e0 ba 86append
U+0E87e0 ba 87append
U+0E88e0 ba 88append
U+0E89e0 ba 89append
U+0E8Ae0 ba 8aappend
U+0E8Be0 ba 8bappend
U+0E8Ce0 ba 8cappend
U+0E8De0 ba 8dappend
U+0E8Ee0 ba 8eappend
U+0E8Fe0 ba 8fappend
U+0E90e0 ba 90append
U+0E91e0 ba 91append
U+0E92e0 ba 92append
U+0E93e0 ba 93append
U+0E94e0 ba 94append
U+0E95e0 ba 95append
U+0E96e0 ba 96append
U+0E97e0 ba 97append
U+0E98e0 ba 98append
U+0E99e0 ba 99append
U+0E9Ae0 ba 9aappend
U+0E9Be0 ba 9bappend
U+0E9Ce0 ba 9cappend
U+0E9De0 ba 9dappend
U+0E9Ee0 ba 9eappend
U+0E9Fe0 ba 9fappend
U+0EA0e0 ba a0append
U+0EA1e0 ba a1append
U+0EA2e0 ba a2append
U+0EA3e0 ba a3append
U+0EA4e0 ba a4append
U+0EA5e0 ba a5append
U+0EA6e0 ba a6append
U+0EA7e0 ba a7append
U+0EA8e0 ba a8append
U+0EA9e0 ba a9append
U+0EAAe0 ba aaappend
U+0EABe0 ba abappend
U+0EACe0 ba acappend
U+0EADe0 ba adappend
U+0EAEe0 ba aeappend
U+0EAFe0 ba afappend
U+0EB0e0 ba b0append
U+0EB1e0 ba b1append
U+0EB2e0 ba b2append
U+0EB3e0 ba b3append
U+0EB4e0 ba b4append
U+0EB5e0 ba b5append
U+0EB6e0 ba b6append
U+0EB7e0 ba b7append
U+0EB8e0 ba b8append
U+0EB9e0 ba b9append
U+0EBAe0 ba baappend
U+0EBBe0 ba bbappend
U+0EBCe0 ba bcappend
U+0EBDe0 ba bdappend
U+0EBEe0 ba beappend
U+0EBF຿e0 ba bfappend
U+0EC0e0 bb 80append
U+0EC1e0 bb 81append
U+0EC2e0 bb 82append
U+0EC3e0 bb 83append
U+0EC4e0 bb 84append
U+0EC5e0 bb 85append
U+0EC6e0 bb 86append
U+0EC7e0 bb 87append
U+0EC8e0 bb 88append
U+0EC9e0 bb 89append
U+0ECAe0 bb 8aappend
U+0ECBe0 bb 8bappend
U+0ECCe0 bb 8cappend
U+0ECDe0 bb 8dappend
U+0ECEe0 bb 8eappend
U+0ECFe0 bb 8fappend
U+0ED0e0 bb 90append
U+0ED1e0 bb 91append
U+0ED2e0 bb 92append
U+0ED3e0 bb 93append
U+0ED4e0 bb 94append
U+0ED5e0 bb 95append
U+0ED6e0 bb 96append
U+0ED7e0 bb 97append
U+0ED8e0 bb 98append
U+0ED9e0 bb 99append
U+0EDAe0 bb 9aappend
U+0EDBe0 bb 9bappend
U+0EDCe0 bb 9cappend
U+0EDDe0 bb 9dappend
U+0EDEe0 bb 9eappend
U+0EDFe0 bb 9fappend
U+0EE0e0 bb a0append
U+0EE1e0 bb a1append
U+0EE2e0 bb a2append
U+0EE3e0 bb a3append
U+0EE4e0 bb a4append
U+0EE5e0 bb a5append
U+0EE6e0 bb a6append
U+0EE7e0 bb a7append
U+0EE8e0 bb a8append
U+0EE9e0 bb a9append
U+0EEAe0 bb aaappend
U+0EEBe0 bb abappend
U+0EECe0 bb acappend
U+0EEDe0 bb adappend
U+0EEEe0 bb aeappend
U+0EEFe0 bb afappend
U+0EF0e0 bb b0append
U+0EF1e0 bb b1append
U+0EF2e0 bb b2append
U+0EF3e0 bb b3append
U+0EF4e0 bb b4append
U+0EF5e0 bb b5append
U+0EF6e0 bb b6append
U+0EF7e0 bb b7append
U+0EF8e0 bb b8append
U+0EF9e0 bb b9append
U+0EFAe0 bb baappend
U+0EFBe0 bb bbappend
U+0EFCe0 bb bcappend
U+0EFDe0 bb bdappend
U+0EFEe0 bb beappend
U+0EFF໿e0 bb bfappend
U+0F00e0 bc 80append
U+0F01e0 bc 81append
U+0F02e0 bc 82append
U+0F03e0 bc 83append
U+0F04e0 bc 84append
U+0F05e0 bc 85append
U+0F06e0 bc 86append
U+0F07e0 bc 87append
U+0F08e0 bc 88append
U+0F09e0 bc 89append
U+0F0Ae0 bc 8aappend
U+0F0Be0 bc 8bappend
U+0F0Ce0 bc 8cappend
U+0F0De0 bc 8dappend
U+0F0Ee0 bc 8eappend
U+0F0Fe0 bc 8fappend
U+0F10e0 bc 90append
U+0F11e0 bc 91append
U+0F12e0 bc 92append
U+0F13e0 bc 93append
U+0F14e0 bc 94append
U+0F15e0 bc 95append
U+0F16e0 bc 96append
U+0F17e0 bc 97append
U+0F18e0 bc 98append
U+0F19e0 bc 99append
U+0F1Ae0 bc 9aappend
U+0F1Be0 bc 9bappend
U+0F1Ce0 bc 9cappend
U+0F1De0 bc 9dappend
U+0F1Ee0 bc 9eappend
U+0F1Fe0 bc 9fappend
U+0F20e0 bc a0append
U+0F21e0 bc a1append
U+0F22e0 bc a2append
U+0F23e0 bc a3append
U+0F24e0 bc a4append
U+0F25e0 bc a5append
U+0F26e0 bc a6append
U+0F27e0 bc a7append
U+0F28e0 bc a8append
U+0F29e0 bc a9append
U+0F2Ae0 bc aaappend
U+0F2Be0 bc abappend
U+0F2Ce0 bc acappend
U+0F2De0 bc adappend
U+0F2Ee0 bc aeappend
U+0F2Fe0 bc afappend
U+0F30e0 bc b0append
U+0F31e0 bc b1append
U+0F32e0 bc b2append
U+0F33e0 bc b3append
U+0F34e0 bc b4append
U+0F35e0 bc b5append
U+0F36e0 bc b6append
U+0F37e0 bc b7append
U+0F38e0 bc b8append
U+0F39e0 bc b9append
U+0F3Ae0 bc baappend
U+0F3Be0 bc bbappend
U+0F3Ce0 bc bcappend
U+0F3De0 bc bdappend
U+0F3Ee0 bc beappend
U+0F3F༿e0 bc bfappend
U+0F40e0 bd 80append
U+0F41e0 bd 81append
U+0F42e0 bd 82append
U+0F43e0 bd 83append
U+0F44e0 bd 84append
U+0F45e0 bd 85append
U+0F46e0 bd 86append
U+0F47e0 bd 87append
U+0F48e0 bd 88append
U+0F49e0 bd 89append
U+0F4Ae0 bd 8aappend
U+0F4Be0 bd 8bappend
U+0F4Ce0 bd 8cappend
U+0F4De0 bd 8dappend
U+0F4Ee0 bd 8eappend
U+0F4Fe0 bd 8fappend
U+0F50e0 bd 90append
U+0F51e0 bd 91append
U+0F52e0 bd 92append
U+0F53e0 bd 93append
U+0F54e0 bd 94append
U+0F55e0 bd 95append
U+0F56e0 bd 96append
U+0F57e0 bd 97append
U+0F58e0 bd 98append
U+0F59e0 bd 99append
U+0F5Ae0 bd 9aappend
U+0F5Be0 bd 9bappend
U+0F5Ce0 bd 9cappend
U+0F5De0 bd 9dappend
U+0F5Ee0 bd 9eappend
U+0F5Fe0 bd 9fappend
U+0F60e0 bd a0append
U+0F61e0 bd a1append
U+0F62e0 bd a2append
U+0F63e0 bd a3append
U+0F64e0 bd a4append
U+0F65e0 bd a5append
U+0F66e0 bd a6append
U+0F67e0 bd a7append
U+0F68e0 bd a8append
U+0F69e0 bd a9append
U+0F6Ae0 bd aaappend
U+0F6Be0 bd abappend
U+0F6Ce0 bd acappend
U+0F6De0 bd adappend
U+0F6Ee0 bd aeappend
U+0F6Fe0 bd afappend
U+0F70e0 bd b0append
U+0F71e0 bd b1append
U+0F72e0 bd b2append
U+0F73e0 bd b3append
U+0F74e0 bd b4append
U+0F75e0 bd b5append
U+0F76e0 bd b6append
U+0F77e0 bd b7append
U+0F78e0 bd b8append
U+0F79e0 bd b9append
U+0F7Ae0 bd baappend
U+0F7Be0 bd bbappend
U+0F7Ce0 bd bcappend
U+0F7De0 bd bdappend
U+0F7Ee0 bd beappend
U+0F7Fཿe0 bd bfappend
U+0F80e0 be 80append
U+0F81e0 be 81append
U+0F82e0 be 82append
U+0F83e0 be 83append
U+0F84e0 be 84append
U+0F85e0 be 85append
U+0F86e0 be 86append
U+0F87e0 be 87append
U+0F88e0 be 88append
U+0F89e0 be 89append
U+0F8Ae0 be 8aappend
U+0F8Be0 be 8bappend
U+0F8Ce0 be 8cappend
U+0F8De0 be 8dappend
U+0F8Ee0 be 8eappend
U+0F8Fe0 be 8fappend
U+0F90e0 be 90append
U+0F91e0 be 91append
U+0F92e0 be 92append
U+0F93e0 be 93append
U+0F94e0 be 94append
U+0F95e0 be 95append
U+0F96e0 be 96append
U+0F97e0 be 97append
U+0F98e0 be 98append
U+0F99e0 be 99append
U+0F9Ae0 be 9aappend
U+0F9Be0 be 9bappend
U+0F9Ce0 be 9cappend
U+0F9De0 be 9dappend
U+0F9Ee0 be 9eappend
U+0F9Fe0 be 9fappend
U+0FA0e0 be a0append
U+0FA1e0 be a1append
U+0FA2e0 be a2append
U+0FA3e0 be a3append
U+0FA4e0 be a4append
U+0FA5e0 be a5append
U+0FA6e0 be a6append
U+0FA7e0 be a7append
U+0FA8e0 be a8append
U+0FA9e0 be a9append
U+0FAAe0 be aaappend
U+0FABe0 be abappend
U+0FACe0 be acappend
U+0FADe0 be adappend
U+0FAEe0 be aeappend
U+0FAFe0 be afappend
U+0FB0e0 be b0append
U+0FB1e0 be b1append
U+0FB2e0 be b2append
U+0FB3e0 be b3append
U+0FB4e0 be b4append
U+0FB5e0 be b5append
U+0FB6e0 be b6append
U+0FB7e0 be b7append
U+0FB8e0 be b8append
U+0FB9e0 be b9append
U+0FBAe0 be baappend
U+0FBBe0 be bbappend
U+0FBCe0 be bcappend
U+0FBDe0 be bdappend
U+0FBEe0 be beappend
U+0FBF྿e0 be bfappend
U+0FC0e0 bf 80append
U+0FC1e0 bf 81append
U+0FC2e0 bf 82append
U+0FC3e0 bf 83append
U+0FC4e0 bf 84append
U+0FC5e0 bf 85append
U+0FC6e0 bf 86append
U+0FC7e0 bf 87append
U+0FC8e0 bf 88append
U+0FC9e0 bf 89append
U+0FCAe0 bf 8aappend
U+0FCBe0 bf 8bappend
U+0FCCe0 bf 8cappend
U+0FCDe0 bf 8dappend
U+0FCEe0 bf 8eappend
U+0FCFe0 bf 8fappend
U+0FD0e0 bf 90append
U+0FD1e0 bf 91append
U+0FD2e0 bf 92append
U+0FD3e0 bf 93append
U+0FD4e0 bf 94append
U+0FD5e0 bf 95append
U+0FD6e0 bf 96append
U+0FD7e0 bf 97append
U+0FD8e0 bf 98append
U+0FD9e0 bf 99append
U+0FDAe0 bf 9aappend
U+0FDBe0 bf 9bappend
U+0FDCe0 bf 9cappend
U+0FDDe0 bf 9dappend
U+0FDEe0 bf 9eappend
U+0FDFe0 bf 9fappend
U+0FE0e0 bf a0append
U+0FE1e0 bf a1append
U+0FE2e0 bf a2append
U+0FE3e0 bf a3append
U+0FE4e0 bf a4append
U+0FE5e0 bf a5append
U+0FE6e0 bf a6append
U+0FE7e0 bf a7append
U+0FE8e0 bf a8append
U+0FE9e0 bf a9append
U+0FEAe0 bf aaappend
U+0FEBe0 bf abappend
U+0FECe0 bf acappend
U+0FEDe0 bf adappend
U+0FEEe0 bf aeappend
U+0FEFe0 bf afappend
U+0FF0e0 bf b0append
U+0FF1e0 bf b1append
U+0FF2e0 bf b2append
U+0FF3e0 bf b3append
U+0FF4e0 bf b4append
U+0FF5e0 bf b5append
U+0FF6e0 bf b6append
U+0FF7e0 bf b7append
U+0FF8e0 bf b8append
U+0FF9e0 bf b9append
U+0FFAe0 bf baappend
U+0FFBe0 bf bbappend
U+0FFCe0 bf bcappend
U+0FFDe0 bf bdappend
U+0FFEe0 bf beappend
U+0FFF࿿e0 bf bfappend
U+1000ကe1 80 80append
U+1001e1 80 81append
U+1002e1 80 82append
U+1003e1 80 83append
U+1004e1 80 84append
U+1005e1 80 85append
U+1006e1 80 86append
U+1007e1 80 87append
U+1008e1 80 88append
U+1009e1 80 89append
U+100Ae1 80 8aappend
U+100Be1 80 8bappend
U+100Ce1 80 8cappend
U+100De1 80 8dappend
U+100Ee1 80 8eappend
U+100Fe1 80 8fappend
U+1010e1 80 90append
U+1011e1 80 91append
U+1012e1 80 92append
U+1013e1 80 93append
U+1014e1 80 94append
U+1015e1 80 95append
U+1016e1 80 96append
U+1017e1 80 97append
U+1018e1 80 98append
U+1019e1 80 99append
U+101Ae1 80 9aappend
U+101Be1 80 9bappend
U+101Ce1 80 9cappend
U+101De1 80 9dappend
U+101Ee1 80 9eappend
U+101Fe1 80 9fappend
U+1020e1 80 a0append
U+1021e1 80 a1append
U+1022e1 80 a2append
U+1023e1 80 a3append
U+1024e1 80 a4append
U+1025e1 80 a5append
U+1026e1 80 a6append
U+1027e1 80 a7append
U+1028e1 80 a8append
U+1029e1 80 a9append
U+102Ae1 80 aaappend
U+102Be1 80 abappend
U+102Ce1 80 acappend
U+102De1 80 adappend
U+102Ee1 80 aeappend
U+102Fe1 80 afappend
U+1030e1 80 b0append
U+1031e1 80 b1append
U+1032e1 80 b2append
U+1033e1 80 b3append
U+1034e1 80 b4append
U+1035e1 80 b5append
U+1036e1 80 b6append
U+1037e1 80 b7append
U+1038e1 80 b8append
U+1039e1 80 b9append
U+103Ae1 80 baappend
U+103Be1 80 bbappend
U+103Ce1 80 bcappend
U+103De1 80 bdappend
U+103Ee1 80 beappend
U+103Fe1 80 bfappend
U+1040e1 81 80append
U+1041e1 81 81append
U+1042e1 81 82append
U+1043e1 81 83append
U+1044e1 81 84append
U+1045e1 81 85append
U+1046e1 81 86append
U+1047e1 81 87append
U+1048e1 81 88append
U+1049e1 81 89append
U+104Ae1 81 8aappend
U+104Be1 81 8bappend
U+104Ce1 81 8cappend
U+104De1 81 8dappend
U+104Ee1 81 8eappend
U+104Fe1 81 8fappend
U+1050e1 81 90append
U+1051e1 81 91append
U+1052e1 81 92append
U+1053e1 81 93append
U+1054e1 81 94append
U+1055e1 81 95append
U+1056e1 81 96append
U+1057e1 81 97append
U+1058e1 81 98append
U+1059e1 81 99append
U+105Ae1 81 9aappend
U+105Be1 81 9bappend
U+105Ce1 81 9cappend
U+105De1 81 9dappend
U+105Ee1 81 9eappend
U+105Fe1 81 9fappend
U+1060e1 81 a0append
U+1061e1 81 a1append
U+1062e1 81 a2append
U+1063e1 81 a3append
U+1064e1 81 a4append
U+1065e1 81 a5append
U+1066e1 81 a6append
U+1067e1 81 a7append
U+1068e1 81 a8append
U+1069e1 81 a9append
U+106Ae1 81 aaappend
U+106Be1 81 abappend
U+106Ce1 81 acappend
U+106De1 81 adappend
U+106Ee1 81 aeappend
U+106Fe1 81 afappend
U+1070e1 81 b0append
U+1071e1 81 b1append
U+1072e1 81 b2append
U+1073e1 81 b3append
U+1074e1 81 b4append
U+1075e1 81 b5append
U+1076e1 81 b6append
U+1077e1 81 b7append
U+1078e1 81 b8append
U+1079e1 81 b9append
U+107Ae1 81 baappend
U+107Be1 81 bbappend
U+107Ce1 81 bcappend
U+107De1 81 bdappend
U+107Ee1 81 beappend
U+107Fe1 81 bfappend
U+1080e1 82 80append
U+1081e1 82 81append
U+1082e1 82 82append
U+1083e1 82 83append
U+1084e1 82 84append
U+1085e1 82 85append
U+1086e1 82 86append
U+1087e1 82 87append
U+1088e1 82 88append
U+1089e1 82 89append
U+108Ae1 82 8aappend
U+108Be1 82 8bappend
U+108Ce1 82 8cappend
U+108De1 82 8dappend
U+108Ee1 82 8eappend
U+108Fe1 82 8fappend
U+1090e1 82 90append
U+1091e1 82 91append
U+1092e1 82 92append
U+1093e1 82 93append
U+1094e1 82 94append
U+1095e1 82 95append
U+1096e1 82 96append
U+1097e1 82 97append
U+1098e1 82 98append
U+1099e1 82 99append
U+109Ae1 82 9aappend
U+109Be1 82 9bappend
U+109Ce1 82 9cappend
U+109De1 82 9dappend
U+109Ee1 82 9eappend
U+109Fe1 82 9fappend
U+10A0e1 82 a0append
U+10A1e1 82 a1append
U+10A2e1 82 a2append
U+10A3e1 82 a3append
U+10A4e1 82 a4append
U+10A5e1 82 a5append
U+10A6e1 82 a6append
U+10A7e1 82 a7append
U+10A8e1 82 a8append
U+10A9e1 82 a9append
U+10AAe1 82 aaappend
U+10ABe1 82 abappend
U+10ACe1 82 acappend
U+10ADe1 82 adappend
U+10AEe1 82 aeappend
U+10AFe1 82 afappend
U+10B0e1 82 b0append
U+10B1e1 82 b1append
U+10B2e1 82 b2append
U+10B3e1 82 b3append
U+10B4e1 82 b4append
U+10B5e1 82 b5append
U+10B6e1 82 b6append
U+10B7e1 82 b7append
U+10B8e1 82 b8append
U+10B9e1 82 b9append
U+10BAe1 82 baappend
U+10BBe1 82 bbappend
U+10BCe1 82 bcappend
U+10BDe1 82 bdappend
U+10BEe1 82 beappend
U+10BFe1 82 bfappend
U+10C0e1 83 80append
U+10C1e1 83 81append
U+10C2e1 83 82append
U+10C3e1 83 83append
U+10C4e1 83 84append
U+10C5e1 83 85append
U+10C6e1 83 86append
U+10C7e1 83 87append
U+10C8e1 83 88append
U+10C9e1 83 89append
U+10CAe1 83 8aappend
U+10CBe1 83 8bappend
U+10CCe1 83 8cappend
U+10CDe1 83 8dappend
U+10CEe1 83 8eappend
U+10CFe1 83 8fappend
U+10D0e1 83 90append
U+10D1e1 83 91append
U+10D2e1 83 92append
U+10D3e1 83 93append
U+10D4e1 83 94append
U+10D5e1 83 95append
U+10D6e1 83 96append
U+10D7e1 83 97append
U+10D8e1 83 98append
U+10D9e1 83 99append
U+10DAe1 83 9aappend
U+10DBe1 83 9bappend
U+10DCe1 83 9cappend
U+10DDe1 83 9dappend
U+10DEe1 83 9eappend
U+10DFe1 83 9fappend
U+10E0e1 83 a0append
U+10E1e1 83 a1append
U+10E2e1 83 a2append
U+10E3e1 83 a3append
U+10E4e1 83 a4append
U+10E5e1 83 a5append
U+10E6e1 83 a6append
U+10E7e1 83 a7append
U+10E8e1 83 a8append
U+10E9e1 83 a9append
U+10EAe1 83 aaappend
U+10EBe1 83 abappend
U+10ECe1 83 acappend
U+10EDe1 83 adappend
U+10EEe1 83 aeappend
U+10EFe1 83 afappend
U+10F0e1 83 b0append
U+10F1e1 83 b1append
U+10F2e1 83 b2append
U+10F3e1 83 b3append
U+10F4e1 83 b4append
U+10F5e1 83 b5append
U+10F6e1 83 b6append
U+10F7e1 83 b7append
U+10F8e1 83 b8append
U+10F9e1 83 b9append
U+10FAe1 83 baappend
U+10FBe1 83 bbappend
U+10FCe1 83 bcappend
U+10FDe1 83 bdappend
U+10FEe1 83 beappend
U+10FFe1 83 bfappend
U+1100e1 84 80append
U+1101e1 84 81append
U+1102e1 84 82append
U+1103e1 84 83append
U+1104e1 84 84append
U+1105e1 84 85append
U+1106e1 84 86append
U+1107e1 84 87append
U+1108e1 84 88append
U+1109e1 84 89append
U+110Ae1 84 8aappend
U+110Be1 84 8bappend
U+110Ce1 84 8cappend
U+110De1 84 8dappend
U+110Ee1 84 8eappend
U+110Fe1 84 8fappend
U+1110e1 84 90append
U+1111e1 84 91append
U+1112e1 84 92append
U+1113e1 84 93append
U+1114e1 84 94append
U+1115e1 84 95append
U+1116e1 84 96append
U+1117e1 84 97append
U+1118e1 84 98append
U+1119e1 84 99append
U+111Ae1 84 9aappend
U+111Be1 84 9bappend
U+111Ce1 84 9cappend
U+111De1 84 9dappend
U+111Ee1 84 9eappend
U+111Fe1 84 9fappend
U+1120e1 84 a0append
U+1121e1 84 a1append
U+1122e1 84 a2append
U+1123e1 84 a3append
U+1124e1 84 a4append
U+1125e1 84 a5append
U+1126e1 84 a6append
U+1127e1 84 a7append
U+1128e1 84 a8append
U+1129e1 84 a9append
U+112Ae1 84 aaappend
U+112Be1 84 abappend
U+112Ce1 84 acappend
U+112De1 84 adappend
U+112Ee1 84 aeappend
U+112Fe1 84 afappend
U+1130e1 84 b0append
U+1131e1 84 b1append
U+1132e1 84 b2append
U+1133e1 84 b3append
U+1134e1 84 b4append
U+1135e1 84 b5append
U+1136e1 84 b6append
U+1137e1 84 b7append
U+1138e1 84 b8append
U+1139e1 84 b9append
U+113Ae1 84 baappend
U+113Be1 84 bbappend
U+113Ce1 84 bcappend
U+113De1 84 bdappend
U+113Ee1 84 beappend
U+113Fe1 84 bfappend
U+1140e1 85 80append
U+1141e1 85 81append
U+1142e1 85 82append
U+1143e1 85 83append
U+1144e1 85 84append
U+1145e1 85 85append
U+1146e1 85 86append
U+1147e1 85 87append
U+1148e1 85 88append
U+1149e1 85 89append
U+114Ae1 85 8aappend
U+114Be1 85 8bappend
U+114Ce1 85 8cappend
U+114De1 85 8dappend
U+114Ee1 85 8eappend
U+114Fe1 85 8fappend
U+1150e1 85 90append
U+1151e1 85 91append
U+1152e1 85 92append
U+1153e1 85 93append
U+1154e1 85 94append
U+1155e1 85 95append
U+1156e1 85 96append
U+1157e1 85 97append
U+1158e1 85 98append
U+1159e1 85 99append
U+115Ae1 85 9aappend
U+115Be1 85 9bappend
U+115Ce1 85 9cappend
U+115De1 85 9dappend
U+115Ee1 85 9eappend
U+115Fe1 85 9fappend
U+1160e1 85 a0append
U+1161e1 85 a1append
U+1162e1 85 a2append
U+1163e1 85 a3append
U+1164e1 85 a4append
U+1165e1 85 a5append
U+1166e1 85 a6append
U+1167e1 85 a7append
U+1168e1 85 a8append
U+1169e1 85 a9append
U+116Ae1 85 aaappend
U+116Be1 85 abappend
U+116Ce1 85 acappend
U+116De1 85 adappend
U+116Ee1 85 aeappend
U+116Fe1 85 afappend
U+1170e1 85 b0append
U+1171e1 85 b1append
U+1172e1 85 b2append
U+1173e1 85 b3append
U+1174e1 85 b4append
U+1175e1 85 b5append
U+1176e1 85 b6append
U+1177e1 85 b7append
U+1178e1 85 b8append
U+1179e1 85 b9append
U+117Ae1 85 baappend
U+117Be1 85 bbappend
U+117Ce1 85 bcappend
U+117De1 85 bdappend
U+117Ee1 85 beappend
U+117Fe1 85 bfappend
U+1180e1 86 80append
U+1181e1 86 81append
U+1182e1 86 82append
U+1183e1 86 83append
U+1184e1 86 84append
U+1185e1 86 85append
U+1186e1 86 86append
U+1187e1 86 87append
U+1188e1 86 88append
U+1189e1 86 89append
U+118Ae1 86 8aappend
U+118Be1 86 8bappend
U+118Ce1 86 8cappend
U+118De1 86 8dappend
U+118Ee1 86 8eappend
U+118Fe1 86 8fappend
U+1190e1 86 90append
U+1191e1 86 91append
U+1192e1 86 92append
U+1193e1 86 93append
U+1194e1 86 94append
U+1195e1 86 95append
U+1196e1 86 96append
U+1197e1 86 97append
U+1198e1 86 98append
U+1199e1 86 99append
U+119Ae1 86 9aappend
U+119Be1 86 9bappend
U+119Ce1 86 9cappend
U+119De1 86 9dappend
U+119Ee1 86 9eappend
U+119Fe1 86 9fappend
U+11A0e1 86 a0append
U+11A1e1 86 a1append
U+11A2e1 86 a2append
U+11A3e1 86 a3append
U+11A4e1 86 a4append
U+11A5e1 86 a5append
U+11A6e1 86 a6append
U+11A7e1 86 a7append
U+11A8e1 86 a8append
U+11A9e1 86 a9append
U+11AAe1 86 aaappend
U+11ABe1 86 abappend
U+11ACe1 86 acappend
U+11ADe1 86 adappend
U+11AEe1 86 aeappend
U+11AFe1 86 afappend
U+11B0e1 86 b0append
U+11B1e1 86 b1append
U+11B2e1 86 b2append
U+11B3e1 86 b3append
U+11B4e1 86 b4append
U+11B5e1 86 b5append
U+11B6e1 86 b6append
U+11B7e1 86 b7append
U+11B8e1 86 b8append
U+11B9e1 86 b9append
U+11BAe1 86 baappend
U+11BBe1 86 bbappend
U+11BCe1 86 bcappend
U+11BDe1 86 bdappend
U+11BEe1 86 beappend
U+11BFe1 86 bfappend