UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0200 to U+03FF

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U+0200Ȁ0310 0200append
U+0201ȁ0310 0201append
U+0202Ȃ0310 0202append
U+0203ȃ0310 0203append
U+0204Ȅ0310 0204append
U+0205ȅ0310 0205append
U+0206Ȇ0310 0206append
U+0207ȇ0310 0207append
U+0208Ȉ0310 0210append
U+0209ȉ0310 0211append
U+020AȊ0310 0212append
U+020Bȋ0310 0213append
U+020CȌ0310 0214append
U+020Dȍ0310 0215append
U+020EȎ0310 0216append
U+020Fȏ0310 0217append
U+0210Ȑ0310 0220append
U+0211ȑ0310 0221append
U+0212Ȓ0310 0222append
U+0213ȓ0310 0223append
U+0214Ȕ0310 0224append
U+0215ȕ0310 0225append
U+0216Ȗ0310 0226append
U+0217ȗ0310 0227append
U+0218Ș0310 0230append
U+0219ș0310 0231append
U+021AȚ0310 0232append
U+021Bț0310 0233append
U+021CȜ0310 0234append
U+021Dȝ0310 0235append
U+021EȞ0310 0236append
U+021Fȟ0310 0237append
U+0220Ƞ0310 0240append
U+0221ȡ0310 0241append
U+0222Ȣ0310 0242append
U+0223ȣ0310 0243append
U+0224Ȥ0310 0244append
U+0225ȥ0310 0245append
U+0226Ȧ0310 0246append
U+0227ȧ0310 0247append
U+0228Ȩ0310 0250append
U+0229ȩ0310 0251append
U+022AȪ0310 0252append
U+022Bȫ0310 0253append
U+022CȬ0310 0254append
U+022Dȭ0310 0255append
U+022EȮ0310 0256append
U+022Fȯ0310 0257append
U+0230Ȱ0310 0260append
U+0231ȱ0310 0261append
U+0232Ȳ0310 0262append
U+0233ȳ0310 0263append
U+0234ȴ0310 0264append
U+0235ȵ0310 0265append
U+0236ȶ0310 0266append
U+0237ȷ0310 0267append
U+0238ȸ0310 0270append
U+0239ȹ0310 0271append
U+023AȺ0310 0272append
U+023BȻ0310 0273append
U+023Cȼ0310 0274append
U+023DȽ0310 0275append
U+023EȾ0310 0276append
U+023Fȿ0310 0277append
U+0240ɀ0311 0200append
U+0241Ɂ0311 0201append
U+0242ɂ0311 0202append
U+0243Ƀ0311 0203append
U+0244Ʉ0311 0204append
U+0245Ʌ0311 0205append
U+0246Ɇ0311 0206append
U+0247ɇ0311 0207append
U+0248Ɉ0311 0210append
U+0249ɉ0311 0211append
U+024AɊ0311 0212append
U+024Bɋ0311 0213append
U+024CɌ0311 0214append
U+024Dɍ0311 0215append
U+024EɎ0311 0216append
U+024Fɏ0311 0217append
U+0250ɐ0311 0220append
U+0251ɑ0311 0221append
U+0252ɒ0311 0222append
U+0253ɓ0311 0223append
U+0254ɔ0311 0224append
U+0255ɕ0311 0225append
U+0256ɖ0311 0226append
U+0257ɗ0311 0227append
U+0258ɘ0311 0230append
U+0259ə0311 0231append
U+025Aɚ0311 0232append
U+025Bɛ0311 0233append
U+025Cɜ0311 0234append
U+025Dɝ0311 0235append
U+025Eɞ0311 0236append
U+025Fɟ0311 0237append
U+0260ɠ0311 0240append
U+0261ɡ0311 0241append
U+0262ɢ0311 0242append
U+0263ɣ0311 0243append
U+0264ɤ0311 0244append
U+0265ɥ0311 0245append
U+0266ɦ0311 0246append
U+0267ɧ0311 0247append
U+0268ɨ0311 0250append
U+0269ɩ0311 0251append
U+026Aɪ0311 0252append
U+026Bɫ0311 0253append
U+026Cɬ0311 0254append
U+026Dɭ0311 0255append
U+026Eɮ0311 0256append
U+026Fɯ0311 0257append
U+0270ɰ0311 0260append
U+0271ɱ0311 0261append
U+0272ɲ0311 0262append
U+0273ɳ0311 0263append
U+0274ɴ0311 0264append
U+0275ɵ0311 0265append
U+0276ɶ0311 0266append
U+0277ɷ0311 0267append
U+0278ɸ0311 0270append
U+0279ɹ0311 0271append
U+027Aɺ0311 0272append
U+027Bɻ0311 0273append
U+027Cɼ0311 0274append
U+027Dɽ0311 0275append
U+027Eɾ0311 0276append
U+027Fɿ0311 0277append
U+0280ʀ0312 0200append
U+0281ʁ0312 0201append
U+0282ʂ0312 0202append
U+0283ʃ0312 0203append
U+0284ʄ0312 0204append
U+0285ʅ0312 0205append
U+0286ʆ0312 0206append
U+0287ʇ0312 0207append
U+0288ʈ0312 0210append
U+0289ʉ0312 0211append
U+028Aʊ0312 0212append
U+028Bʋ0312 0213append
U+028Cʌ0312 0214append
U+028Dʍ0312 0215append
U+028Eʎ0312 0216append
U+028Fʏ0312 0217append
U+0290ʐ0312 0220append
U+0291ʑ0312 0221append
U+0292ʒ0312 0222append
U+0293ʓ0312 0223append
U+0294ʔ0312 0224append
U+0295ʕ0312 0225append
U+0296ʖ0312 0226append
U+0297ʗ0312 0227append
U+0298ʘ0312 0230append
U+0299ʙ0312 0231append
U+029Aʚ0312 0232append
U+029Bʛ0312 0233append
U+029Cʜ0312 0234append
U+029Dʝ0312 0235append
U+029Eʞ0312 0236append
U+029Fʟ0312 0237append
U+02A0ʠ0312 0240append
U+02A1ʡ0312 0241append
U+02A2ʢ0312 0242append
U+02A3ʣ0312 0243append
U+02A4ʤ0312 0244append
U+02A5ʥ0312 0245append
U+02A6ʦ0312 0246append
U+02A7ʧ0312 0247append
U+02A8ʨ0312 0250append
U+02A9ʩ0312 0251append
U+02AAʪ0312 0252append
U+02ABʫ0312 0253append
U+02ACʬ0312 0254append
U+02ADʭ0312 0255append
U+02AEʮ0312 0256append
U+02AFʯ0312 0257append
U+02B0ʰ0312 0260append
U+02B1ʱ0312 0261append
U+02B2ʲ0312 0262append
U+02B3ʳ0312 0263append
U+02B4ʴ0312 0264append
U+02B5ʵ0312 0265append
U+02B6ʶ0312 0266append
U+02B7ʷ0312 0267append
U+02B8ʸ0312 0270append
U+02B9ʹ0312 0271append
U+02BAʺ0312 0272append
U+02BBʻ0312 0273append
U+02BCʼ0312 0274append
U+02BDʽ0312 0275append
U+02BEʾ0312 0276append
U+02BFʿ0312 0277append
U+02C0ˀ0313 0200append
U+02C1ˁ0313 0201append
U+02C2˂0313 0202append
U+02C3˃0313 0203append
U+02C4˄0313 0204append
U+02C5˅0313 0205append
U+02C6ˆ0313 0206append
U+02C7ˇ0313 0207append
U+02C8ˈ0313 0210append
U+02C9ˉ0313 0211append
U+02CAˊ0313 0212append
U+02CBˋ0313 0213append
U+02CCˌ0313 0214append
U+02CDˍ0313 0215append
U+02CEˎ0313 0216append
U+02CFˏ0313 0217append
U+02D0ː0313 0220append
U+02D1ˑ0313 0221append
U+02D2˒0313 0222append
U+02D3˓0313 0223append
U+02D4˔0313 0224append
U+02D5˕0313 0225append
U+02D6˖0313 0226append
U+02D7˗0313 0227append
U+02D8˘0313 0230append
U+02D9˙0313 0231append
U+02DA˚0313 0232append
U+02DB˛0313 0233append
U+02DC˜0313 0234append
U+02DD˝0313 0235append
U+02DE˞0313 0236append
U+02DF˟0313 0237append
U+02E0ˠ0313 0240append
U+02E1ˡ0313 0241append
U+02E2ˢ0313 0242append
U+02E3ˣ0313 0243append
U+02E4ˤ0313 0244append
U+02E5˥0313 0245append
U+02E6˦0313 0246append
U+02E7˧0313 0247append
U+02E8˨0313 0250append
U+02E9˩0313 0251append
U+02EA˪0313 0252append
U+02EB˫0313 0253append
U+02ECˬ0313 0254append
U+02ED˭0313 0255append
U+02EEˮ0313 0256append
U+02EF˯0313 0257append
U+02F0˰0313 0260append
U+02F1˱0313 0261append
U+02F2˲0313 0262append
U+02F3˳0313 0263append
U+02F4˴0313 0264append
U+02F5˵0313 0265append
U+02F6˶0313 0266append
U+02F7˷0313 0267append
U+02F8˸0313 0270append
U+02F9˹0313 0271append
U+02FA˺0313 0272append
U+02FB˻0313 0273append
U+02FC˼0313 0274append
U+02FD˽0313 0275append
U+02FE˾0313 0276append
U+02FF˿0313 0277append
U+0300̀0314 0200append
U+0301́0314 0201append
U+0302̂0314 0202append
U+0303̃0314 0203append
U+0304̄0314 0204append
U+0305̅0314 0205append
U+0306̆0314 0206append
U+0307̇0314 0207append
U+0308̈0314 0210append
U+0309̉0314 0211append
U+030Å0314 0212append
U+030B̋0314 0213append
U+030Č0314 0214append
U+030D̍0314 0215append
U+030E̎0314 0216append
U+030F̏0314 0217append
U+0310̐0314 0220append
U+0311̑0314 0221append
U+0312̒0314 0222append
U+0313̓0314 0223append
U+0314̔0314 0224append
U+0315̕0314 0225append
U+0316̖0314 0226append
U+0317̗0314 0227append
U+0318̘0314 0230append
U+0319̙0314 0231append
U+031A̚0314 0232append
U+031B̛0314 0233append
U+031C̜0314 0234append
U+031D̝0314 0235append
U+031E̞0314 0236append
U+031F̟0314 0237append
U+0320̠0314 0240append
U+0321̡0314 0241append
U+0322̢0314 0242append
U+0323̣0314 0243append
U+0324̤0314 0244append
U+0325̥0314 0245append
U+0326̦0314 0246append
U+0327̧0314 0247append
U+0328̨0314 0250append
U+0329̩0314 0251append
U+032A̪0314 0252append
U+032B̫0314 0253append
U+032C̬0314 0254append
U+032Ḓ0314 0255append
U+032E̮0314 0256append
U+032F̯0314 0257append
U+0330̰0314 0260append
U+0331̱0314 0261append
U+0332̲0314 0262append
U+0333̳0314 0263append
U+0334̴0314 0264append
U+0335̵0314 0265append
U+0336̶0314 0266append
U+0337̷0314 0267append
U+0338̸0314 0270append
U+0339̹0314 0271append
U+033A̺0314 0272append
U+033B̻0314 0273append
U+033C̼0314 0274append
U+033D̽0314 0275append
U+033E̾0314 0276append
U+033F̿0314 0277append
U+0340̀0315 0200append
U+0341́0315 0201append
U+0342͂0315 0202append
U+0343̓0315 0203append
U+0344̈́0315 0204append
U+0345ͅ0315 0205append
U+0346͆0315 0206append
U+0347͇0315 0207append
U+0348͈0315 0210append
U+0349͉0315 0211append
U+034A͊0315 0212append
U+034B͋0315 0213append
U+034C͌0315 0214append
U+034D͍0315 0215append
U+034E͎0315 0216append
U+034F͏0315 0217append
U+0350͐0315 0220append
U+0351͑0315 0221append
U+0352͒0315 0222append
U+0353͓0315 0223append
U+0354͔0315 0224append
U+0355͕0315 0225append
U+0356͖0315 0226append
U+0357͗0315 0227append
U+0358͘0315 0230append
U+0359͙0315 0231append
U+035A͚0315 0232append
U+035B͛0315 0233append
U+035C͜0315 0234append
U+035D͝0315 0235append
U+035E͞0315 0236append
U+035F͟0315 0237append
U+0360͠0315 0240append
U+0361͡0315 0241append
U+0362͢0315 0242append
U+0363ͣ0315 0243append
U+0364ͤ0315 0244append
U+0365ͥ0315 0245append
U+0366ͦ0315 0246append
U+0367ͧ0315 0247append
U+0368ͨ0315 0250append
U+0369ͩ0315 0251append
U+036Aͪ0315 0252append
U+036Bͫ0315 0253append
U+036Cͬ0315 0254append
U+036Dͭ0315 0255append
U+036Eͮ0315 0256append
U+036Fͯ0315 0257append
U+0370Ͱ0315 0260append
U+0371ͱ0315 0261append
U+0372Ͳ0315 0262append
U+0373ͳ0315 0263append
U+0374ʹ0315 0264append
U+0375͵0315 0265append
U+0376Ͷ0315 0266append
U+0377ͷ0315 0267append
U+0378͸0315 0270append
U+0379͹0315 0271append
U+037Aͺ0315 0272append
U+037Bͻ0315 0273append
U+037Cͼ0315 0274append
U+037Dͽ0315 0275append
U+037E;0315 0276append
U+037FͿ0315 0277append
U+0380΀0316 0200append
U+0381΁0316 0201append
U+0382΂0316 0202append
U+0383΃0316 0203append
U+0384΄0316 0204append
U+0385΅0316 0205append
U+0386Ά0316 0206append
U+0387·0316 0207append
U+0388Έ0316 0210append
U+0389Ή0316 0211append
U+038AΊ0316 0212append
U+038B΋0316 0213append
U+038CΌ0316 0214append
U+038D΍0316 0215append
U+038EΎ0316 0216append
U+038FΏ0316 0217append
U+0390ΐ0316 0220append
U+0391Α0316 0221append
U+0392Β0316 0222append
U+0393Γ0316 0223append
U+0394Δ0316 0224append
U+0395Ε0316 0225append
U+0396Ζ0316 0226append
U+0397Η0316 0227append
U+0398Θ0316 0230append
U+0399Ι0316 0231append
U+039AΚ0316 0232append
U+039BΛ0316 0233append
U+039CΜ0316 0234append
U+039DΝ0316 0235append
U+039EΞ0316 0236append
U+039FΟ0316 0237append
U+03A0Π0316 0240append
U+03A1Ρ0316 0241append
U+03A2΢0316 0242append
U+03A3Σ0316 0243append
U+03A4Τ0316 0244append
U+03A5Υ0316 0245append
U+03A6Φ0316 0246append
U+03A7Χ0316 0247append
U+03A8Ψ0316 0250append
U+03A9Ω0316 0251append
U+03AAΪ0316 0252append
U+03ABΫ0316 0253append
U+03ACά0316 0254append
U+03ADέ0316 0255append
U+03AEή0316 0256append
U+03AFί0316 0257append
U+03B0ΰ0316 0260append
U+03B1α0316 0261append
U+03B2β0316 0262append
U+03B3γ0316 0263append
U+03B4δ0316 0264append
U+03B5ε0316 0265append
U+03B6ζ0316 0266append
U+03B7η0316 0267append
U+03B8θ0316 0270append
U+03B9ι0316 0271append
U+03BAκ0316 0272append
U+03BBλ0316 0273append
U+03BCμ0316 0274append
U+03BDν0316 0275append
U+03BEξ0316 0276append
U+03BFο0316 0277append
U+03C0π0317 0200append
U+03C1ρ0317 0201append
U+03C2ς0317 0202append
U+03C3σ0317 0203append
U+03C4τ0317 0204append
U+03C5υ0317 0205append
U+03C6φ0317 0206append
U+03C7χ0317 0207append
U+03C8ψ0317 0210append
U+03C9ω0317 0211append
U+03CAϊ0317 0212append
U+03CBϋ0317 0213append
U+03CCό0317 0214append
U+03CDύ0317 0215append
U+03CEώ0317 0216append
U+03CFϏ0317 0217append
U+03D0ϐ0317 0220append
U+03D1ϑ0317 0221append
U+03D2ϒ0317 0222append
U+03D3ϓ0317 0223append
U+03D4ϔ0317 0224append
U+03D5ϕ0317 0225append
U+03D6ϖ0317 0226append
U+03D7ϗ0317 0227append
U+03D8Ϙ0317 0230append
U+03D9ϙ0317 0231append
U+03DAϚ0317 0232append
U+03DBϛ0317 0233append
U+03DCϜ0317 0234append
U+03DDϝ0317 0235append
U+03DEϞ0317 0236append
U+03DFϟ0317 0237append
U+03E0Ϡ0317 0240append
U+03E1ϡ0317 0241append
U+03E2Ϣ0317 0242append
U+03E3ϣ0317 0243append
U+03E4Ϥ0317 0244append
U+03E5ϥ0317 0245append
U+03E6Ϧ0317 0246append
U+03E7ϧ0317 0247append
U+03E8Ϩ0317 0250append
U+03E9ϩ0317 0251append
U+03EAϪ0317 0252append
U+03EBϫ0317 0253append
U+03ECϬ0317 0254append
U+03EDϭ0317 0255append
U+03EEϮ0317 0256append
U+03EFϯ0317 0257append
U+03F0ϰ0317 0260append
U+03F1ϱ0317 0261append
U+03F2ϲ0317 0262append
U+03F3ϳ0317 0263append
U+03F4ϴ0317 0264append
U+03F5ϵ0317 0265append
U+03F6϶0317 0266append
U+03F7Ϸ0317 0267append
U+03F8ϸ0317 0270append
U+03F9Ϲ0317 0271append
U+03FAϺ0317 0272append
U+03FBϻ0317 0273append
U+03FCϼ0317 0274append
U+03FDϽ0317 0275append
U+03FEϾ0317 0276append
U+03FFϿ0317 0277append