UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0380 to U+03FF

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code point
character UTF-8
U+0380΀ce 80
U+0381΁ce 81
U+0382΂ce 82
U+0383΃ce 83
U+0384΄ce 84
U+0385΅ce 85
U+0386Άce 86
U+0387·ce 87
U+0388Έce 88
U+0389Ήce 89
U+038AΊce 8a
U+038B΋ce 8b
U+038CΌce 8c
U+038D΍ce 8d
U+038EΎce 8e
U+038FΏce 8f
U+0390ΐce 90
U+0391Αce 91
U+0392Βce 92
U+0393Γce 93
U+0394Δce 94
U+0395Εce 95
U+0396Ζce 96
U+0397Ηce 97
U+0398Θce 98
U+0399Ιce 99
U+039AΚce 9a
U+039BΛce 9b
U+039CΜce 9c
U+039DΝce 9d
U+039EΞce 9e
U+039FΟce 9f
U+03A0Πce a0
U+03A1Ρce a1
U+03A2΢ce a2
U+03A3Σce a3
U+03A4Τce a4
U+03A5Υce a5
U+03A6Φce a6
U+03A7Χce a7
U+03A8Ψce a8
U+03A9Ωce a9
U+03AAΪce aa
U+03ABΫce ab
U+03ACάce ac
U+03ADέce ad
U+03AEήce ae
U+03AFίce af
U+03B0ΰce b0
U+03B1αce b1
U+03B2βce b2
U+03B3γce b3
U+03B4δce b4
U+03B5εce b5
U+03B6ζce b6
U+03B7ηce b7
U+03B8θce b8
U+03B9ιce b9
U+03BAκce ba
U+03BBλce bb
U+03BCμce bc
U+03BDνce bd
U+03BEξce be
U+03BFοce bf
U+03C0πcf 80
U+03C1ρcf 81
U+03C2ςcf 82
U+03C3σcf 83
U+03C4τcf 84
U+03C5υcf 85
U+03C6φcf 86
U+03C7χcf 87
U+03C8ψcf 88
U+03C9ωcf 89
U+03CAϊcf 8a
U+03CBϋcf 8b
U+03CCόcf 8c
U+03CDύcf 8d
U+03CEώcf 8e
U+03CFϏcf 8f
U+03D0ϐcf 90
U+03D1ϑcf 91
U+03D2ϒcf 92
U+03D3ϓcf 93
U+03D4ϔcf 94
U+03D5ϕcf 95
U+03D6ϖcf 96
U+03D7ϗcf 97
U+03D8Ϙcf 98
U+03D9ϙcf 99
U+03DAϚcf 9a
U+03DBϛcf 9b
U+03DCϜcf 9c
U+03DDϝcf 9d
U+03DEϞcf 9e
U+03DFϟcf 9f
U+03E0Ϡcf a0
U+03E1ϡcf a1
U+03E2Ϣcf a2
U+03E3ϣcf a3
U+03E4Ϥcf a4
U+03E5ϥcf a5
U+03E6Ϧcf a6
U+03E7ϧcf a7
U+03E8Ϩcf a8
U+03E9ϩcf a9
U+03EAϪcf aa
U+03EBϫcf ab
U+03ECϬcf ac
U+03EDϭcf ad
U+03EEϮcf ae
U+03EFϯcf af
U+03F0ϰcf b0
U+03F1ϱcf b1
U+03F2ϲcf b2
U+03F3ϳcf b3
U+03F4ϴcf b4
U+03F5ϵcf b5
U+03F6϶cf b6
U+03F7Ϸcf b7
U+03F8ϸcf b8
U+03F9Ϲcf b9
U+03FAϺcf ba
U+03FBϻcf bb
U+03FCϼcf bc
U+03FDϽcf bd
U+03FEϾcf be
U+03FFϿcf bf