UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0380 to U+03FF

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of the Unicode character
U+0380΀0xce 0x80΀΀
U+0381΁0xce 0x81΁΁
U+0382΂0xce 0x82΂΂
U+0383΃0xce 0x83΃΃
U+0384΄0xce 0x84΄΄
U+0385΅0xce 0x85΅΅
U+0386Ά0xce 0x86ΆΆ
U+0387·0xce 0x87··
U+0388Έ0xce 0x88ΈΈ
U+0389Ή0xce 0x89ΉΉ
U+038AΊ0xce 0x8aΊΊ
U+038B΋0xce 0x8b΋΋
U+038CΌ0xce 0x8cΌΌ
U+038D΍0xce 0x8d΍΍
U+038EΎ0xce 0x8eΎΎ
U+038FΏ0xce 0x8fΏΏ
U+0390ΐ0xce 0x90ΐΐ
U+0391Α0xce 0x91ΑΑ
U+0392Β0xce 0x92ΒΒ
U+0393Γ0xce 0x93ΓΓ
U+0394Δ0xce 0x94ΔΔ
U+0395Ε0xce 0x95ΕΕ
U+0396Ζ0xce 0x96ΖΖ
U+0397Η0xce 0x97ΗΗ
U+0398Θ0xce 0x98ΘΘ
U+0399Ι0xce 0x99ΙΙ
U+039AΚ0xce 0x9aΚΚ
U+039BΛ0xce 0x9bΛΛ
U+039CΜ0xce 0x9cΜΜ
U+039DΝ0xce 0x9dΝΝ
U+039EΞ0xce 0x9eΞΞ
U+039FΟ0xce 0x9fΟΟ
U+03A0Π0xce 0xa0ΠΠ
U+03A1Ρ0xce 0xa1ΡΡ
U+03A2΢0xce 0xa2΢΢
U+03A3Σ0xce 0xa3ΣΣ
U+03A4Τ0xce 0xa4ΤΤ
U+03A5Υ0xce 0xa5ΥΥ
U+03A6Φ0xce 0xa6ΦΦ
U+03A7Χ0xce 0xa7ΧΧ
U+03A8Ψ0xce 0xa8ΨΨ
U+03A9Ω0xce 0xa9ΩΩ
U+03AAΪ0xce 0xaaΪΪ
U+03ABΫ0xce 0xabΫΫ
U+03ACά0xce 0xacάά
U+03ADέ0xce 0xadέέ
U+03AEή0xce 0xaeήή
U+03AFί0xce 0xafίί
U+03B0ΰ0xce 0xb0ΰΰ
U+03B1α0xce 0xb1αα
U+03B2β0xce 0xb2ββ
U+03B3γ0xce 0xb3γγ
U+03B4δ0xce 0xb4δδ
U+03B5ε0xce 0xb5εε
U+03B6ζ0xce 0xb6ζζ
U+03B7η0xce 0xb7ηη
U+03B8θ0xce 0xb8θθ
U+03B9ι0xce 0xb9ιι
U+03BAκ0xce 0xbaκκ
U+03BBλ0xce 0xbbλλ
U+03BCμ0xce 0xbcμμ
U+03BDν0xce 0xbdνν
U+03BEξ0xce 0xbeξξ
U+03BFο0xce 0xbfοο
U+03C0π0xcf 0x80ππ
U+03C1ρ0xcf 0x81ρρ
U+03C2ς0xcf 0x82ςς
U+03C3σ0xcf 0x83σσ
U+03C4τ0xcf 0x84ττ
U+03C5υ0xcf 0x85υυ
U+03C6φ0xcf 0x86φφ
U+03C7χ0xcf 0x87χχ
U+03C8ψ0xcf 0x88ψψ
U+03C9ω0xcf 0x89ωω
U+03CAϊ0xcf 0x8aϊϊ
U+03CBϋ0xcf 0x8bϋϋ
U+03CCό0xcf 0x8cόό
U+03CDύ0xcf 0x8dύύ
U+03CEώ0xcf 0x8eώώ
U+03CFϏ0xcf 0x8fϏϏ
U+03D0ϐ0xcf 0x90ϐϐ
U+03D1ϑ0xcf 0x91ϑϑ
U+03D2ϒ0xcf 0x92ϒϒ
U+03D3ϓ0xcf 0x93ϓϓ
U+03D4ϔ0xcf 0x94ϔϔ
U+03D5ϕ0xcf 0x95ϕϕ
U+03D6ϖ0xcf 0x96ϖϖ
U+03D7ϗ0xcf 0x97ϗϗ
U+03D8Ϙ0xcf 0x98ϘϘ
U+03D9ϙ0xcf 0x99ϙϙ
U+03DAϚ0xcf 0x9aϚϚ
U+03DBϛ0xcf 0x9bϛϛ
U+03DCϜ0xcf 0x9cϜϜ
U+03DDϝ0xcf 0x9dϝϝ
U+03DEϞ0xcf 0x9eϞϞ
U+03DFϟ0xcf 0x9fϟϟ
U+03E0Ϡ0xcf 0xa0ϠϠ
U+03E1ϡ0xcf 0xa1ϡϡ
U+03E2Ϣ0xcf 0xa2ϢϢ
U+03E3ϣ0xcf 0xa3ϣϣ
U+03E4Ϥ0xcf 0xa4ϤϤ
U+03E5ϥ0xcf 0xa5ϥϥ
U+03E6Ϧ0xcf 0xa6ϦϦ
U+03E7ϧ0xcf 0xa7ϧϧ
U+03E8Ϩ0xcf 0xa8ϨϨ
U+03E9ϩ0xcf 0xa9ϩϩ
U+03EAϪ0xcf 0xaaϪϪ
U+03EBϫ0xcf 0xabϫϫ
U+03ECϬ0xcf 0xacϬϬ
U+03EDϭ0xcf 0xadϭϭ
U+03EEϮ0xcf 0xaeϮϮ
U+03EFϯ0xcf 0xafϯϯ
U+03F0ϰ0xcf 0xb0ϰϰ
U+03F1ϱ0xcf 0xb1ϱϱ
U+03F2ϲ0xcf 0xb2ϲϲ
U+03F3ϳ0xcf 0xb3ϳϳ
U+03F4ϴ0xcf 0xb4ϴϴ
U+03F5ϵ0xcf 0xb5ϵϵ
U+03F6϶0xcf 0xb6϶϶
U+03F7Ϸ0xcf 0xb7ϷϷ
U+03F8ϸ0xcf 0xb8ϸϸ
U+03F9Ϲ0xcf 0xb9ϹϹ
U+03FAϺ0xcf 0xbaϺϺ
U+03FBϻ0xcf 0xbbϻϻ
U+03FCϼ0xcf 0xbcϼϼ
U+03FDϽ0xcf 0xbdϽϽ
U+03FEϾ0xcf 0xbeϾϾ
U+03FFϿ0xcf 0xbfϿϿ