UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0000 to U+00FF

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Unicode U+0000 U+0000 U+0020 U+00AB U+0328 U+032F U+00B1 U+03E9 U+0065 U+0084 U+0067 U+00F2 U+00BF U+00EE U+001F U+0031 U+00B8 U+001A U+0034 U+0083 U+0020
UTF-8 00000000 00000000 00100000 11000010 10101011 11001100 10101000 11001100 10101111 11000010 10110001 11001111 10101001 01100101 11000010 10000100 01100111 11000011 10110010 11000010 10111111 11000011 10101110 00011111 00110001 11000010 10111000 00011010 00110100 11000010 10000011 00100000
code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
HTML 4.0 character entities name
U+0000 00000000append <control>
U+0001 00000001append <control>
U+0002 00000010append <control>
U+0003 00000011append <control>
U+0004 00000100append <control>
U+0005 00000101append <control>
U+0006 00000110append <control>
U+0007 00000111append <control>
U+0008 00001000append <control>
U+0009 00001001append <control>
U+000A 00001010append <control>
U+000B 00001011append <control>
U+000C 00001100append <control>
U+000D 00001101append <control>
U+000E 00001110append <control>
U+000F 00001111append <control>
U+0010 00010000append <control>
U+0011 00010001append <control>
U+0012 00010010append <control>
U+0013 00010011append <control>
U+0014 00010100append <control>
U+0015 00010101append <control>
U+0016 00010110append <control>
U+0017 00010111append <control>
U+0018 00011000append <control>
U+0019 00011001append <control>
U+001A 00011010append <control>
U+001B 00011011append <control>
U+001C 00011100append <control>
U+001D 00011101append <control>
U+001E 00011110append <control>
U+001F 00011111append <control>
U+0020 00100000append SPACE
U+0021!00100001append EXCLAMATION MARK
U+0022"00100010append&quot;" QUOTATION MARK
U+0023#00100011append NUMBER SIGN
U+0024$00100100append DOLLAR SIGN
U+0025%00100101append PERCENT SIGN
U+0026&00100110append&amp;& AMPERSAND
U+0027'00100111append APOSTROPHE
U+0028(00101000append LEFT PARENTHESIS
U+0029)00101001append RIGHT PARENTHESIS
U+002A*00101010append ASTERISK
U+002B+00101011append PLUS SIGN
U+002C,00101100append COMMA
U+002D-00101101append HYPHEN-MINUS
U+002E.00101110append FULL STOP
U+002F/00101111append SOLIDUS
U+0030000110000append DIGIT ZERO
U+0031100110001append DIGIT ONE
U+0032200110010append DIGIT TWO
U+0033300110011append DIGIT THREE
U+0034400110100append DIGIT FOUR
U+0035500110101append DIGIT FIVE
U+0036600110110append DIGIT SIX
U+0037700110111append DIGIT SEVEN
U+0038800111000append DIGIT EIGHT
U+0039900111001append DIGIT NINE
U+003A:00111010append COLON
U+003B;00111011append SEMICOLON
U+003C<00111100append&lt;< LESS-THAN SIGN
U+003D=00111101append EQUALS SIGN
U+003E>00111110append&gt;> GREATER-THAN SIGN
U+003F?00111111append QUESTION MARK
U+0040@01000000append COMMERCIAL AT
U+0041A01000001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
U+0042B01000010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
U+0043C01000011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
U+0044D01000100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D
U+0045E01000101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E
U+0046F01000110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F
U+0047G01000111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G
U+0048H01001000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
U+0049I01001001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
U+004AJ01001010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
U+004BK01001011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K
U+004CL01001100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
U+004DM01001101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M
U+004EN01001110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
U+004FO01001111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O
U+0050P01010000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P
U+0051Q01010001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q
U+0052R01010010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R
U+0053S01010011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S
U+0054T01010100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T
U+0055U01010101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U
U+0056V01010110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V
U+0057W01010111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W
U+0058X01011000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X
U+0059Y01011001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y
U+005AZ01011010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z
U+005B[01011011append LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005C\01011100append REVERSE SOLIDUS
U+005D]01011101append RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005E^01011110append CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
U+005F_01011111append LOW LINE
U+0060`01100000append GRAVE ACCENT
U+0061a01100001append LATIN SMALL LETTER A
U+0062b01100010append LATIN SMALL LETTER B
U+0063c01100011append LATIN SMALL LETTER C
U+0064d01100100append LATIN SMALL LETTER D
U+0065e01100101append LATIN SMALL LETTER E
U+0066f01100110append LATIN SMALL LETTER F
U+0067g01100111append LATIN SMALL LETTER G
U+0068h01101000append LATIN SMALL LETTER H
U+0069i01101001append LATIN SMALL LETTER I
U+006Aj01101010append LATIN SMALL LETTER J
U+006Bk01101011append LATIN SMALL LETTER K
U+006Cl01101100append LATIN SMALL LETTER L
U+006Dm01101101append LATIN SMALL LETTER M
U+006En01101110append LATIN SMALL LETTER N
U+006Fo01101111append LATIN SMALL LETTER O
U+0070p01110000append LATIN SMALL LETTER P
U+0071q01110001append LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
U+0072r01110010append LATIN SMALL LETTER R
U+0073s01110011append LATIN SMALL LETTER S
U+0074t01110100append LATIN SMALL LETTER T
U+0075u01110101append LATIN SMALL LETTER U
U+0076v01110110append LATIN SMALL LETTER V
U+0077w01110111append LATIN SMALL LETTER W
U+0078x01111000append LATIN SMALL LETTER X
U+0079y01111001append LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
U+007Az01111010append LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
U+007B{01111011append LEFT CURLY BRACKET
U+007C|01111100append VERTICAL LINE
U+007D}01111101append RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
U+007E~01111110append TILDE
U+007F 01111111append <control>
U+0080 11000010 10000000append <control>
U+0081 11000010 10000001append <control>
U+0082 11000010 10000010append <control>
U+0083 11000010 10000011append <control>
U+0084 11000010 10000100append <control>
U+0085 11000010 10000101append <control>
U+0086 11000010 10000110append <control>
U+0087 11000010 10000111append <control>
U+0088 11000010 10001000append <control>
U+0089 11000010 10001001append <control>
U+008A 11000010 10001010append <control>
U+008B 11000010 10001011append <control>
U+008C 11000010 10001100append <control>
U+008D 11000010 10001101append <control>
U+008E 11000010 10001110append <control>
U+008F 11000010 10001111append <control>
U+0090 11000010 10010000append <control>
U+0091 11000010 10010001append <control>
U+0092 11000010 10010010append <control>
U+0093 11000010 10010011append <control>
U+0094 11000010 10010100append <control>
U+0095 11000010 10010101append <control>
U+0096 11000010 10010110append <control>
U+0097 11000010 10010111append <control>
U+0098 11000010 10011000append <control>
U+0099 11000010 10011001append <control>
U+009A 11000010 10011010append <control>
U+009B 11000010 10011011append <control>
U+009C 11000010 10011100append <control>
U+009D 11000010 10011101append <control>
U+009E 11000010 10011110append <control>
U+009F 11000010 10011111append <control>
U+00A0 11000010 10100000append&nbsp;  NO-BREAK SPACE
U+00A1¡11000010 10100001append&iexcl;¡ INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARK
U+00A2¢11000010 10100010append&cent;¢ CENT SIGN
U+00A3£11000010 10100011append&pound;£ POUND SIGN
U+00A4¤11000010 10100100append&curren;¤ CURRENCY SIGN
U+00A5¥11000010 10100101append&yen;¥ YEN SIGN
U+00A6¦11000010 10100110append&brvbar;¦ BROKEN BAR
U+00A7§11000010 10100111append&sect;§ SECTION SIGN
U+00A8¨11000010 10101000append&uml;¨ DIAERESIS
U+00A9©11000010 10101001append&copy;© COPYRIGHT SIGN
U+00AAª11000010 10101010append&ordf;ª FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR
U+00AB«11000010 10101011append&laquo;« LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
U+00AC¬11000010 10101100append&not;¬ NOT SIGN
U+00AD­11000010 10101101append&shy;­ SOFT HYPHEN
U+00AE®11000010 10101110append&reg;® REGISTERED SIGN
U+00AF¯11000010 10101111append&macr;¯ MACRON
U+00B0°11000010 10110000append&deg;° DEGREE SIGN
U+00B1±11000010 10110001append&plusmn;± PLUS-MINUS SIGN
U+00B2²11000010 10110010append&sup2;² SUPERSCRIPT TWO
U+00B3³11000010 10110011append&sup3;³ SUPERSCRIPT THREE
U+00B4´11000010 10110100append&acute;´ ACUTE ACCENT
U+00B5µ11000010 10110101append&micro;µ MICRO SIGN
U+00B611000010 10110110append&para; PILCROW SIGN
U+00B7·11000010 10110111append&middot;· MIDDLE DOT
U+00B8¸11000010 10111000append&cedil;¸ CEDILLA
U+00B9¹11000010 10111001append&sup1;¹ SUPERSCRIPT ONE
U+00BAº11000010 10111010append&ordm;º MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR
U+00BB»11000010 10111011append&raquo;» RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
U+00BC¼11000010 10111100append&frac14;¼ VULGAR FRACTION ONE QUARTER
U+00BD½11000010 10111101append&frac12;½ VULGAR FRACTION ONE HALF
U+00BE¾11000010 10111110append&frac34;¾ VULGAR FRACTION THREE QUARTERS
U+00BF¿11000010 10111111append&iquest;¿ INVERTED QUESTION MARK
U+00C0À11000011 10000000append&Agrave;À LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
U+00C1Á11000011 10000001append&Aacute;Á LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
U+00C2Â11000011 10000010append&Acirc;Â LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00C3Ã11000011 10000011append&Atilde;Ã LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH TILDE
U+00C4Ä11000011 10000100append&Auml;Ä LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
U+00C5Å11000011 10000101append&Aring;Å LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
U+00C6Æ11000011 10000110append&AElig;Æ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE
U+00C7Ç11000011 10000111append&Ccedil;Ç LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
U+00C8È11000011 10001000append&Egrave;È LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
U+00C9É11000011 10001001append&Eacute;É LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
U+00CCÌ11000011 10001100append&Igrave;Ì LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH GRAVE
U+00CDÍ11000011 10001101append&Iacute;Í LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
U+00D0Ð11000011 10010000append&ETH;Ð LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ETH
U+00D1Ñ11000011 10010001append&Ntilde;Ñ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH TILDE
U+00D2Ò11000011 10010010append&Ograve;Ò LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH GRAVE
U+00D3Ó11000011 10010011append&Oacute;Ó LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
U+00D4Ô11000011 10010100append&Ocirc;Ô LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00D5Õ11000011 10010101append&Otilde;Õ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE
U+00D6Ö11000011 10010110append&Ouml;Ö LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
U+00D7×11000011 10010111append&times;× MULTIPLICATION SIGN
U+00D8Ø11000011 10011000append&Oslash;Ø LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE
U+00D9Ù11000011 10011001append&Ugrave;Ù LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
U+00DAÚ11000011 10011010append&Uacute;Ú LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
U+00DDÝ11000011 10011101append&Yacute;Ý LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH ACUTE
U+00DFß11000011 10011111append&szlig;ß LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S
U+00E0à11000011 10100000append&agrave;à LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
U+00E1á11000011 10100001append&aacute;á LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
U+00E2â11000011 10100010append&acirc;â LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00E3ã11000011 10100011append&atilde;ã LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH TILDE
U+00E4ä11000011 10100100append&auml;ä LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
U+00E5å11000011 10100101append&aring;å LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
U+00E6æ11000011 10100110append&aelig;æ LATIN SMALL LETTER AE
U+00E7ç11000011 10100111append&ccedil;ç LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
U+00E8è11000011 10101000append&egrave;è LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
U+00E9é11000011 10101001append&eacute;é LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
U+00EAê11000011 10101010append&ecirc;ê LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00EBë11000011 10101011append&euml;ë LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS
U+00ECì11000011 10101100append&igrave;ì LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH GRAVE
U+00EDí11000011 10101101append&iacute;í LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
U+00EEî11000011 10101110append&icirc;î LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00EFï11000011 10101111append&iuml;ï LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH DIAERESIS
U+00F0ð11000011 10110000append&eth;ð LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH
U+00F1ñ11000011 10110001append&ntilde;ñ LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH TILDE
U+00F2ò11000011 10110010append&ograve;ò LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH GRAVE
U+00F3ó11000011 10110011append&oacute;ó LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
U+00F4ô11000011 10110100append&ocirc;ô LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00F5õ11000011 10110101append&otilde;õ LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE
U+00F6ö11000011 10110110append&ouml;ö LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
U+00F7÷11000011 10110111append&divide;÷ DIVISION SIGN
U+00F8ø11000011 10111000append&oslash;ø LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE
U+00F9ù11000011 10111001append&ugrave;ù LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
U+00FAú11000011 10111010append&uacute;ú LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
U+00FBû11000011 10111011append&ucirc;û LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00FCü11000011 10111100append&uuml;ü LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
U+00FDý11000011 10111101append&yacute;ý LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH ACUTE
U+00FEþ11000011 10111110append&thorn;þ LATIN SMALL LETTER THORN
U+00FFÿ11000011 10111111append&yuml;ÿ LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS