UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+0000 to U+00FF

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Unicode U+004F U+0026 U+005D U+00BD U+0025 U+002B U+0033 U+0068 U+0058 U+001E U+007F U+0033 U+0020
UTF-8 01001111 00100110 01011101 11000010 10111101 00100101 00101011 00110011 01101000 01011000 00011110 01111111 00110011 00100000
code point
character UTF-8
append character
to accumulator
HTML 4.0 character entities name
U+0000 00000000append <control>
U+0001 00000001append <control>
U+0002 00000010append <control>
U+0003 00000011append <control>
U+0004 00000100append <control>
U+0005 00000101append <control>
U+0006 00000110append <control>
U+0007 00000111append <control>
U+0008 00001000append <control>
U+0009 00001001append <control>
U+000A 00001010append <control>
U+000B 00001011append <control>
U+000C 00001100append <control>
U+000D 00001101append <control>
U+000E 00001110append <control>
U+000F 00001111append <control>
U+0010 00010000append <control>
U+0011 00010001append <control>
U+0012 00010010append <control>
U+0013 00010011append <control>
U+0014 00010100append <control>
U+0015 00010101append <control>
U+0016 00010110append <control>
U+0017 00010111append <control>
U+0018 00011000append <control>
U+0019 00011001append <control>
U+001A 00011010append <control>
U+001B 00011011append <control>
U+001C 00011100append <control>
U+001D 00011101append <control>
U+001E 00011110append <control>
U+001F 00011111append <control>
U+0020 00100000append SPACE
U+0021!00100001append EXCLAMATION MARK
U+0022"00100010append&quot;" QUOTATION MARK
U+0023#00100011append NUMBER SIGN
U+0024$00100100append DOLLAR SIGN
U+0025%00100101append PERCENT SIGN
U+0026&00100110append&amp;& AMPERSAND
U+0027'00100111append APOSTROPHE
U+0028(00101000append LEFT PARENTHESIS
U+0029)00101001append RIGHT PARENTHESIS
U+002A*00101010append ASTERISK
U+002B+00101011append PLUS SIGN
U+002C,00101100append COMMA
U+002D-00101101append HYPHEN-MINUS
U+002E.00101110append FULL STOP
U+002F/00101111append SOLIDUS
U+0030000110000append DIGIT ZERO
U+0031100110001append DIGIT ONE
U+0032200110010append DIGIT TWO
U+0033300110011append DIGIT THREE
U+0034400110100append DIGIT FOUR
U+0035500110101append DIGIT FIVE
U+0036600110110append DIGIT SIX
U+0037700110111append DIGIT SEVEN
U+0038800111000append DIGIT EIGHT
U+0039900111001append DIGIT NINE
U+003A:00111010append COLON
U+003B;00111011append SEMICOLON
U+003C<00111100append&lt;< LESS-THAN SIGN
U+003D=00111101append EQUALS SIGN
U+003E>00111110append&gt;> GREATER-THAN SIGN
U+003F?00111111append QUESTION MARK
U+0040@01000000append COMMERCIAL AT
U+0041A01000001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
U+0042B01000010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
U+0043C01000011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
U+0044D01000100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D
U+0045E01000101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E
U+0046F01000110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F
U+0047G01000111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G
U+0048H01001000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
U+0049I01001001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
U+004AJ01001010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
U+004BK01001011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K
U+004CL01001100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
U+004DM01001101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M
U+004EN01001110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
U+004FO01001111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O
U+0050P01010000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P
U+0051Q01010001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q
U+0052R01010010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R
U+0053S01010011append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S
U+0054T01010100append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T
U+0055U01010101append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U
U+0056V01010110append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V
U+0057W01010111append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W
U+0058X01011000append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X
U+0059Y01011001append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y
U+005AZ01011010append LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z
U+005B[01011011append LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005C\01011100append REVERSE SOLIDUS
U+005D]01011101append RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005E^01011110append CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
U+005F_01011111append LOW LINE
U+0060`01100000append GRAVE ACCENT
U+0061a01100001append LATIN SMALL LETTER A
U+0062b01100010append LATIN SMALL LETTER B
U+0063c01100011append LATIN SMALL LETTER C
U+0064d01100100append LATIN SMALL LETTER D
U+0065e01100101append LATIN SMALL LETTER E
U+0066f01100110append LATIN SMALL LETTER F
U+0067g01100111append LATIN SMALL LETTER G
U+0068h01101000append LATIN SMALL LETTER H
U+0069i01101001append LATIN SMALL LETTER I
U+006Aj01101010append LATIN SMALL LETTER J
U+006Bk01101011append LATIN SMALL LETTER K
U+006Cl01101100append LATIN SMALL LETTER L
U+006Dm01101101append LATIN SMALL LETTER M
U+006En01101110append LATIN SMALL LETTER N
U+006Fo01101111append LATIN SMALL LETTER O
U+0070p01110000append LATIN SMALL LETTER P
U+0071q01110001append LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
U+0072r01110010append LATIN SMALL LETTER R
U+0073s01110011append LATIN SMALL LETTER S
U+0074t01110100append LATIN SMALL LETTER T
U+0075u01110101append LATIN SMALL LETTER U
U+0076v01110110append LATIN SMALL LETTER V
U+0077w01110111append LATIN SMALL LETTER W
U+0078x01111000append LATIN SMALL LETTER X
U+0079y01111001append LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
U+007Az01111010append LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
U+007B{01111011append LEFT CURLY BRACKET
U+007C|01111100append VERTICAL LINE
U+007D}01111101append RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
U+007E~01111110append TILDE
U+007F 01111111append <control>
U+0080 11000010 10000000append <control>
U+0081 11000010 10000001append <control>
U+0082 11000010 10000010append <control>
U+0083 11000010 10000011append <control>
U+0084 11000010 10000100append <control>
U+0085 11000010 10000101append <control>
U+0086 11000010 10000110append <control>
U+0087 11000010 10000111append <control>
U+0088 11000010 10001000append <control>
U+0089 11000010 10001001append <control>
U+008A 11000010 10001010append <control>
U+008B 11000010 10001011append <control>
U+008C 11000010 10001100append <control>
U+008D 11000010 10001101append <control>
U+008E 11000010 10001110append <control>
U+008F 11000010 10001111append <control>
U+0090 11000010 10010000append <control>
U+0091 11000010 10010001append <control>
U+0092 11000010 10010010append <control>
U+0093 11000010 10010011append <control>
U+0094 11000010 10010100append <control>
U+0095 11000010 10010101append <control>
U+0096 11000010 10010110append <control>
U+0097 11000010 10010111append <control>
U+0098 11000010 10011000append <control>
U+0099 11000010 10011001append <control>
U+009A 11000010 10011010append <control>
U+009B 11000010 10011011append <control>
U+009C 11000010 10011100append <control>
U+009D 11000010 10011101append <control>
U+009E 11000010 10011110append <control>
U+009F 11000010 10011111append <control>
U+00A0 11000010 10100000append&nbsp;  NO-BREAK SPACE
U+00A1¡11000010 10100001append&iexcl;¡ INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARK
U+00A2¢11000010 10100010append&cent;¢ CENT SIGN
U+00A3£11000010 10100011append&pound;£ POUND SIGN
U+00A4¤11000010 10100100append&curren;¤ CURRENCY SIGN
U+00A5¥11000010 10100101append&yen;¥ YEN SIGN
U+00A6¦11000010 10100110append&brvbar;¦ BROKEN BAR
U+00A7§11000010 10100111append&sect;§ SECTION SIGN
U+00A8¨11000010 10101000append&uml;¨ DIAERESIS
U+00A9©11000010 10101001append&copy;© COPYRIGHT SIGN
U+00AAª11000010 10101010append&ordf;ª FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR
U+00AB«11000010 10101011append&laquo;« LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
U+00AC¬11000010 10101100append&not;¬ NOT SIGN
U+00AD­11000010 10101101append&shy;­ SOFT HYPHEN
U+00AE®11000010 10101110append&reg;® REGISTERED SIGN
U+00AF¯11000010 10101111append&macr;¯ MACRON
U+00B0°11000010 10110000append&deg;° DEGREE SIGN
U+00B1±11000010 10110001append&plusmn;± PLUS-MINUS SIGN
U+00B2²11000010 10110010append&sup2;² SUPERSCRIPT TWO
U+00B3³11000010 10110011append&sup3;³ SUPERSCRIPT THREE
U+00B4´11000010 10110100append&acute;´ ACUTE ACCENT
U+00B5µ11000010 10110101append&micro;µ MICRO SIGN
U+00B611000010 10110110append&para; PILCROW SIGN
U+00B7·11000010 10110111append&middot;· MIDDLE DOT
U+00B8¸11000010 10111000append&cedil;¸ CEDILLA
U+00B9¹11000010 10111001append&sup1;¹ SUPERSCRIPT ONE
U+00BAº11000010 10111010append&ordm;º MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR
U+00BB»11000010 10111011append&raquo;» RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
U+00BC¼11000010 10111100append&frac14;¼ VULGAR FRACTION ONE QUARTER
U+00BD½11000010 10111101append&frac12;½ VULGAR FRACTION ONE HALF
U+00BE¾11000010 10111110append&frac34;¾ VULGAR FRACTION THREE QUARTERS
U+00BF¿11000010 10111111append&iquest;¿ INVERTED QUESTION MARK
U+00C0À11000011 10000000append&Agrave;À LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
U+00C1Á11000011 10000001append&Aacute;Á LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
U+00C2Â11000011 10000010append&Acirc;Â LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00C3Ã11000011 10000011append&Atilde;Ã LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH TILDE
U+00C4Ä11000011 10000100append&Auml;Ä LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
U+00C5Å11000011 10000101append&Aring;Å LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
U+00C6Æ11000011 10000110append&AElig;Æ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE
U+00C7Ç11000011 10000111append&Ccedil;Ç LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
U+00C8È11000011 10001000append&Egrave;È LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
U+00C9É11000011 10001001append&Eacute;É LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
U+00CCÌ11000011 10001100append&Igrave;Ì LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH GRAVE
U+00CDÍ11000011 10001101append&Iacute;Í LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
U+00D0Ð11000011 10010000append&ETH;Ð LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ETH
U+00D1Ñ11000011 10010001append&Ntilde;Ñ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH TILDE
U+00D2Ò11000011 10010010append&Ograve;Ò LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH GRAVE
U+00D3Ó11000011 10010011append&Oacute;Ó LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
U+00D4Ô11000011 10010100append&Ocirc;Ô LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00D5Õ11000011 10010101append&Otilde;Õ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE
U+00D6Ö11000011 10010110append&Ouml;Ö LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
U+00D7×11000011 10010111append&times;× MULTIPLICATION SIGN
U+00D8Ø11000011 10011000append&Oslash;Ø LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE
U+00D9Ù11000011 10011001append&Ugrave;Ù LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
U+00DAÚ11000011 10011010append&Uacute;Ú LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
U+00DDÝ11000011 10011101append&Yacute;Ý LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH ACUTE
U+00DFß11000011 10011111append&szlig;ß LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S
U+00E0à11000011 10100000append&agrave;à LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
U+00E1á11000011 10100001append&aacute;á LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
U+00E2â11000011 10100010append&acirc;â LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00E3ã11000011 10100011append&atilde;ã LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH TILDE
U+00E4ä11000011 10100100append&auml;ä LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
U+00E5å11000011 10100101append&aring;å LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
U+00E6æ11000011 10100110append&aelig;æ LATIN SMALL LETTER AE
U+00E7ç11000011 10100111append&ccedil;ç LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
U+00E8è11000011 10101000append&egrave;è LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
U+00E9é11000011 10101001append&eacute;é LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
U+00EAê11000011 10101010append&ecirc;ê LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00EBë11000011 10101011append&euml;ë LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS
U+00ECì11000011 10101100append&igrave;ì LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH GRAVE
U+00EDí11000011 10101101append&iacute;í LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
U+00EEî11000011 10101110append&icirc;î LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00EFï11000011 10101111append&iuml;ï LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH DIAERESIS
U+00F0ð11000011 10110000append&eth;ð LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH
U+00F1ñ11000011 10110001append&ntilde;ñ LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH TILDE
U+00F2ò11000011 10110010append&ograve;ò LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH GRAVE
U+00F3ó11000011 10110011append&oacute;ó LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
U+00F4ô11000011 10110100append&ocirc;ô LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00F5õ11000011 10110101append&otilde;õ LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE
U+00F6ö11000011 10110110append&ouml;ö LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
U+00F7÷11000011 10110111append&divide;÷ DIVISION SIGN
U+00F8ø11000011 10111000append&oslash;ø LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE
U+00F9ù11000011 10111001append&ugrave;ù LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
U+00FAú11000011 10111010append&uacute;ú LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
U+00FBû11000011 10111011append&ucirc;û LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEX
U+00FCü11000011 10111100append&uuml;ü LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
U+00FDý11000011 10111101append&yacute;ý LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH ACUTE
U+00FEþ11000011 10111110append&thorn;þ LATIN SMALL LETTER THORN
U+00FFÿ11000011 10111111append&yuml;ÿ LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS